Spring, 2002To E. Bruce LeeIn Honor ofHis 70th BirthdayFrom His Apprentice Diggers

Elena FernandezFernandez-BerdaguerUniversity of Minnesota Years1975-1981ThesisOptimal Control of retarded systemsAdvisorE. Bruce LeeMemoriesProf. Lee in his closet-like office instantlyfinding a paper from unlabeled pilesPost U of M Years1982-1984 and 1986-1988Virginia Tech1985-1986 and from 1989 until today atCONICET (main research Institute in Arg.)also at the University of Buenos AiresCurrent researchlnverse ProblemsAccomplishmentNow sometimes I can understandthe physics of a problem:Last year I co-directed a thesis with aperson from industry, the results were used!

Life in PicturesAt school, in Buenos AiresMinneapolis: my party withtwo natives.Recently, during vacations

John ChiassonUniversity of Minnesota Years1979-1984ThesisControl and Regulation ofGeneralized Linear SystemsAdvisorE. Bruce LeeMemoryFinally finding out what the“E” in “E. B. Lee” stands for!Post U of M YearsPurdue University, University of PittsburghABB and University of TennesseeCurrent researchNonlinear Control ofElectromechanical SystemsAccomplishmentSurvived (won) a LawsuitGave a Plenary Lecture in France

John ChiassonUniversity of Tennessee1999

Cheng-Chih (Chester) ChuUniversity of Minnesota Years1980 -1985Ph.D. ThesisH OptimizationRobust Multivariable ControlAdvisorE. Bruce LeeMemoriesProfessor Lee’s big station wagon andIce cream at DinkytownPost U of M Years1985 – 1987 Scientific Systems Inc.1987 – present Jet Propulsion LaboratoryCurrent researchSpace Rendezvous, Formation Flying,Target Tracking

Life in Pictures1981 – Outside of EE Dept.1985 - Graduation2002

Tryphon GeorgiouUniversity of Florida,Center for mathematical systems theoryyears 1979-83Fist seminar by Bruce that I attendedon optimal control of delay systems,in Gainesville, circa 1983.University of Minnesotayears 1985-6 as a visiting facultyyears 1989-today as a regular facultySpecial skill:identify the sound of Bruce's foot steps when hewalks down the corridor every morning at about 9amto get tea from the faculty loungeI usually keep my door open and practice recognizinghis footsteps to get a chance to say good morningbefore Bruce shows up in the open door

US - Japan conference, Gainesville 1983Picture: courtesy of Yutaka Yamamoto

Guoxiang GuYears in U of M 1983-1988PhD Dissertation An H Approach to theControl of Multivariable Systems with Time-DelaysE. Bruce LeeAdvisorCo-Advisor P. Pramod KhargonekarPost U of M Years1988-1990 Wright State University1990-2002 Louisiana State UniversityCurrent Research Modeling and Controlof Uncertain Systems, Robust Adaptive Control,Communication Oriented DSPMemories The small room in Shepherd Lab.,the ice-cream party in Dinkytown

Life in PicturesUpon arrival toMinnesota withProfessor Lee1983.On my sabbatical leavein Hong Kong 2002With my familyin Baton RougeChristmas 2000

Wu-Sheng Lu1983Your 1981-84 student, who has been with Univ. ofVictoria, Canada, since 1987. Some of the things that were started, in one way oranother, at U of M under your guidance Wrote a book (with my Victoria colleagueAndreas Antoniou) on “Two-DimensionalDigital Filters”, Marcel Dekker, 1991. Elevated to the Fellow grade in IEEE(1999) for the work on multidimensionalsystems and digital filters. In a finishing stage of second book (withAndreas Antoniou) on “Optimization:Methods, Algorithms, and Applications”,Kluwer Academic, 2002.

MemoriesWithbrother Johnat Univ. ofVictoria,1994.A 1982 picturetaken in theSpace ScienceCenter.Withwife Catherine andson Michael, at theSeto Ohashi Bridge,Japan, 2002.

Jiecai LuoUniversity of Minnesota Years1995-1999DissertationOptimal Control for Control Actions withMixed Impulse Functions and BoundedPiecewise Continuous FunctionsAdvisorE. Bruce LeePost U of M Years1999-2001 St Cloud State University2001- Current Southern University andA & M CollegeCurrent researchAir Traffic Control

Hitay ÖzbayUniversity of Minnesota Years1987-1989ThesisH-infinity Control of Distributed Systems:A Skew Toeplitz ApproachAdvisorAllen TannenbaumMemoriesIce cream socials in Dinkytown (see photo next page)Post U of M Years1989-1990 University of Rhode Island1991-2002 Ohio State UniversityCurrent researchRobust Control Applications inCommunication Networks andAerodynamic Flow ControlAccomplishmentTeaching and advising many good students (lucky me)Leisure timeNo such thing until my boy starts school!

Life in Pictures1981 in Istanbul, Turkey1988 in Minneapolis, MNHitayKeminMarioWith my son, Olsan,in Columbus, OHDecember 2000

António PascoalUniversity of Minnesota Years1981-1987PhD DissertationNonlinear Time-Varying FeedbackControllers for Linear Time-Invariant PlantsAdvisorP. KhargonekarPost U of M Years1987-1988 Integrated Systems, Santa Clara,California1988-2002 Institute for Systems and Robotics,Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, PortugalCurrent researchDynamical Systems TheoryNavigation and Control of Marine Robots

Life in PicturesMy current “babies” :autonomoussurface and underwaterRobots - 2000With P. Kokotovic andI. Kaminer in Croatia,2001Son RicardoMe and my wifeStephanie

Wojtek PrzytulaUniversity of Minnesota Years1980-1984PhD DissertationDesign of VLSI Algorithms and Architecturesfor Digital Image and Signal ProcessingAdvisorE. Bruce LeePost U of M Years1984-1985 Wellesley College/MIT1985 -present HRL LaboratoriesMalibu, CaliforniaCurrent researchHRL Labsin MalibuDecision Support ToolsGraphical Probabilistic Models

Life in PicturesWorld’s first systolic computer based on 256 custommicroprocessors which I designed and build at HRLHaving rather small family (no wives andchildren) I can afford to divide my free timein California between scuba diving,mountaineering and sailing

Ravi RajamaniUniversity of Minnesota Years1986-1990ThesisRobust Control of Linear Systems UsingTime-Varying ControllersAdvisorPramod KhargonekarMemoriesWonderful group of Control Systems faculty and students –essential support structure to weather cold Minnesota winters!Post U of M Years1990-2000: GE Corporate Research & Development,Schenectady, NYFrom 2000: United Technologies Research Center,E. Hartford, CTCurrent work (not research!)Supply Chain Management – Believe it or not!AccomplishmentSee Eva Wu’s entry!Leisure timeAgain, see Eva Wu’s entry!

Pictorial MemoriesWith Yanlin and Marta and herupside-down (or, right-side-up!)map (1990)The Dinkytown icecream ritual (1990)With Antonio in Hawaii(1990 CDC)

N. Eva WuUniversity of Minnesota Years1982-1987ThesisA Factorization Approach to ControlSynthesis of Distributed Linear SystemsAdvisorE. Bruce LeeMemoriesFriday afternoon ice cream socials in DinkytownPost U of M Years1987-2002 Binghamton UniversityCurrent researchFault-tolerant controlAccomplishmentA survivorLeisure timeWhat do you mean?

Life in Pictures1957 in Chengdu, China1982 in Minneapolis, MN2001 in Binghamton,NY

.Stanislaw H. Zak University of Minnesota years1980-1983 Visiting Assistant Professorworking with Bruce on Timedelay Systems Now a Professor at Purdue stillin touch with Bruce and relyingon his friendship and generosity

After a seminar duringacademic year 1980-1981The Best Man at my Wedding,December 28, 1985Stan with his family inDecember 2001

Kemin ZhouYears in U of M 1984-1988PhD Dissertation Robust Control ofUncertain Systems and H OptimizationAdvisor Pramod P. KhargonekarPost U of M Years1988-1990 California Institute of Technology1990-2002 Louisiana State UniversityCurrent Research Robust Control, FaultTolerant Control, System Approximationand Control ApplicationsAccomplishment Published two books:Robust and Optimal Control (1995) with Chinesetranslation (2002) and Japanesetranslation (1997)Essentials of Robust Control (1998)Introduction to Neoclassical Feedback Control (200?)MemoriesYour kindness, generosity, and of coursethe ice-cream party in Dinkytown

Life in PicturesIce-Cream partyIn DinkytownMe in 1983Beautiful lakesIn Minnesota1987 with YanlinWith my son anddaughter 1998