new QPC-2012 E Layout 1 20/02/12 16:38 Pagina 1Oleohydraulic systems Sistemi oleodinamiciSystèmes oléohydrauliques Oleohydraulische SystemeStandard Quality Plangroup

new QPC-2012 E Layout 1 20/02/12 16:38 Pagina 2QPC-03/1-EGeneral Index1Company Profile22.1PurposeQuality quality assurance planDesign controlDocuments and data inspectionPurchasingInspection of products supplied by customerIdentification and traceabilityProcess controlInspections and testsControl of metrology and testing instrumentsTest conditionsIdentification of products non-conformitiesCorrective and preventive actionsHandling, warehousing, packaging and transportControl of quality registrationsQuality auditsTrainingCustomer serviceStatistical techniques44.14.2Application softwares used by ScodaDesign engineeringGeneral applicationgroup2

QPC-03/1-E1 Company ProfileDenominationScoda srlRegistered office: Milan, Via Carducci, 31VAT registration number: 07912650152Comercial register: n. 248164Headquarter: 21021 Angera (Va), Via San Gottardo, 14Corporate PurposeDesign, manufacture and trade of equipments, on its own and on behalf of third parties, of machinery and industrialequipments generally.Share Capital:Company Property: 520.000private, 2 shareholdersBoard of DirectorsIng. Carbonatto A.Dott. Crespi G.Sig.ra Perego A.- Chairman- CEO- AdvisorScoda srl - Company dataPersonnel, total: 41 included temporary employeesThe average age is 40 years old, 70% have high school or bachelor degrees2014 Turnover forecast:201 Turnover:6,5 mio/ 6,5 mio/ The activity of the company is divided in four product lines: Standard power units Special power units Customised electrohydraulics blocks and systems Standard components and groupsMain manufacturing plants:Angera plant - ItalySurface under roof: 5000 m2Angera plantgroup3

new QPC-2012 E Layout 1 20/02/12 16:38 Pagina 4QPC-03/1-E2 PurposeThis Quality Plan, edited in conformity to UNI ISO 10005:2007 norm, shows the procedures carried out by Scodasrl to comply with the quality requirements applied to the production of its productsThe document has been deliberately issued in synthetic form and with general purpose contents because specificinformation are just included into the Quality Manual.Scoda manufactures two separate product lines, standard products and special products, consequently the QualityPlan differentiates the specific activities related to both production linesIf the contents of this document do not comply with the customers requirements, they can require a registered copyof the Quality Manual to the Scoda Quality Assurance Service.This document is considered under “not controlled distribution”.MEASUREMENT of ANALYSIS ANDIMPROVEMENTSCollection and punctual statisticalanalysis of data in allstages of the processManagement of non-conformities,returns, complaints and delaysInternal auditsDefinition and monitoring ofcorrective and preventive actionsPRODUCT/SERVICEREALIZATIONOffers’ preparationOrders’ acquisitionDesign & DevelopmentPurchasesProductionProducts’ Quality assuranceEntrancegroupExitCustomerRESOURCES’ MANAGEMENTIdentifying needsManagement of staff involvementand trainingImplementation of optimizationmeasures and improvements inplants’, machineries andequipments’ EMENTRESPONSABILITIESQuality policyDefinition of development’sstrategiesAssigning of responsibility andauthorityManagement auditCommunication & MarketingSatisfationQuality Management system4

new QPC-2012 E Layout 1 20/02/12 16:38 Pagina 5QPC-03/1-E2.1 Quality HighlightsQuality PolicyThe main targets that Scoda aims to achieve and maintain, are linked to thephilosophy of continuous Improvement, to be implemented as working style forgrowth of the company’s activities.Through the constant support and motivation of mother Company Atos spa, thecompany has set-up the following guidelines in order to achieve the a.m. targets. Guidance to the Customer Satisfaction, namely the development of effectiveand proactive relationships providing a Quality Service based on productconformity starting from technical and commercial requirements Cost reduction of quality defects caused by the incorrect application of theQuality System; reduction of scraps and improvement of the efficiency of allactivities in any Organization level by optimizing working methods and times Strict collaboration with suppliers to get progressive and constantimprovements of the range of purchased products and services by increasingthe Quality level and the competitiveness of overall costs Improvement of the sensibility, the team work attitude and the care of Qualitytargets in every level of personnel. It is taken good care of human resourcesmanagement by qualifying the personnel through specific training courses Computerization of the production process and individual workstationthroughout the company, in order to comply with requirements of traceabilityand production controlQuality and production requirements, design capabilities, Marketing activitiesand staff aspirations have to merge into a wide corporate project making personsaware of their responsibilities and more and more involved in a continuousgrowth of Scoda.Quality System conf orming to ISO 9001:2008 supplemented withapplications and methods of ISO TS 16949 Technical SpecificationIn a more and more competitive global market, the Quality of product plays abasic role in customers satisfaction and therefore in having a successfulbusiness. In continuous improvement perspective, Scoda has decided tointegrate the Quality Management System conforming to ISO 9001:2008 normwith applications and methods of ISO TS 16949 technical specification mainlyapplied in the Automotive market. The most significant methods used by Scodaare: DFMEA, PFMEA, CONTROL PLAN.ISO 9001:2008 Certificategroup5

new QPC-2012 E Layout 1 20/02/12 16:38 Pagina 6QPC-03/1-ESharing of quality policy with all corporate levelsThe Quality policy and the most significant trend indexes are shared with alloperating services and departments. The main goal is to maximize theinvolvement and participation of all company personnel in regards to Qualitysubjects. Everyone has the right and duty to notify possible inefficiencies ornonconformities both of product and service. Each report will be always checkedby services in charge; appropriate and corrective actions will be targeted and putin the field.Strong partnership with customers and suppliersScoda policy promotes strong partnership with customers and suppliers; closetechnical relationships with customers enable a thorough knowledge of productsand applications, thus developing products able to meet all the requirementsand suitable for the relevant application. The partnership with suppliers builds upand promotes their involvement in the company policy of continuousimprovement; therefore the supplier becomes an active partner in the processof growth and improvement of Quality standards.Partnership with Customers & SuppliersPersonnel with high competenceScoda, together with mother Company, invests a lot of resources in staff trainingat all corporate levels; the competence of staff plays a fundamental role to reachand maintain high quality standards over time and, in addition, to promote thepolicy of continuous improvement.The training courses are planned with reference to the Skills Matrices, that pointout and relate the individual skill to the running working activity, so any possiblegap can be easily filled. In addition specific training are scheduled and focusedon new methodologies learning (see ISO TS) or on using of new working tools.Technical sessionSuppliers with certified Quality SystemAll suppliers are approved through joint Audit carried out by Quality andPurchasing specialists and their status of Scoda supplier is maintained bycontinuous monitoring of their trend indexes particularly the PPM (Parts-PerMillion) not-conformities. The evaluation of suppliers by Vendor Rating is issuedevery six months. Suppliers with underperforming VR index respect to Scoda’target are called to jointly define proper countermeasures to restore the targetedquality rating.PPM Graphics - Not-conformitiesPunctual Analysis of Not-conformities, for a continuous improvementThe nonconformities are split in three main groups: External not-conformities, reported by customers Internal not-conformities, reported by departments or services Not-conformities in material entrance, dependent on suppliers and detectedin acceptanceEach not-conformity is promptly investigated, checked and solved by applyingcorrective actions according to the methodology of the Problem Solving. TheQuality service draws up the analysis of not-conformities half-yearly; it is sharedwith all the company departments in charge, to jointly define and implementnecessary and resolving actions.groupNot-conformities analysis6

new QPC-2012 E Layout 1 20/02/12 16:38 Pagina 7QPC-03/1-ESignificant equipments at the R&D departmentScoda works together with Atos R&D, which is equipped with the necessary instruments to catty out functional andperformance tests on products and components, moreover also specific machinery are available in order to simulatethe most critical applications to which the components may be exposed. The functional tests are performed bothduring the feasibility study of a new product and on large serial production. The R&D plays a fundamental role inidentifying functional limits and weak points of the product, allowing designers to work and focus on the improvementof Quality, Reliability and Performance standards.TYPE OFINSTRUM ENTM ODELTEST PERFORM EDREFERENCESTA NDARDSTEST DESCRIPTIONSAL T FOG CHAMBERWEISS SC 4 5 0SAL T SPRAY TESTCONDENSED WATER TESTUNI EN ISO 9 2 2 7UNI EN ISO 6 2 7 0 --22Te sts pe rforme d wi th a standardize d sol uti onof NaCl use d to c he ck c orrosion resi stanc e ofc oate d sampl esSHAKERL ING DYNAMICSYSTEM V8 3 0 -3 3 5SPA1 6 KMECHANICAL STRESS ANDVIBRATION ON 3-AXISEN 6 0 0 6 8 -2DIN 4 0 0 4 6Si nusoi dal osc il lati onRandom osc i l l ati on X/Y/Z Shoc k te stTHERMALCHAMBERWEISS WT 1 2 0 /7 0THERMAL TESTSRANGE -7 0 C 1 80 CIP PROTECTIONDEGREE TESTWEISS SWT 1 0 0 0IPX6 IPX7 IPX8 IPX9KINFRAREDCAMERASAT-G 9 0-2 0 1 5 0 0 7 .5 μ 1 3μPhoto and vi deo i n infrared wavel ength.Re soul ti on 8 0mK a 3 0 FATIGUE TESTVARIOUS SYSTEMSFATIGUE TEST ON PRODUCTSFATIGUE TEST ON COMPONENTS2 4 /7 we ar tests to verify re li abil ity of productsand c ompone ntsFunc ti onal te sts of c omponents wi th hydrauli cand e l e c tric conne ction in real worki ngc ondi ti onsDIN 4 0 0 5 0-9CEI EN 6 0 5 2 9Anal ysi s of IP protec ti on c l ass provided bye nc l osures off e l ec troni c c ompone ntsSalt fog testTemperature test chamberElectrodynamic shakerIP protection degree testInfrared cameraFatigue testgroup7

new QPC-2012 E Layout 1 20/02/12 16:38 Pagina 8QPC-03/1-ESignificant equipments at Quality Assurance departmentScoda is equipped with an own division for control of incoming material, and it works together with ATOS for checkingcritical components, using their advanced control equipments that permit to check in automatic or semi-automatic waythe conformity of components realised internally or purchased at suppliers.The controls are defined according to the critical points of each component, and according to the supplier’s VR.The quality and sampling plans are managed dynamically according to the number of conformed supplies and theyare set on three levels: low, normal or intensive. Suppliers having high quality level maintained over the years, workunder Free Pass; however all suppliers are required to prove and state the results of their own inspections and tests.The QA dept is capable of supporting suppliers as well as the internal operational departments whenever specificinstruments or customized inspection are required.TYPE OF INSTRUM ENTM ODELM EA SURING RA NGERESOL UTIONFEA TURE3 D MEASURING MACHINEDEA IOTA 0 1 0 2X 9 1 0 mm Y 6 1 0mm Z 410mm0 .1 μRe ni shaw probe PH10 , SW TUTOR and PC-DMIS3 D MEASURING MACHINEDEA GL OBAL 0 7 1 00 5X 7 0 0 mm Y 1 0 00mm Z5 0 0 mm0 .1 μRe ni shaw probe PH10 , SW TUTOR and PC-DMIS0 .1 μme asure outsi de diameters, SW TURBOPTIC 3OPTICAL SCANNERHOMMEL -ETAMIC C3 1 0 Ø6 1 0 0 mm l ength 3 50mmPROFIL E PROJ ECTORSCHNEIDER P5 0 0X 2 0 0 mm Y 1 00 mm1μDi spl ay MUL TICOUNT 2 00 0 magnifi c ati onx1 0 x2 5 x10 0ROUNDNESS TESTERMAHR MMQ 4 4X 1 8 0 mm Z 5 00 mm0 .0 1 μAutomati c probe T7 W, SW FORM-PCROUNDNESS TESTERMAHR MMQ 4 4X 1 8 0 mm Z 3 50 mm0 .0 1 μSe mi automati c probe T2W, SW FORM-PCSPRING TESTING SYSTEMEASYDUR DINO0 3 0 0 Kg 0 300 0N0 .0 0 1 KgThre e l oad c e ll s 30 0Kg – 5 0 Kg – 5 KgUNIVERSAL L ENGTHMEASURING MACHINEJ ENA 0 1 -6 0 0 CL e ngth 0 600 mm0 .1 μCal i brati on of measuring i nstruments sw QM-SOFTROUGHNESS MEASURINGSTATIONMAHR MARFURF XR2 0X 1 2 0 mm 75 0μ0 .0 0 1 μProbe GD 1 20 , SW MAHRSURF XR203D coordinate measuring machineRoughness measuring stationOptical measurement systemRoundness testerSpring testing instrumentUniversal length measuring machinegroup8

new QPC-2012 E Layout 1 20/02/12 16:38 Pagina 9QPC-03/1-EProducts 100 % testedAll Scoda products are 100 % tested, this permits to detect possible functionalnon-conformities before the delivery to the final customers. The automatic testingbenches, using CNC programmable electronic sequencers, enable the check ofall functionalities and the recording of the tested performances.Eventual products that are identified as not-conforming during the test areimmediately sent to the involved divisions, for checking and repairing. The usedfluid is properly thermostated and filtered, in order to ensure continuousmonitored cleaning and alarm signals if contamination exceeds 20/18/15according to ISO 4406.Automatic testing benchesTraceability of the testing and product dataAll Sco