THEEARLIERYOURKIDSSTART,THESMARTERTHEY’LLBE!Give your kids the academic advantage tocompete in today’s world — For ages 3

MAKETHE EARLYYEARSCOUNT.The perfect time to start Kumon is before your child starts school.Starting Kumon early not only gets your child ready for school, it also lays the groundwork foradvanced studies later on. The Kumon Program begins with simple counting in math, and lettersounds in reading, building a solid academic foundation that can mean early and ongoingsuccess in the classroom. Just as importantly, it fosters confidence, self-esteem, and a love oflearning that can last a lifetime.

The Kumon Method began with a parent’s loveand a belief in the power of education.Determined to advance the learning of his 8-year-old son, a math teacher named Toru Kumondeveloped the materials and guiding principles. The method was so successful that by sixth grade,his son Takeshi was solving calculus problems. Today, Kumon is advancing the learning of millionsof students around the world.

HERE'S HOW THE KUMONMETHOD GIVES YOUR CHILDA GREAT HEAD Math.with Pencil SkillsThe Kumon Reading Programstarts with fun “look, listen, andrepeat” worksheets that get yourpre-reader to build vocabulary.Colorful illustrations connectingwords to familiar objects startyour child on skill-buildingactivities and then help your childto start putting words together.These skills help your child beginreading simple sentences.Success and confidence in mathbegin with learning and countingnumbers up to 120, as well asproper number sequencing. Theseskills provide a strong foundationfor learning basic addition andsubtraction.Pencil skills worksheets preparestudents to write numbers andletters through drawing lines,curves and angles.

THE KUMONINSTRUCTORGUIDES ANDENCOURAGESYOUR CHILD lans.Offeringguidance asneeded.Regular conferences with you also help gauge progress, goals, and motivation — acceleratinglearning even more. You, along with your child’s instructor, play an important role in ensuringyour child gets the most out of the program.

EARLYLEARNERSUCCESSSTORYPorter, age 3,New YorkAfter Porter’s parents enrolled his older sister in Kumon as a pre-schooler, they watched herreading advance to a second grade level — during kindergarten. Wanting their son to have thesame advantages, they enrolled Porter before he knew his numbers, letters, or how to writeproperly with a pencil. In just two months, his parents already saw improvement. “He getsexcited when he recognizes pictures he’s seen in his Kumon exercises,” says his mom, Rebecca.Porter’s individualized lesson plans allow him to progress at his own pace, and he’s thriving.

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