h t t p : / / g u i d e s . i g n . c o mIntroductionHunter: The Reckoning is an old-fashioned splatter-fest for up to four gamers. A classic action game in themold of Gauntlet and Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, Hunter is based on the pen-and-paper game of the samename. We’ve been enjoying this one thoroughly in the IGN offices, and decided to pass our love on to you inthe form of this walkthrough.If you’re having trouble finding all the Innocents, getting the good ending, beating a boss or sniffing out weapons of destruction, this is the guide for you. So, in the now-immortal words of Drowning Pool “let the bodies hitthe floor.”Another Quality Guide by: Chris CarlePDF Layout by: Cory D. LewisBasicsControlsD-Pad: Zoom camera in/outLeft Stick: Move playerRight Stick: Aim weaponA: Action Button/ReloadB: Toggle special weaponsX: Toggle regular weaponsY: Toggle EdgesRight Trigger: Use weaponLeft Trigger: JumpA Note on Modes: Single vs. MultiplayerThis game can be played solo, or with up to four players. To join a game (even in progress), just plug in acontroller and play. The game won’t stop. Just select a character and press start and you’ll appear in the game.Note: Once you join, you cannot quit until you reach a save point. That is the only place you can opt out oncejoining.Multiplayer games share resources, so make sure you divvy up ammo fairly. You don’t want one personhogging all of the weapons, leaving the others at a disadvantage. Also, make sure you alternate who setsInnocents free.GlyphsThroughout the game, you’ll see symbols glowing on environment surfaces. Some of them provide Healthand Conviction, and others level up your character. Glyphs that glow blue tell you things about the game orchallenges ahead. Green Glyphs allow you to save game progress.All original content 2002 IGN Entertainment. All rights reserved. All other content its respective owners.Pg. 1

h t t p : / / g u i d e s . i g n . c o mA Note on SavingAs you progress through Hunter, it is important to have a lot of continues at your disposal, as the game getsmuch harder toward the end. Since the Xbox has nearly unlimited memory, don’t be bashful about saving anew game at every single save point. That way, if you have to backtrack to a point where you had more lives,it will be easy to do so. If you lose too many lives in any given level and want to start over from the beginning(with your full complement of continues), pause the game and select Restart.HealthYour Hunter’s health is monitored by the red bar in the upper left corner of the screen. You can replenish thisbar in several ways. By killing enemies, you will release red spheres which will give you more health. Make sureyou collect them quickly, because they fade eventually. You can also find glowing, diamond-shaped Glyphsscattered throughout the levels. One of these Glyphs will yield up to four “heals” and then it will go cold. Theonly other way to earn more life is to die. You health meter will be fully replenished when you start a new life.EdgesEdges are special Hunter powers that require Conviction to pull off. Each Hunter starts with one Edge (whichworks like magic) unique to that character. As the game progresses, you can gain more Edges and level-upyour current Edge. Usually, levelling-up of Edges occurs after major boss fights. Use Edges to enhance yourHunter’s abilities and get out of tight spots.ConvictionYour Conviction, the ability to use Edges, is measured by the blue meter in the upper right corner of the screen.Like health, this can be replenished by collecting spheres (blue) or using an Edge Glyph, which looks like asideways “E.” The only thing that uses that depletes Conviction is using Edges, so if you’re doing fine without,it’s best to save Edge power for tough situations or desperate encounters.Level-UpAs you use your various skills more and more, your character will improve in those areas. Killing monstershelps you gain experience, which leads to the levelling up. When your character levels up, he/she will becomemore powerful, more proficient at using a weapon, etc. You can also find Level-Up Glyphs on some levels.These permanently add to your character’s stats. Read the walkthrough to discover where to find thesepowerful Glyphs.InnocentsReleasing Innocents is key for a few reasons. First off, many of the levels in the game require you to findInnocents as an objective. Secondly (and probably more importantly), when you free an Innocent, you gain aContinue. Stockpile your continues until later in the game, when you will seriously need them. Thirdly, Innocentswill help you earn the “good” ending. If you save more than 50 people, there will be enough manpower to getthe train back on the tracks and get out of town when the game ends.WeaponsEach character has two types of weapons: a long-range, unlimited ammo weapon, and a short range, hackAll original content 2002 IGN Entertainment. All rights reserved. All other content its respective owners.Pg. 2

h t t p : / / g u i d e s . i g n . c o mslash weapon. Both of these serve different purposes, but since they’re always available, they are the last lineof defense between you and becoming a zombie lunch. When should you use your regular weapons? Anytimeyou can. If you can afford not to use Special Weapons, don’t bother. Save them for more powerful enemies.Note: Certain enemies (gargoyles, for instance) are resistant to gunfire, making your melee weapon the bestchoice.Special WeaponsSpecial Weapons not specific to each individual character can be found all over the place on the game map.There are several varieties of each, but these are the general categories: Shotgun: This one provides a lot of bang for your buck. Most times, you can drop any weaker enemywith a close-range shot.Machine Gun: If you absolutely, positively have to kill every mutha in the room, the Machine Gune isthe one for you. With its rapid rate of fire and plentiful ammo, the Machine Gun is great to thin largeherds of undead.Chainsaw: A little weaker than it should be, the chainsaw can only carve one enemy at a time. It doesgood damage, but is a little unwieldy. Instead of ammo, the Chainsaw works on gasoline. When thegas is gone, the Chainsaw’s done.Flame-thrower: The Flame-thrower also has fuel rather than ammo. It sprays a swath of fire atanything in its path. Good against zombies and slow enemies. It doesn’t kill everyone right away, butwill set enemies on fire, and kill them eventually.Rocket Launcher: This powerful weapon should be reserved for big fights only. A long range weapon,the Rocket Launcher should not be used in close encounters, or you’ll end up killing your hunter.Tips: Search Every CornerThere is a lot of stuff off of the main trail--especially special weapons and Innocents, so make sure yousearch every square inch of every area. Before going to the Green Glyph save point (unless you’rewounded badly), always make sure you’ve scoured the level, opened every door and looked behindevery object.Jump to Avoid ConflictOne simple way to get out of danger is to jump. This can get you to a new area, put you on a higherplane, or just give you some breathing room until the next wave. You can also attack from the air, and,if you’re holding your close range weapon, you can perform sideways rolls and other evasive efforts.Shoot From On HighIf you’re in an area with multiple levels, get to the highest point and select your ranged weapon. Fromthis position, use your infinite ammo to smoke everything below you, with no harm to yourself.All original content 2002 IGN Entertainment. All rights reserved. All other content its respective owners.Pg. 3

h t t p : / / g u i d e s . i g n . c o m Use the “Circle Strafe” TechniqueThe most effective way to take on enemies is to circle around them. Do this with the left stick, and keeppointing the right stick at the mob, firing the whole time. This way, youy can “herd” all of your foes intoa tight bunch, making them susceptible to Edges, Flame-thrower attacks and spray attacks (a la theMachine Gun).Use Your Edges in a CrowdEdges can bail you out of a lot of situations; especially the ones that deal damage to a specific radiusof monsters. Use Edges in a crowd to produce the best effects. But watch out. if you begin to triggeran Edge and don’t complete the process, you could lose you Conviction and not even cast it. A goodtime to cast an Edge is when you’ve respawned after dying, because your Conviction meter will be fulland you will be temporarily impervious to pain.Preserve Your Best WeaponsIf you are going up against a group of rotting zombies, don’t waste your ammo. Use the unlimitedammunition your ranged weapon provides and save your most powerful weapons for bigger, badderenemies. By the same token, if you have maxed out your ammunition for a weapon, and see more layingaround, use up some of the excess so you can always carry a full gun. Note: The Rocket Launcheris especially powerful and should be saved for special boss encounters. Read the walkthrough todetermine when to use it effectively.CharactersDeuce, the AvengerThis beefy bad-ass is robust and strong. He can take and give punishment quite well. His starting close weaponis a huge battle axe, and his ranged weapon is a sling-and-wing quick-firing shotgun (eight rounds).Samantha, the DefenderA leggy crusader for justice, this sabre-wielding hottie will cut a zombie down faster than you can say “GeorgeRomero.” Her close weapon is a fast-swinging sabre, and her ranged weapon is a scoped Magnum (sixrounds). Arguably the most balanced character in the game, Samantha is a good choice to start with if you’replaying single player.Father Cortez, the JudgeArguably the coolest character in the game, the Father Cortez, a prison chaplain, carries a sword with a crucifixhilt and a nasty crossbow. and he’s a priest. Who better to fight vampires and zombies with?Kassandra, the MartyrThis little candy raver is lean on strength, but very fast. She’s got good starting Conviction as well, makingher a good complement to any party. Not a very hearty starting character, Martyr is best as part of a team.She packs twin pistolas and two close-range knives.All original content 2002 IGN Entertainment. All rights reserved. All other content its respective owners.Pg. 4

h t t p : / / g u i d e s . i g n . c o CatacombSewers 1Sewers 2Front YardMeal Hall 1Main Yard 1Mansion Entrance 1Mansion 1Mansion Entrance 2 Cell Block 1Cell Block 2Hospital RoofHospital 1Hospital 2MorgueSewers 3Machine ShopDeath RowMain Yard 3 - Mansion 2 AtticWalkthrough: SubwayIn this opening area, the general idea is just to familiarize yourself with the controls and game systems. Todo this, walk up to the Blue Glyphs on the walls and press “A” to learn helpful information on how to play thegame.You will be hounded by a pack of bloodthirsty zombies, so this will afford you an opportunity to hone yourfighting skills. Use both your close combat weapon and ranged weapon to get a feel for the controls. With theranged weapon, practice moving around the zombies as you continue to point your weapon at the target. I willcall this technique “circle strafing.” You’ll also want to get used to moving backwards while firing at enemies infront of you.As you get midway through the station, a cutscene will unfold. You’ll learn that the only way out of the town isvia a busted-up rail car. In order to get the train to move, you’ll have to free Innocents scattered throughout thelevels. Do this by simply touching the Innocent. These scared souls will help get the broken car back on you have to free enough of them in order to complete the job.Make sure you explore the entire level. You must in order to find the Glyphs, anyway. Make sure you movedown from the starting point and explore that end of the station. There is a Machine Gun to be found next tothe blocked-off stairs. There are also plenty of Glyphs down this way. Make sure you explore the train stationbooths in order to gain more key information.Once all the glyphs on the near side of the station have been explored, head to the far end. Near the stairs is aBystander perched on a Glyph. From time to time, these Bystanders will give you advice on what needs to bedone to complete the job. Once you have finished this mission, another Glyph on the stairs will glow green. Allyou have to do to turn it is to trigger all of the Blue Glyphs. There is one on either side of the stairs on this end,and a powerful Shotgun as well. On the opposite side of the stairs is a Health Glyph. Once you have trippedall of the Glyphs, go to the Green Glyph on the stairs and press the action button. Save your game and moveon!All original content 2002 IGN Entertainment. All rights reserved. All other content its respective owners.Pg. 5

h t t p : / / g u i d e s . i g n . c o mWalkthrough: StreetsYou begin the next level in the middle of a city street. The zombie contingent has grown considerably, and you’llneed some skills in order to kill ‘em all. From the starting point, head down (towards the camera) and collecta Shotgun from the street. There is an Innocent crouching near the speed limit sign. Release her! There arefour remaining.Head away from the camera up the street. In the corner with a corpse skewered on a lamppost is a MachineGun. There is a Health Glyph nearby as well. You’ll be mobbed by zombies, but just back down the emptystreet and deal with them methodically. As you draw near the store window full of zombies, you’ll meet anotherInnocent. She will berate you and run off. Nice girl. Continue down the street. On the opposite side of the streetfrom the movie theater is a Shotgun. There’s one near this marquee as well.Past the theater is a four-way intersection. At thefiery end to the right is a Machine Gun. If youcontinue forward and move toward the burningtruck, you’ll find a Shotgun in the corner.