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音樂嘉年華:久石讓音樂會SoundFest:Joe Hisaishi in Concert久石讓鋼琴/作曲/指揮Joe HisaishiPianist/ Composer/ 大家有一個愉快的音樂體驗。Dear patronsFor a wonderful concert experience, please kindlyswitch off your mobile phone and other beeping devicesbefore the concert begins. Photography, recording,filming, eating or drinking are not allowed. We hopeyou enjoy reading this house programme and wishto retain it. If you don’t wish to take your programmehome with you, please return it to the admission pointafter the performance for recycling. We wish you a veryenjoyable KWAJU 1981-2009青春Prime of Youth世界的盡頭The End of the World第一樂章:崩塌I. Collapse第二樂章:聖保羅的優雅II. Grace of the St. Paul第三樂章:超越世界III. Beyond the rtures魔女宅急便Kiki’s Delivery Service某個夏日One Summer’s Day水之旅人Water Traveller夏天Summer崖上的波兒Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea東方之風Oriental Wind12月9日演出攜手贊助9 Dec performance is co-sponsored by曲目以演出當晚為準。Programme is subject to change.

Salute 感謝伙伴to Our 的慷慨贊助和支持!The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Partners belowfor their generous sponsorship and support!主要贊助MAJOR FUNDING BODY首席贊助P R I N C I PA L PAT R O N節目贊助 MAJOR SPONSORSCIC Investor Services Limiteda subsidiary of Crédit Industriel et Commercial, 迎致電 (852) 2721 2030 或電郵至 [email protected] 與我們聯絡。For sponsorship and donation enquiries, please call (852) 2721 2030 or email to [email protected]以公司英文名稱序 In alphabetical order of company name

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香港管弦樂團 (港樂) 舉行的全年最大型交響演奏 — 興趣,港樂舉辦音樂教育計劃「 七交響曲。The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HKPO) is one of Asia’s leading orchestras. Enriching Hong Kong’s cultural life for over a century,the Orchestra has grown into a formidable ensemble of Chinese and international talents, attracting world-class artists to collaborate on itsstage. HKPO annually touches the lives of over 200,000 music lovers through more than 150 performances. Under the leadership of ArtisticDirector and Chief Conductor Edo de Waart, HKPO continues to scale new heights in musical excellence. The continuing cycle of Mahlersymphonies and challenging programming outside the traditional repertoire have become highly anticipated events as well as musicalmilestones for the Orchestra.Celebrated artists continue to grace our halls in the 2010/11 season: Lang Lang, Sumi Jo, Midori, Vadim Repin, Cho-Liang Lin, Wang Jian,just to name a few. Our roster of guest conductors includes Maestro Carlo Rizzi, Ton Koopman and Stéphane Denève. Simon Trpčeski, whoheadlines the Rachmaninov cycle, will return with another brilliant interpretation of the composer’s famous Second Piano Concerto; whileMaestro de Waart and the HKPO will bring to you a 3-week Tchaikovsky Festival as the season finale.From April 2006, The Swire Group Charitable Trust became the Hong Kong Philharmonic’s Principal Patron. Swire’s sponsorship of the HongKong Philharmonic, the largest in the Orchestra’s history, supports artistic growth and development as the Orchestra takes its place on theworld stage, and brings performances of musical excellence to the widest possible public. HKPO stays in tune with our city by presentingthe orchestra in unexpected venues and bringing the excitement of the concert experience to every home through radio and televisionbroadcasts including the largest symphonic event of the year, Swire Symphony under the Stars, at Happy Valley. The Orchestra runs acomprehensive schools education programme, HSBC Insurance Creative Notes, bringing the joy of classical music to primary, secondary andspecial school kids. In February 2008, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council honoured the HKPO with the Arts Promotion Award, inrecognition of its success in expanding its audience base and gaining public support in recent years.The Orchestra also builds its reputation and raises its artistic standards by touring. Apart from participating in the Shanghai Spring InternationalMusic Festival and the Beijing Music Festival, the Orchestra undertook a China tour of Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai under the leadership ofMaestro de Waart in January 2009. In September 2010, de Waart and the HKPO appeared at the Expo 2010 Shanghai, performing Beethoven’sNinth Symphony and the newly commissioned work Rong written by Hong Kong composer Fung Lam in the Shanghai Oriental Art Center, as thefirst stop of the 2010 China tour. It was followed by performances of Mahler’s Seventh Symphony in the Xi’an Concert Hall and Beijing’s NationalCentre for the Performing 伴The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionSWIRE is the Principal Patron of the Hong Kong Philharmonic OrchestraThe Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra is the Venue Partner of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre

久石 讓鋼琴 作曲 iano Stories》、《My Lost City》、《Etude》、《Asian X.T.C.》以及《Another Piano Stories The End of the World 的《禮儀師之奏鳴曲》配樂 .基頓名作《The 日本愛樂「World Dream 出。

出與倫敦交響樂團合作的專輯《Minima (2009/角川)。Joe HisaishiPianist Composer ConductorJoe Hisaishi started to show his interest in minimalist music when he was a student at the Kunitachi College of Music, and he has contributedto the modern music industry via musical performance and music production, which included his presentation of MKWAJU in 1981 andthe release of his first album, Information. In subsequent years his albums – Piano Stories, My Lost City, Etude. Asian X.T.C. and Another PianoStories The End of the World were released, and his career as a solo artist took off.Starting with the Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind in 1984, Hisaishi has produced music for nine films directed by Hayao Miyazaki,including Spirited Away and Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. He also provided music for Hana-Bi directed by Takeshi Kitano, and Departuresdirected by Yojiro Takita, (the film that won Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2009). His works have won many awards, includingseveral Outstanding Achievements in Music Prizes of the Japan Academy Prize, reinforcing his vital position in the Japanese film industry.In recent years, he has provided music for films made outside Japan including the Korean Welcome to Dongmakgol (won Best Music prize ofKorean Film Award) and the Chinese film The Postmodern Life of My Aunt, which won Best Music prize of 27th Hong Kong Academy Award.All told, he has contributed to music production of nearly 60 films.In 2001 Hisaishi made his début as a film director with Quartet. Taking charge of the theme music and script (co-writing), this wasintroduced as the first full-scale musical film in Japan and was nominated in World Competition section of the Montreal Film Festival,receiving excellent reviews globally.In 2004 at Cannes International Film Festival, Hisaishi became the first Japanese musician to conduct an orchestra, performing The General(representative work of Buster Keaton) at the film concert. In July 2004 he assumed the post of the first Music Director of the New JapanPhilharmonic “World Dream Orchestra”, a new project by the New Japan Philharmonic, and in August 2008 he produced the sensational “JoeHisaishi in Budo-kan” concert, leading an orchestra and choir of 1,200 people from the piano.In January 2009 Hisaishi started full-scale activities as a conductor. The “Joe Hisaishi Classic Series” transmits the joy of classical music toa wide group of people from the viewpoint of contemporary musician. In November 2009 he was awarded with a Medal of Honour with“Purple Ribbon” by the Government of Japan.In 2010 he was appointed visiting professor of Kunitachi College of Music and devotes his energies to teaching young people whilecontinuing working on his own music activities. After the album Minima Rhythm with the London Philharmonic Orchestra was releasedin August 2009, Hisaishi’s new album with the same Orchestra, Melodyphony, was released in autumn 2010. In the “Joe Hisaishi’s Asia Tour2010” concerts, he performs pieces from these two albums.Hisaishi is also the author of several books; Kando wo Tsukuremasuka? (Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co. Ltd. 2006), Joe Hisaishi’s 35mmdiaries (Takarajimasha Inc. 2007), and Mimi de Kangaeru – Nou ha Meikyoku wo Hossuru (Kadokawa One, 2009).

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在《Minima Rhythm》專輯。本曲收錄在《Minima Rhythm》專輯。禮儀師之奏鳴曲原點1981 – 008年的一齣電影,《原點1981 – akatakatakataka ta 大提琴的特色。本曲收錄在《Minima 最新大碟《Melodyphony》。



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LinksThe End of the WorldLinks is the theme song for the Japan International ContentsFestival (CoFesta) created in 2007, and it follows the style ofminimalist music. Distinctive rhythmic phrases that appear atthe beginning develop into various forms and build up to createtension and excitement in the latter half. 15 beats is the irregularmeter in which this piece is written – typical Joe Hisaishi-style withits sense of grooves and speed.With the collapse of world order and deterioration of values, JoeHisaishi used “Post Sep. 11th” as a theme and wrote The End ofthe World. The piece reflects sorrow and grief in this chaoticmodern world, but encourages listeners to keep “our faith andpray for a better future”.The End of the World is featured in the album Minima Rhythm.Links is featured in the album Minima Rhythm.DeparturesJoe Hisaishi used African folk-music as a basis for MKWAJU 1981-2009which is based on different rhythmic patterns. The motivs of suchpleasant rhythms as “tantantan takatakatakataka ta ta” are quotedthroughout the piece, which is regarded as representative of JoeHisaishi’s minimalist music. The very first version was recorded in1981 by a small ensemble. In 2009 Joe Hisaishi re-arranged thispiece for an orchestra.Departures is a 2008 Japanese film by Yojiro Takita (it won theAcademy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 81st Oscars).Joe Hisaishi wrote a suite including many theme songs from themovie. As the movie tells of a cellist who resigned as a musicianand became an embalmer, Joe Hisaishi uses the cello as themain instrument in the work. The melody of this suite showcasesthe characteristics of the cello which depicts the moods of themovie’s main character; gentle one moment, intense the next, andsometimes comical.MKWAJU 1981-2009 is featured in the album Minima Rhythm.Departures is featured in the album Melodyphony.Prime of YouthKiki’s Delivery ServicePrime of Youth is the theme song for Junior Chamber InternationalOsaka’s Peace Conference of Youth in 2010. At the beginninga flourish of trumpets appears, the 8/11 rhythm spins thissymphonic-type piece along.Kiki’s Delivery Service is a 1989 Japanese animated fantasy filmproduced, written, and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Its theme song,“A Town with an Ocean View”, is composed for piano, violins andstring orchestra. Just like the growing witch, Kiki, who has variousexpressions, the work consists of delightful rh