700 333 - 11th Avenue SWCalgary, Alberta T2R 1L9Phone: 1.403.229.4700Toll Free: 1.800.661.9003Information Concerning a Lawyer FormThe Law Society of Alberta is the independent regulator of the legal profession. We regulate in the public interest by promotingand enforcing a high standard of professional and ethical conduct by Alberta lawyers.The information you provide concerning a lawyer is important and ultimately contributes to ensuring lawyers maintain the highstandards demanded of the profession. However, we are unable to assist with matters which: (i) fall outside our mandate asregulator; or (ii) which do not require either early intervention or discipline.We address most information concerning a lawyer through a proactive approach to resolve issues and/or by working with thelawyer to achieve high standards of service. However, where the information provided poses significant regulatory risk, we willrefer it to our discipline process.When you submit this form, you will receive a letter acknowledging that we have received your information. If you haverelevant documents you wish us to see, please provide them to us together with this form.Please be aware that a copy of this form (or a summary of it) and any enclosures will be sent to the lawyer you are providinginformation about. If you do not want us to share your contact information with the lawyer, you must advise us in writing of anyrestrictions.Below are examples of matters that fall outside of our mandate:1.Other JurisdictionsThe Law Society only has jurisdiction over Alberta lawyers. If your information is regarding a lawyer in another provinceor territory, please contact the Law Society in that jurisdiction.2.Fee DisputesConcerns about a lawyer’s fees and charges should be directed to the Review Office at the Court of Queen’s Bench ofAlberta. Please note that there are time limits on this process so you should pursue this remedy as soon as possible.3.Financial CompensationThe Law Society of Alberta does not have jurisdiction to pay compensation or provide reimbursement.If the actions of your lawyer resulted in a financial loss due to theft or negligence, you may be entitled to make a claimwith the Alberta Lawyers Indemnity Association (ALIA).Filing this Information Concerning a Lawyer Form with the Law Society does not initiate an ALIA claim. In order forALIA to review your claim, you must file a written claim with ALIA directly.You should also seek independent legal advice.4.Current Court MattersMatters involving Court proceedings are regulated by the Rules of Court and the general practice of the Court. In mostcases, the Court decides on the conduct of Court proceedings.The Law Society’s process is not an alternative way to resolve a legal dispute you may have with someone else.The Law Society will not get involved in any related legal disputes and cannot provide you with legal advice oropinion. The Law Society cannot compel a lawyer to withdraw from a file.The Law Society is committed to communicating with you in a respectful manner and expects the same courtesy. Weunderstand that this process can be stressful. However, we will not accept discriminatory, harassing, or profanecommunications, or any threatening behavior. Please note that repeated behavior of this kind may result in the Law Societyrestricting communications with you.June

700 333 - 11th Avenue SWCalgary, Alberta T2R 1L9Phone: 1.403.229.4700Toll Free: 1.800.661.9003Information Concerning a Lawyer Form1.INFORMATION ABOUT YOU (please print or type)Please ensure that you provide us with your contact information on the last page of this form.Prefix:Mr.Ms.Mx.Name:2.INFORMATION ABOUT THE LAWYERPlease complete a separate form for each lawyer you would like to provide information about. Forms mustname individual lawyers and not firms.Name:Firm/Company:Street Address:City:Province:AlbertaPostal Code:Phone Number:3.RELATIONSHIP TO LAWYER(a)(b)What is your relationship to the lawyer?ClientFormer ClientOpposing PartyEmployed by LawyerOpposing LawyerOther (specify)If referencing your own lawyer:When did you hire the lawyer?Has the lawyer quit or been fired?YesNoYesNoYesNoWhat was the lawyer hired to do?(c)Is the matter completed?(d)If referencing someone else’s lawyer:Who does the lawyer act for?What is your involvement?Have you discussed this submissionwith your own lawyer?June 2019Page 1 of

Law Society of AlbertaInformation Concerning a Lawyer Form(e)Are you currently represented by alawyer?Current LawyerYesNoFormer LawyerName:Firm/Company:Street Address:CityProv/Terr:AlbertaPostal Code:Phone Number:(f)(g)Which area of law is your matter regarding?Real EstateCivil FamilyPersonal InjuryImmigrationWills/EstateOther (specify)AboriginalCriminalEmploymentCommercialIf you indicated that this is a wills/estate matter above:Are you the estate’s executor or administrator?YesNoYesNoIf not, who is the estate executor or administrator?Are you a beneficiary?4.INFORMATION CONCERNING THE LAWYER(a)Please provide detailed information in your own words. If necessary, use a separate sheet of paper and attachto this form.June 2019Page 2 of

Law Society of AlbertaInformation Concerning a Lawyer Form(b)Are you providing any supporting documentation to our office? Please list all enclosures you are providing toour office. Please do not include original documents, copies only.Please note that the Law Society does not have access to evidence such as Court transcripts, documents,emails, etc. and will not obtain that evidence for you. If you have relevant documents you wish us to see, youmust provide them to us together with this form.(c)5.What would you like to see happen as a result of your submission?ACKNOWLEDGMENT, CONSENT AND SIGNATUREPursuant to Section 78(3) of the Legal Profession Act, this Information Concerning a Lawyer Form is private andconfidential, and must not be used in any other proceeding or for any collateral purpose.I acknowledge that by submitting this form, I am giving my consent to the Law Society of Alberta to gather allinformation necessary to address my concerns and to disclose some or all of the information I have provided to thelawyer concerned. I am waiving any solicitor-client privilege related to matters outlined in this document, and my lawyeror former lawyer is authorized to fully discuss these matters with the Law Society of Alberta.The personal information collected in this form will be used by the Law Society of Alberta for one or more purposescontemplated by the Legal Profession Act, the Rules of the Law Society of Alberta, the Code of Conduct, Guidelinesand Protocols of the Law Society or a resolution of the benchers and will be accessible to all departments of the LawSociety of Alberta, including the Alberta Lawyers Indemnity Association. This information may be used or disclosed bythe Law Society of Alberta, now or in the future, to its early intervention programs, and for any of its regulatorypurposes, investigations and proceedings. The Law Society of Alberta may contact you to obtain additional informationor to obtain clarification on the information you have provided.If you have any questions or concerns about the collection, use or disclosure of this information, please contact theLaw Society of Alberta Information/Privacy Officer at 1-800-661-9003.Date:Signature:Please return this signed and completed form and supporting documentation to [email protected] 2019Page 3 of

Law Society of AlbertaInformation Concerning a Lawyer FormYour contact information:Mailing Address:City:Prov/Terr:Postal Code:Home Number:Work Number:Mobile Number:Fax Number:Email Address:If your business or company is involved:Company Name:Street Address:City:Prov/Terr:Postal Code:Contact:Position/Title:OPTIONAL:Do you self-identify as an Indigenous person (First Nations, Metis, Inuit)?YesNoThe Law Society of Alberta is committed to providing accessible services to Indigenous Peoples.This page containing your contact information may be detached from the Information Concerning a Lawyer Form atthe discretion of the Law Society of Alberta or upon your written request.What happens after I submit this form?You will receive a letter acknowledging that we have received your information. We will contact you if we need any furtherinformation and will advise you when our assessment is complete. For more information visit our website.June 2019Page 4 of