Case 3:16-cr-00051-BRDocument 2433Filed 01/25/18Page 1 of 31- -·UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTDISTRICT OF OREGONPORTLAND DIVISIONn1!N.l'i 1Rr .t-n?4;.;. . '. lll1c " '8IJODf·1 n. p. 1·-' ·., JTl.rUNITED STATES OF AMERICACASE NO 2:16-CR-00046-GMN-PALvsJAKE EDWARD RYAN, dba artificial entityAffiant/; jake edward; family of ryan - A Living Soul, as Sui JurisDate: January 23, 2018To: Judge Anna J. BrownTo: Court Executive Officerthe above case is;ACCEPTED FOR HONOR ON BEHALF OFTHE UNITED STATESACCEPTED FOR VALUE AND CONSIDERATION, EXEMPT FROM LEVY,WITH HONOR. PLEASE DEPOSIT TO ACCOUNT of UNITED STATES,50 USC 4305 B (2) "Any payment, conveyance, transfer, assignment, or delivery ofproperty or interest therein, made to or for the account of the United States, or asotherwise directed, pursuant to this subdivision or any rule, regulation, instruction, ordirection issued hereunder shall to the extent thereof be a full acquittance anddischarge for all purposes of the obligation of the person making the same; and noperson shall be held liable in any court for or in respect to anything done or omitted ingood faith in connection with the administration of, or in pursuance of and in reliance on,this subdivision, or any rule, regulation, instruction, or direction issued hereunder."

Case 3:16-cr-00051-BRDocument 2433Filed 01/25/18Page 2 of 31(formerly 12 USC 95 (A) (2)Pay to the order of the UNITED STATESTREASURYWithout RecourseInstructions and Orders:Accepted for value, Exempt from LevyH.J. Res. 192, 73rd Cong., 1st Sess. Approved June 5, 1933, 4:30 p.m.Executive Order 6102Notice of Mandate Authority by Claim of RightAutograph I DATE: 01/ /2018 2day, of )· ovc 9/2018Exemption ID# JAKE EDWARD RYAN I9978 SS#Deposit to the U.S. Treasury OBA The Internal Revenue ServiceCharge the same to JAKE EDWARD RYAN 542379978 CUSIP branch with theremittance.C35688570Case# 2:16-CR-00046-GMN-PAL?I have accepted this on behalf of the United States. Here is the clear concise andunequivocal Mandate/transfer order, you may collect atDepartment of The Treasury1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20220,My obligation to the court is done as per 50 USC 4305 b(2) "formerly 12 USC 95(a)"As we the people are the highest authority in the land, we have the authority to create amandate.Warning: If notice is not answered or mandate is not performed, silence confirms claim,otherwise liability has been imposed in the public without remedy.Respond or perform mandate within (15) Fifteen, Days of receiving this notice.Respectfully Submitted, Without prejudice, Without recourse, All rights reservedjake edward : ryan.

Case 3:16-cr-00051-BRDocument 2433Filed 01/25/18Page 3 of 31*"Title 28 U.S. Code 3002 Section 15A states United States is a Federal Corporation and not agovernment, including the Judicial Procedural Section."The IRS is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF.(Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564,Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391.) 2.The IMF is an Agency of the UN. (Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Ed. Pg. 816) 3.The U.S. Has not had a Treasury since 1921.*The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF. (Presidential Documents Volume 29-No.4 pg. 113, 22U.S.C."Title 8 U.S. Code 1481 states once an oath of office is taken, citizenship is relinquished, thusone becomes a foreign entity, agency, or state. That means every public office is a foreign state,including all political subdivisions. (i.e. every single court is considered a separate foreignentity)."UCC 1-308, UCC 1-207, UCC 3-419, UCC 10-104, UCC1-104, PUBLIC POLICY 73-10,TITLE 18 SECTION 8, USC 3123, USC 5103, HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION 192 OFJUNE 5 1933, ARTICLE 6 CLAUSE 3 CONSTITUTION, UNDER 10TH & 14THAMENDMENT, USC TITLE 18 PART I CHAPTER 13 U.S CIVIL CODE 241 & 242,"Marbury v. Madison 5 U.S. 137 1803,CONTRACT LAW, ADMIRALTY LAW, TRUST LAW, COMMON LAW JUR1sn1c··. TION,"- '§ 1-103.JURAT CERTIFICATEOREGON STATEcoUNTY oFOnMlLlm/lWlcvhJ OJ\l\Al14 &Y 1 - ()13}before me,- 10,, ,, W ' jJA -- tl ---' a Notary Public, personally appeared \ l- \; c\ W Clnt!:. [email protected] r--------who provedto me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person(s) whoseNames(s) is/ are subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged toMe that he/she/they execnted the same in his/their/her authorized capacity(ies),And that by his/their/her autograph(s) on the instrument the person(s) acted, executed,the instrument. I certify under PENALTY OF PERJURY under the laws of Oregon Statethat the foregoing paragraph is true and correct.


Case 3:16-cr-00051-BRDocument 2433Filed 01/25/18Page 5 of 31"LETc.'4" 1.lf l-J'"iF' 1"lr.?. .,: "n1--o ·P.J .). iU .-., , , .,I .!.UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTDISTRICT OF OREGONUNITED STATES OF AMERICA CASE NO 3:16-cr-00051- vs.JAKE EDWARDS RYAN,; jake family ryan - A Living Soul, as Sui JurisNOTICE TO ALLAFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH and REPUDIATIONBe it known to all who call themselves "government," their "courts," agents, and otherparties, i.e. debt collectors, that I, a living soul, . am a free born sovereign individuai,without subjects. I, am neither subject to any entity anywhere, nor is any entity sub jectto me. I, neither dominate anyone, nor am I, dominated. I, choose to be left alone to liveout my days in peace on the "Land" and under the jurisdiction of God.I, am not a "person" as defined in "Rules" "Codes" and "statutes" when such definitionincludes any such "artificial entities." I, refuse to be treated as a "federally" or "state"created fictional entity which is only capable of exercising certain limited rights,privileges, or immunities as specifically "granted" by "federal", or "state'', "county" or"city" or any other "governments" of any kind.

Case 3:16-cr-00051-BRDocument 2433Filed 01/25/18Page 6 of 31I, live my life by the laws of God and as such "I, love my neighbor" and "I, do no harm",I, may voluntarily by my own desire, choose to comply with the "laws" which othersattempt to impose upon me, but no such "laws," derived by man and at the whims ofpoliticians, nor their "enforcers," have any authority over me. I, am not in any"jurisdiction," but my own, for I am not of either "subject" nor "citizen" status.Unless I have, willfully harmed or violated someone or someone's property without theirconsent, I have not committed any crime, and am therefore not subject to any penalty.Where there is No victim, there is No crime. An entity is not ever a victim, nor is itpossible for it to be a victim, as there is no life blood nor a living souLThus, be it known to all, that I, reserve my natural right not to be compelled to performunder any "contract" that I did not enter into knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally,Furthermore, I do not, accept the "liability" associated with the compelled debt and/orpretended "benefit" of any hidden or unrevealed "contract" or "commercial agreement"As such, the hidden or unrevealed "contracts" that supposedly create "obligations" toperform, for persons of subject status, are inapplicable to me, and are null and void. If Ihave, participated in any of the supposed "debts" or "benefits" associated with thesehidden "contracts," I have done so under duress, and as a victim of fraud, for lack of anyother practical alternative. Having just recently learned of the fraud created upon mybirth by the acts of the UNITED STATES Government

Case 3:16-cr-00051-BRDocument 2433Filed 01/25/18Page 7 of 31I may, have received such "benefits" but I have not, accepted them in any manner thatbinds me to anything.Any such participation does not constitute "acceptance," because of the absence of fulldisclosure of any valid offer, and voluntary consent without misrepresentation orcoercion.Without a valid voluntary offer and acceptance, knowingly entered into by both parties,With complete and full disclosure and that may have been made under the duress ofpain or injury or sickness there is no "meeting of the minds or of the souls," andtherefore there is no valid contract. Any supposed "contract" is therefore void from thebeginning. And, is Fraud. As is any perceived debts acquired there from.From my age of consent 18, to the date affixed below I have never signed a contractknowingly, willingly, intelligently, voluntarily, and intentionally whereby I have waivedany of my natural inherent rights. Furthermore, take notice; that I revoke, cancel, andmake void from the beginning my signature on any and all "contracts," "agreements,""forms," or any "instrument" which may be construed in any way to give any agency ordepartment of any "government" any "authority," "venue," or "jurisdiction" over me.Typical examples of such compelled and pretended "benefits" are:1. "Birth Certificate": No issuance of (a) Birth certificate or berth registration printedupon any "bond paper", Whether federally by the UNITED STATES or by the

Case 3:16-cr-00051-BRDocument 2433Filed 01/25/18Page 8 of 31"State/STATES of ANY and ALL. " or any agency or subsidiary thereof havingtaken place prior to and before the age of my maturity shall thus constitute a contractHaving given no consent or meeting of "the mind and soul" under full and honestdisclosure of the meaning of said contract and any use thereof for investment orinsurance purposes constitutes fraud, and trespass upon myself. This is constructivefraud, Unlawful Conversion, barratry, press ganging, Peonage, and other felonies.And neither shall (b) the "SSI" #or Subservient Slave Identity number as stated above .Having also such taken place prior to age of maturity.2. The use of a national fiat currency to discharge my debts: I have used these onlybecause there is no other widely recognized currency. The removal of such legal moneyand the institution of Tender that never has the ability to discharge a debt, but to tenderit to a future date is both a travesty and an immoral act of government3. The use of a bank account: If there is any hidden "contract" behind an account, mysignature therewith gives no validity to it The signature is only for verification of identity.I cannot be obligated to fulfill any hidden or unrevealed "contract" whatsoever, due tothe absence of full disclosure and voluntary consentLikewise, my use of the bank account is due to the absence of an alternative. To notuse any bank at all is very difficult and impractical. I shall no longer sign/signatureanything, if my name is put forth by me on paper it shall be as my Autograph only,without prejudice and without recourse under UCC 1-308.

Case 3:16-cr-00051-BRDocument 2433Filed 01/25/18Page 9 of 314. The use of a "driver's license": The Right to TRAVEL by private conveyance forprivate purposes upon the Common way can NOT BE INFRINGED. No license orpermission is required for TRAVEL when such TRAVEL IS NOT for the purpose of[COMMERCIAL] PROFIT OR GAIN on the open highways operating under license INCOMMERCE. However, if I am stopped for any reason and found to be without a"license," it is likely I would be unduly harassed and penalized. Therefore, under duress,I may carry a "license" only to avoid extreme inconvenience.5. "State plates" on my car: Similarly, if I have "registered" my car with the "state" andcarry the "state plates" on it, I have done so only because to have any other "plates" orno "plates" at all, causes me to run the risk of "police officer" harassment and threat ofviolence against my peaceful self and extreme inconvenience of self-having to trainthose that should already know, who "just are doing their job" and not thinking for themself.6. The use of a "passport": There is no real need for me to have a "passport" (or otherassociated "permits," "visas," etc.) to travel. I have the right to travel without hindrance,wherever, however, and whenever I wish, so long as I do not encroach upon the privateproperty of others. Though without a "passport," my right to travel is unduly hindered.Therefore, under duress, I only use a "passport" to prevent extreme inconvenience andto ensure that I can travel from one "country" to another at all.

Case 3:16-cr-00051-BRDocument 2433Filed 01/25/18Page 10 of 317. Past "filing" of "tax returns": Because such "tax returns" were "filed" under threat,duress, and coercion, and no two-way contract was ever signed with full disclosure,there is nothing in any past "filing" of "tax returns" or payments that created any validcontract. Therefore, no obligation on my part was ever created.8. Past "enrollment" and "voting": Similarly, since no obligation to perform in any mannerwas ever revealed in print, as part of the "requirements" for the supposed "privilege" to"enroll" and to "vote," any such "enrollment" or "voting" does not oblige me to doanything, nor grant any "jurisdiction" over me to anyone.9. "Citizenship": Any document I may have ever signed, in which I answered "yes" to thequestion, "Are you a United States citizen?"-. cannot be used to compromise mystatus as a sovereign, nor obligate me to perform in any manner. This is becausewithout full written disclosure of the definition and consequences of such supposed"citizenship," provided in a document bearing my signature given freely withoutmisrepresentation or coercion, there can be no binding contract.I was brainwashed through government propaganda in a Government controlled schoolsystem that under threat of force I was made to attend. Being a US Citizen was taughtas if it's a privilege and patriotism through a pledge of allegiance daily was perverted tothat end. This was gross fraud, Press ganging, unlawful conversion, on a grandee'sscale therefore having recently learned of this fraud, I, Declare that;

Case 3:16-cr-00051-BRDocument 2