Note: Some texts and conceptual content herein are derived from, and shared by Paul Savage El and from other sources. Thesame was conjoined and edited for this presentment and offered for assisting in informational, logistical, and Lawful AnalysisbyTaj Tarik Bey.REVERSIONERI make no claim with respect to the title (name / nom de guerre is a title) and Isurrender and assign any and all ‘Reversionary Interest’ to the united states andsubsidiaries for full ‘Acquittance Discharge Settlement’ and closure of my relianceTitle 12 USC 95a, part 2; and I assume no liability and do not consent to stand as‘Surety’ for any point, moment in time.The above affirmative statement (in concept or relative content) made by aconscious Asserter, may be used to ‘Rebut’ an injurious or wrongfulassumption made by another, or to ‘Revert’ one’s rightful Legal Position,Status, (Estate) and Standing; especially when put into an unconscionably assumed position of obligatory ‘Debt’ or ‘Subjection’ as imposed by ‘personsdoing business as the foreign, Corporate United States, or by any other foreignperson, agent, or agency. A Reversioner (in Law) is one who has a Reversion orright to receive an ‘ Estate in Reversion’. Reversion is derived from the OldMoorish Latin word, reversion, derived from reversus. See Reverse. Also seeRevert which means “to go back in action, thought, speech, et cetera” toreturn, as to a former practice, opinion, state, or subject; or as in Law, to goback to a former owner or his heirs. Think of this as in the nature of‘Restitution’ or in an action bringing about the return or the giving back ofsome property; some Estate; or in general, the giving back to the rightfulOwner or Heir of something that has been lost or taken away; as in the word,‘Restore’.For Example. . . . . . :In the case of United States vs. Arjona, 120 U.S. 479 (1887), the Supreme Courtheld that Congress had the authority under the ‘Define and Punish Clause’ todeclare that “the counterfeiting within the United States of the ‘Notes’ of a foreignbank or corporation” was “an offense against the law of nations,” id. At 482-83,reasoning that “if the thing made punishable is1

one which the United States are required by their international obligations to use due diligence toprevent, it is an offense against the law of nations.” 488. This Court has also recognizedthat the ‘Define and Punish Clause’ “authorizes Congress to derive from the often broadlyphrased principles of international law a more precise code necessary to bring the UnitedStates into compliance with rules governing the international community.” Finzer, 798 F.2d at1455. In a series of tribunal decisions, treaties, and other authoritative pronouncements, theinternational community has made it plain that directly facilitating acts of terrorism and otherwar crimes cannot be tolerated.Facts, Definitions and Points for Study; Including Legal Terms or Phrases:1. Reversion or ‘Estate in Reversion’: relates to the residue of an Estate left by operation oflaw in the Grantor or his Heirs, or in the Heirs of a Testator, commencing in possession on thedetermination of a particular Estate granted or devised. Reversion also relates to any futureinterest left in a Transferor or his successor, and is a vested interest or Estate, in as much as aperson entitled to it has a fixed right to future enjoyment. The term, Reversion has two (2)meanings; first, as a designating the Estate left in the Grantor during the continuance of aparticular Estate and also the residue left in the Grantor or his Heirs after termination of aparticular Estate. It differs from a remainder in that it arises by act of law, whereas a remainder isby act of the parties. A ‘Reversion’ moreover is the remnant of the whole ‘Estate’ disposed of,after a presiding part of the same has been given away.2. Revert: means ‘to turn back, to return to’. With respect to property, ‘Revert’ means to goback to and lodge in the former owner, who parted with it by creating Estate in another whichhas expired, or to his Heirs. In a loose way, ‘Revert to’ is sometimes used in a ‘Will’ as the2

equivalent of “go to” and, where the language of a ‘Will’ so indicates, it will be construed asused to designate the person to whom the Testator wished the land to be given.3. Reverter: In the event of a Reversion, a possibility of Reverter is that a species of‘Reversionary Interest’ which exists when the Grant is so limited that it may possibly terminate.4. Reversionary Interest: Relates to the ‘Interest’ which a person has in the ‘Reversion’ oflands or other property. Such is the right to the future enjoyment of property, at present in thepossession or occupation of another.5. Reversio: The returning of land to the ‘Donor’.6. Name: Is the designation of an individual person, or a firm or corporation. This is takenwith the consideration that legally, the word, person also means, corporation. A person’s“name” consists of one or more [Christian] or given names and one surname or family name.Name is the distinctive characterization in words by which one is known and distinguished fromothers, and description, or an abbreviation, is not the equivalent of a “name”.7. Grantor: Is the person by whom a grant is made.8. Grant: means, “to bestow, to confer”. Grant is a generic term applicable to all transfers ofreal property; including transfers by operation of law as well as voluntary transfers.9. Grantee: One to whom a Grant is made.10. American: noun “An Aboriginal or one of the various copper – colored natives found onthe American Continent by the Europeans; the original application of the name”. – Webster’s1828 American Dictionary of the English Language; and 1936 – Webster’s UnabridgedDictionary.3

11. Hypothecate: To claim, to confiscate, to steal, or to garner (by fiat authority or arbitrary)the possessions or property of another, without actually possessing it; to pledge the property ofsomeone to another as ‘Security’ without transferring possession or title.12. Status: Is the standing, the state, or the condition of the person; it relates to the legalrelation of the individual to the rest of the community. Status relates to the rights, the duties, thecapacities, and to the incapacities which determine a person to a given class. It is a legalpersonal relationship, not temporary in its nature, nor terminable at the mere will of the parties,with which third parties and the state are concerned. And while the term, ‘Status’ impliesrelation it is not a mere relation. Status also means, Estate, because ‘Status’ signifies thecondition or the circumstances in which one stands with regard to his property.13. Estate: The interest which any one has in lands, or in any other subject or property. AnEstate in lands, tenements, and hereditaments signifies such interest as the Tenant has therein. Inthis sense, “Estate” is constantly used in conveyances in connection with the words “right,”“title,” and “interest,” and is, in a great degree, synonymous with all of them.14. International Law: relates to the rules and obligations, generally observed and regardedas binding in the relations of and between nations.15. Testator: is the past participle of testari and relates to Testament. A Testator is thus aperson who has made a ‘Will’. This is of particular interest when referencing one who has diedand has left a valid ‘Will’.16. Tenant: is derived from the Old Moorish Latin word, tenere which means “to hold”. ATenant is a person who pays rent to occupy or to use land, a building, et cetera; a person whopossesses lands, et cetera, by any kind of title.4

In the process of reviewing and studying the applicable use of the word, Reversioner, one isadvised to thoroughly study and review House Joint Resolution (HJR) 192, 73rd Congress inSession June 5th 1933, which can be intellectually understood as an Act of Misprision andTreason committed under a “Color – of – Authority”; establishing a “Color – of – Law”; andimposed under a “Color – of – Office” by virtue of “Constitutional Blasphemy”. See U.S.Bankruptcy speech made by Representative of Ohio, James Traficant. For reference, the text ofhis speech on the floor of the House of Representatives for the United States is presented forone’s examination, dissection, and legal analysis. Of particular note, one is advised to stronglyconsider the deceptions, debilitating misrepresentations, and the usury - oriented nature of the“Birth Certificates” as they have been, and are, used by the Administrators of the CorporateUnited States as profitable ‘Surety – Instruments’ manipulated and proffered for supporting theirspecious extortion programs; for human trafficking; and for promoting their Doctrine ofDiscovery ‘Genocide’ practices. The life and liberty - hypothecating Birth Certificate’s purposedlegal function was and is for maintaining and veiling bureaucratized servitude and Peonage; andas a negotiable instrument tool, officiously transferred as stock by disingenuous persons withunclean hands and doing business as the franchised United States ‘Corporate Entities’ and‘Corporate States’, et cetera.Also, one must be cognizant of the political, historical, and legal facts that ‘all’ United StatesCorporate Entities are actually and factually, veiled franchises of “The Roman Curia”.The Roman Curia (Curia Romana) relates to the ancient and to the present – day, fiercely –dedicated, rigidly – ruled and well - organized body of men forming ten political subdivisionsinto which the Etruscan, the Latin, and the Sabine tribes were each divided. The Curia’s meetingplace was the ‘Senate House’ at Rome. It has a judicial council or court that meets in the King’s5

name. The Roman Curia is generally recognized as the administrative body of the RomanCatholic Church, and consists of the various departments, courts, officials, and corporateentities, et cetera, functioning under the authority of the Pope.In order to put the deviant U.S. Colonial government Actors’ Papal relationship into truesocial, historical, and political perspective, also see and analyze “The Spanish Inquisition”“The Secret Treaty of Verona” “The Doctrine of Discovery” “The Christian Black Codes of1724” and the “Corpse – Person – Creating” nature of the spurious 14th Amendment (1868).These infamous historical, political, and internationally – applied ‘Papal Bullas’ and life destroying ‘Inquisition Policies’ conjoin to formulate the social and political guidance manualsdeemed for occupational government administration by and for the foreign, European Colonialoperations and operators. As doctrinaire, these cleverly comprise the rigid root structure of theircorporate - model focus and Modus Operandi. The same are initiated against all Asiatic /African / Aboriginal and Indigenous natural peoples of the earth. These foresaid Papal Dictumsof the Roman Bishopric and Curia (but not limited to them) are expediently supported in thewestern hemisphere by the spurious creation of the 14th Amendment of 1868 and strengthenedby its regulatory and purposefully damnable constructs of their utilitarian “Man – of – Straw”‘Nom de Guerre’ or ‘Straw-man’ instruments and quasi-legal actions.The 14th Amendment marriage to these foresaid Papal Doctrines, (enhanced by Ens Legisdeviations) revealed telling inter-social truths and facts about social – engineering putridity, andshould never be ignored nor minimized. These tools (and other constructs having or possessingrelated character) comprise the true and sometimes concealed nature and Mission of thepolitical, socio-economic, and war agendas of the occupying European Colonists. Theseentrenched Papal Dictums formulated subjugation - guidelines and are referenced for6

determining social – engineering practices and propaganda tools of the Corporate Actors /Persons doing business as the United States Corporation Company; by their agencies; by theiragents; and / or by their hired employees, personnel, contractors, and by other contractedoperatives.With their Inquisition – Colonial Mission well – entrenched at North America, the DeputyKnights for the Pope began to be more blatant, confident, open and arrogant in demonstratingtheir true allegiances and supports for the Inquisition Mission at North America / Al Moroc.While other destructive and pestiferous acts committed by other men preceded them (rife withvarious measures of Misprision), for the moment, we will refer the readers to critique therepugnant activities of [President] Woodrow Wilson, backed by his Administration and the rogueCongress doing business during his tenure. With obvious and timely collusion, note the laterassociated acts committed by [President] Franklin Delano Roosevelt, his Administration, and arogue Congress that backed his treasonous activities. In some ways, (and not to minimize theacts of Woodrow Wilson) we can look at Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his Administration’stenure as the Inquisition Deputy Knights’ coming out of the closet party. Some of the revelationsmade via House Joint Resolution 192, 73rd Congress in Session, June 5th 1933 were anindicator. Review James Traficant’s revealing speech on the House floor.* * * * * * * * *James Anthony Traficant, Jr. (born May 8, 1941) is a former Democratic Representative in theUnited States Congress from Ohio (from 1985 to 2002). He represented the 17th CongressionalDistrict, which centered on the areas of his hometown of Youngstown and included parts of threecounties in northeast Ohio’s Mahoning Valley. He was expelled [from Congress] after beingconvicted of taking bribes, filing false tax returns, racketeering, and forcing his aides to performchores at his farm in Ohio and on his houseboat in Washington, D.C. , and was released from prisonon September 2, 2009, after serving a seven-year sentence.”I don’t know the details or the actual political timing concerning Mr. Traficant’s conviction in A.D.2002, but if the criminal allegations against him were in fac