‘We may have reached100 million guidebooks,but Lonely Planet todayis also 100 millionshared travel stories’Tony WheelerWay back in 1973, Lonely Planet was born whenh our original guidebook sold 1500 copiesin the first week. Fast forward to 2010, and our 100 millionth guide has rolled off the press – a copy ofour current bestseller Australia. But this milestone is not just about us; it’s also about the travellerswho have enthusiastically shared their experiences and helped others along the way. 100 million booksis really just shorthand for the next million stories we hope to inspire, hear and share. What’s your story?AUSTRALIA (HEAD OFFICE)90 Maribyrnong Street, Footscray,Victoria 3011Tel: (03) 8379 8000Fax: (03) 8379 [email protected] on FSC certified paper0-Cover.indd 2-3UK2nd Floor 186 City Road,London, EC1V 2NTTel: (020) 7106 2100Fax: (020) 7106 [email protected] Linden Street, Oakland,CA 94607Tel: (510) 250 6400Fax: (510) 893 [email protected] Jalan Pisang,Singapore, 199077Tel: 6 292 5080Fax: 6 292 4363L O N E LY P L A N E T ’ SCOMPLETECATALOGUESEPTEMBER 2010 – FEBRUARY 201115/03/2010 10:13:23 AM

New Titles & Editions by MonthSEPTEMBER 2010DECEMBER 2010Bangkok 9Cancun, Cozumel & the Yucatan 5Dubai 6Europe Book, The (Paperback) 1Mandarin Phrasebook 7Mexico 12New Zealand 15Oman UAE & the Arabian Peninsula 3Tony Wheeler’s Badlands 2Travel Book, The 2USA’s Best Trips 1Vietnamese Phrasebook 5Brazil 8Cancun & the Yucatan Encounter 1Discover Costa Rica 1Laos 7Las Vegas Encounter 3New York Encounter 3Vienna Encounter 1OCTOBER 2010Central America 7Central Asia 5Costa Rica 9Costa Rican Spanish Phrasebook 3Croatian Phrasebook 2Florence Encounter 2Guatemala 4Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2011 (Aus release Nov 10)New Zealand’s North Island 1New Zealand’s South Island 2Panama 5Rome Encounter 2NOVEMBER 2010Amsterdam Encounter 2Bali Encounter 2Barcelona 7Discover New Zealand 1Dublin 8Madrid 6Mauritius Reunion & Seychelles 7Prague 9Rio de Janeiro 7Singapore Encounter 2Venice Encounter 2Vienna 60-Cover.indd 4-5JANUARY 2011Arizona 2Devon Cornwall & Southwest England 2Edinburgh Encounter 2New York New Jersey & Pennsylvania 3Paris 8Sicily 5Texas 3Wales 4ACTIVITYPHRASEBOOK Each title contains 50 to 70 shorttrip itineraries Covers the must-see sights andactivities as well as unique orniche experiences through localand expert recommendations Complementary guides fortravellers with specific activityinterests Includes: Walking guides, Cyclingguides, Diving &Snorkeling guidesand National Park guides Written by experts in the fieldwho also have local knowledge Introduces English in different All the basic language needed for Essential language for a short trip Comprehensive pocket-sizedlanguage guide to maximise your parts of the world, by showing the short trips to multiple destinations or weekend awayunique culture and humour behindtravel experiencecommon – and not so common Useful section breakdown– expressionsinto key areas – food, health,accommodation, going out 197mm x 128mmFEBRUARY 2011Berlin 7Chicago 6French Phrasebook 4German Phrasebook 4Istanbul Encounter 3Italian Phrasebook 4Seattle 5Spanish Phrasebook 4Vancouver 5Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks 2ENGLISH LANGUAGE& CULTUREUS TRIPS 140mm x 92mm Primarily aimed at a domesticUS audience All ages, all budgets Activity seekers who travel toplaces to follow their passion and Travellers who want to interactwant to maximise their experience with the locals to maximise theirtravel experience Language students Trip itineraries are split bygeography but also categorisedby theme (eg Route, Food & Drink,Outdoors, History & Culture,Offbeat and City) Includes trips sourced fromexperts in their field Contains a 24-page colour section Detailed maps dedicated to theactivity Planning sections to best preparetravellers Inspirational photography specificto the activity Unlike traditional guidebooks,Trips titles are narrative driven,like feature-style magazinearticles, which pull togetherpoints of interest Ideal companion product for those Essential companion product forwho strive for unique experiences all travellers to help them get themost out of their travelsin their trip The most extensive two-waydictionary and culinary readeravailable in a phrasebook Easy-to-navigate colour sections Full-colour text throughout User-friendly sentence builder andeasy-to-use pronunciation guide*Also available are phrasebookswith audio CD – helping travellerswith pronunciation and inflectionSMALLTALKFAST TALK 140mm x 92mm 145mm x 80mm 128mm x 92mm Anyone wanting a fun andinformative introduction to theEnglishes of the world – visitors,students, also great to readat home or on the way to adestination City-break travellers to a region Short-break traveller needing aquick guide to the essentials Features sections on local andregional languages Full colour throughout Glossary for quick and easyvocabulary access Detailed maps Full-colour text throughout Easy navigation via cover flaps Festivals and Public Holidaysection Two-colour text throughout Top sights, day trips, eateries andhot-spot shops for destinationAlso availableTRAVEL REFERENCE PICTORIALSTRAVEL LITERATUREAn eclectic array of definitiveA popular range of pictorialsEntertaining travel writingtravel resources and inspirational that showcase some of the best featuring some of the world’sarmchair guidesphotographs taken around thebest travel writersglobe from Lonely Planet Images15/03/2010 10:14:02 AM

ContentsSeptember 2010 – February 2011NEW TITLES & NEW EDITIONSCountry &Multi-Country Guides4City Guides6Encounter Guides8Regional Guides10Shoestring Guides11US Trips11Phrasebooks12Travel Reference13How To GuidesCOMPLETE LIST1613GuidebooksCountry &Multi-Country GuidesRegional GuidesShoestring GuidesCity GuidesEncounter GuidesUS TripsPictorials13Discover Guides32Travel Literature14National Parks14Discover Guides32Language ProductsPhrasebooksFast TalkPhrasebook &Audio CDLanguage & CultureSmall Talk333336Activity GuidesNational ParksHealthy TravelWatching WildlifeWalkingCycling GuidesDiving & Snorkeling38383838393940Travel ReferenceHow To Guides4143Gift BooksCalendarPictorials414142Travel Literature441-Prelims.indd 1373737INDEXESGuides by Region56Guides by Destination59Index6912/03/2010 4:23:17 PM

IndexINDEXESFlorida . 21France . 21France (Cycling) . 39France (Discover) . 32French (Fast Talk) . 36French Phrasebook . 12, 34French Phrasebook & Audio CD . 37GGeorgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan . 21German (Fast Talk) . 36German Phrasebook . 12, 34Germany . 21Germany (Discover) . 32Goa Beaches Encounter . 21Goa & Mumbai . 21Grand Canyon National Park . 38Great Britain . 21Great Britain (Discover) . 32Greece . 21Greece (Discover) . 32Greek Islands . 21Greek Phrasebook . 34Guatemala .4, 21HHanoi & Halong Bay Encounter . 21Havana . 21Hawaii . 21Hawai’i: The Big Island . 21Healthy Travel – Africa . 38Healthy Travel – Asia & India . 38Healthy Travel – Central& South America . 38‘At last, someone has made the perfect travel guide for me.’ILao Phrasebook . 35Middle East Phrasebook . 35Laos .4, 23Milan Encounter . 24Iceland . 22India . 22India: Essential Encounters . 42India Phrasebook . 34Indian English Language & Culture . 37Indonesia . 22Indonesian Phrasebook . 34Iran . 22Ireland . 22Ireland (Discover) . 32Ireland (Hiking) . 39Irish Language & Culture . 37Israel & the Palestinian Territories . 22İstanbul . 22İstanbul Encounter .9, 22Italian (Fast Talk) . 36Italian Phrasebook . 12, 34Italian Phrasebook & Audio CD . 37Italy . 22Italy (Cycling) . 39Italy (Discover) . 32Italy (Hiking) . 39Las Vegas . 23Mongolia . 24Las Vegas Encounter .9, 23Mongolian Phrasebook . 35Latin American Spanish Phrasebook . 35Montenegro . 25Libya . 23Montréal & Québec City . 25Lisbon Encounter . 23Montréal & Québec City Encounter . 25London . 23Moroccan Arabic Phrasebook . 35London Encounter . 23Morocco . 25Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips . 41Moscow . 25Lonely Planet’sBest in Travel 2011 . 13, 41Mozambique . 25Lonely Planet’sGuide to Travel Photography . 43My ‘Dam Life . 45Lonely Planet’sGuide to Travel Writing . 43Lonely Planet.On the Edge:Adventurous Escapadesfrom Around the World . 45NNapa & Sonoma Encounter . 25Naples & the Amalfi Coast . 25Nepal . 25Los Angeles Encounter . 23Nepal (Pictorial) . 42Los Angeles & Southern California . 23Nepali Phrasebook . 35Lost Japan . 45New England . 25Love & War in the Apennines . 45New England Trips . 25JMNew Orleans . 25Jamaica . 22Japan . 22Japan (Discover) . 32Japan (Hiking) . 39Japanese Phrasebook . 34Japanese Phrasebook & Audio CD . 37Jaywalking with the Irish . 44Jordan . 22Madagascar & Comoros . 23New York City . 25New Orleans Encounter . 25Madrid .7, 24New York Encounter .9, 25Madrid Encounter . 24New York, New Jersey& Pennsylvania . 10, 26Maldives . 24New York, Washington DC& the Mid-Atlantic Trips . 26Mallorca . 24New Zealand .5, 26Malta & Gozo . 24New Zealand (Cycling) . 39Mandarin Phrasebook . 12, 35New Zealand (Discover) . 32Mandarin Phrasebook & Audio CD . 37New Zealand (Tramping) . 39Kaua’i . 22Kenya . 23Kiwi Tracks: A New Zealand Journey . 45Korea . 23Korean Phrasebook . 34Ko Samui Encounter .