This is Oshkosh Defense.At Oshkosh Defense, we stand behind those who dedicate their lives to protecting others.As an industry-leading tactical vehicle manufacturer, every day we strive to meet orexceed our customers’ ever-changing needs with next-generation defense technologiesand advanced systems. We operate with unparalleled commitment to those who dependon our products and services worldwide to perform their missions and return home safely.

VEHICLE PLATFORMSLIGHT TACTICAL VEHICLESOshkosh Defense light tactical vehicles are the next-generation combatvehicles for the armed forces. Whether for command and control, troopand cargo transport, towed weapons movement, or as weapons platforms,Oshkosh light tactical vehicles perform for today’s modern battlefields.Over all types of terrain and weather, Oshkosh light tactical vehicles offerthe mobility, transportability, and survivability critical to mission successwhile providing the necessary technological edge to compete with anddefeat the most advanced adversaries.JLTVJOINT LIGHT TACTICAL VEHICLE Close Combat WeaponsCarrier (CCWC) General Purpose (GP) Heavy Guns Carrier (HGC) Trailer Utility (UTL)L-ATVLIGHT COMBAT TACTICAL ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE Ambulance Command and Control (C2) Troop Carrier

VEHICLE PLATFORMSMEDIUM TACTICAL VEHICLESOshkosh Defense medium tactical vehicles and vehicle systems have the power, versatility,mobility, and performance the armed forces rely on. For general resupply, ammunition resupply,maintenance and recovery, engineer support missions, troop transport, weapon systemsplatforms and combat support in every environment, Oshkosh medium tactical vehicles offer thereliability, operational readiness and performance characteristics needed to take on any mission.FMTV A2FAMILY OF MEDIUM TACTICAL VEHICLES4x4 2.5-ton Van 3-ton Cargo 3-ton Chassis6x6 2.5-ton Expansible Van 8-ton Cargo 8.8-ton Loading HandlingSystem (LHS) 8-ton Cargo with Material HandlingEquipment (MHE) 10-ton Chassis 8-ton Chassis 10-ton Dump with Winch 8-ton Long Cargo 12.5-ton Tractor 8-ton Long Chassis Wrecker with Winch 10-ton Dump 8-ton Long Wheel Base (LWB) withMaterial Handling Equipment (MHE)FMTVFAMILY OF MEDIUM TACTICAL VEHICLES 2.5-ton Cargo 5-ton Long Cargo 2.5-ton Chassis 5-ton Long Chassis 2.5-ton Van 5-ton Long Wheel Base(LWB) with MaterialHandling Equipment (MHE) 2.5-ton Van with Winch 5-ton Cargo 5-ton Cargo with Material HandlingEquipment (MHE) 8.8-ton Loading HandlingSystem (LHS) 10-ton Chassis 5-ton Cargo with Material Handling 10-ton DumpEquipment (MHE) with Winch 10-ton Dump with Winch 5-ton Cargo with Winch 5-ton Chassis 12.5-ton Tractor 5-ton Expansible Van Wrecker with WinchMTVRMEDIUM TACTICAL VEHICLE REPLACEMENT 4x4 Short Bed Cargo 6x6 9-ton Loading HandlingSystem (LHS) HIMARS ResupplyVehicle Standard Cargo Truck Dump Truck Tractor Extended Cargo Truck Wrecker

VEHICLE PLATFORMSHEAVY TACTICAL VEHICLESIn today’s evolving battlefield, the need for heavy tactical vehicles to keep pace—with the terrain, environments, threats, demands and troops—is critical to missionsuccess. Every Oshkosh Defense heavy tactical vehicle transforms the face ofmission-critical equipment transportation and combat support for military personnel.HEMTT A4HEAVY EXPANDED MOBILITY TACTICAL TRUCK Cargo Truck Cargo/Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Resupply Guided Missile Transporter (GMT) Light Equipment Transporter (LET) Loading Handling System (LHS) Patriot Tractor Recovery Truck TankerHETHEAVY EQUIPMENT TRANSPORTER A1 Global M1300PLSPALLETIZED LOAD SYSTEM A1 TrailerLVSRLOGISTICS VEHICLE SYSTEM REPLACEMENT Cargo Vehicle Tractor WreckerWHEELED TANKER

VEHICLE PLATFORMSMINE RESISTANT AMBUSH PROTECTEDALL TERRAIN VEHICLE (M-ATV)From security operations to protected reconnaissance and hostile confrontations,the Oshkosh Defense M-ATV provides best-in-class off-road mobility, life-savingsurvivability, and mission-focused capabilities to adapt to the evolving battlefield.M-ATVMRAP ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE Assault Command Engineer Patrol Utility

VEHICLE PLATFORMSAIRCRAFT RESCUEFIRE FIGHTING (ARFF)The Oshkosh Defense P-19R Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicleintegrates combat-proven performance and advanced firefighting technology todeliver revolutionary on-road and off-road firefighting capabilities.P-19RAIRCRAFT RESCUE FIRE FIGHTING General Purpose (GP)

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIESVEHICLE AFTERMARKET AND LIFE CYCLE SERVICESOshkosh Defense collaborates with military personnel to understand and analyze the problems they face. Oshkosh thenresponds to their needs with tailored solutions that provide our troops with a technological edge.Oshkosh Defense’s Global Integrated Product Support (GIPS) provides a full range of convenient, costeffective tactical wheeled vehicle services and condition-based maintenance that ensure fleets remainprepared for the world’s most severe environments and troops remain protected against advanced threats.Oshkosh AutonomousTechnologyField Service SupportTrainingOshkosh Defense’s extensive support follows fleets fromkey military posts to the most extreme battlefields.Oshkosh Defense certified trainers guide students throughoperation and maintenance instruction to help ensure yourfleet maintains readiness.Oshkosh autonomous technology can improve situationalawareness, reducing troops’ exposure to threats such asIEDs in route-clearance and ground resupply missions,optimizing the number of troops needed for such operations.ProPulse - Hybrid DieselElectric System with Export PowerThe ProPulse hybrid diesel-electric system dramaticallyimproves fuel economy up to 20 percent and serves as anon-board generator with enough output to power an entireairfield or hospital.TAK-4 - Family ofIndependent Suspension SystemsCommand Zone - IntegratedControl and Diagnostics SystemThe Oshkosh TAK-4 family of independent suspensionsprovide any vehicle—from light tactical vehicles to heavyequipment transporters—the protection, mobility, and payloadcapacity to effectively complete demanding missions.The Command Zone integrated control and diagnosticssystem is an advanced multiplexing technology that allowsvehicle components to work together, streamlining diagnosticand troubleshooting efficiencies. Performance feedback isaccurate and reliable, reducing troubleshooting time, easiervehicle servicing and enhanced overall vehicle reliability andperformance.Featured on the Oshkosh Defense JLTV, TAK-4i intelligentindependent suspension delivers next-generation mobilitythat outmaneuvers, outlasts, and outperforms any othersuspension. This adaptable suspension can be raised andlowered to meet transportability requirements and enhancemobility using interior controls.- Field service representatives (FSR)- Service provider network (SPN)- Classroom training- Onsite trainingParts and KitsLife Cycle ManagementOshkosh Defense delivers 24/7 support with worldwideparts distribution and expert maintenance servicesanywhere the mission takes you.Beginning with vehicle delivery, on into the first miles of the mission andevery unpredictable mile to follow—when you drive Oshkosh Defensewheeled tactical vehicles, we are at the side of your entire fleet.- Parts support and delivery- Preventative maintenance checks and services (PMCS) kits- Services kits- Publications- Diagnostics and condition-based technology- Supportability analysisFleet ModernizationC4ISR and C4Systems IntegrationAfter years of powering over miles of mud, rock, androad while hauling maximum payloads, most vehiclesare ready for an overhaul. Oshkosh Defense fleetmodernization services upgrade vehicles to the latestconfiguration and quickly return them to operation inmission-ready condition.- Recapitalization solutions- RESET solutionsWhen vehicles are on the technical edge, crews can focuson the mission and engage evolving threats with confidence.Oshkosh Defense combines a proven history of world-classtactical wheeled vehicle design with extensive C4 systemsintegration capabilities; giving fleets the flexibility to expandand reconfigure components in the field eliminating cost, timeand risks associated with vehicle disassembly.- Solutions- Integration- Optimization

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