June 2005FCTV COLLABORATES WITHCAPE COD CONSERVATORYTO OFFER THE FOLLOWINGKIDS SUMMER WORKSHOPSwww.fctv.orgON CAMERA ACTING CLASS: Learn the art and craftof acting for the camera in this hands-on coaching class foryoung aspiring actors. Working in front of the camera,students “audition” and learn camera skills and techniques,how to command and be powerful on camera. InstructorJohn Swanbeck is a film and theatre director whose creditsinclude The Big Kahuna starring Kevin Spacey, DannyDevito and Peter Facinelli.This class will take place at FCTV.Limit: None Ages 12 & UpFee: 135Instructor: John Swanbeck6 weeks; July 13th – Aug.17th, Weds., 11:00am – 1:00pmRegistration for the following workshops will be held atCape Cod Conservatory on Depot Avenue in Falmouth.VIDEO & COMPUTER ANIMATION: In this course,you will make your own cartoons with a computer,synthesizer and a digital camera. Using Quick-timesoftware, you’ll learn to transfer your own drawings orphotographs into a computer, use stop-motion and othersimple editing and animation techniques, add originalmusic or sound to the finished cartoon and make your owndisc to keep and show! A showing of the movie will beheld in conjunction with the Woods Hole Film Festival andwill air on FCTV. This class will take place at FalmouthAcademy with the exception of August 2 and August 9 whichwill be held at FCTV.Limit: 8 studentsAges 10 & up Fee: 135Instructor Jean Tullius7 weeks; July 5th - Aug. 19th, Tuesdays, 3:30pm - 5:30pm7 weeks; July 5th - Aug. 19th, Thursdays, 3:30pm - 5:30pmFCTV KIDNEWS: In this class students will learn allfacets of television production. From lighting to cameraoperation, directing to hosting, audio to graphics. This classoffers real hands-on training. Students will put together anews program that will be aired on FCTV throughout thesummer. This class will take place at FCTV.Limit: 10 studentsAges 12 & up Fee: 130Instructor: David FinerTwo, 2-week sessions beginning July 11th – July 21stMonday through Thursday both weeksSession I:2:00pm – 3:30pm orSession II:3:30pm – 5:00pmFCTV KIDS SUMMERWORKSHOPRegistration for the Kids Digital Storytelling Workshopwill be held at FCTV.KIDS DIGITAL STORYTELLING WORKSHOP: Thisworkshop is for children ages 10 through 16 who want toexplore their family history and to design and produce a 3-5minute digital story about their family. This workshop willinclude hands-on training in the use of digital field cameraoperation and computer editing using Apple Computerswith a variety of digital software including iPhoto andiMovie. For more information, visit 8Fee 120 per childInstructor: Derek FratesWhen: Mon., 8/12:00pm - 5:00pmWeds., 8/32:00pm - 5:00pmMon., 8/82:00pm - 5:00pmWeds., 8/10 2:00pm - 5:00pmA special optional screening of the kid's projects takesplace on Thursday, August 11th at 2pm. This is notpart of the workshop but Parents & Students are allinvited to attend!

June 2005 - Page 2FCTV SUMMER TRAINING SCHEDULEORIENTATION: Orientation is offered once a month toall new members and is open to the public. There is noobligation to attend this one session course but it ismandatory for anyone wanting to take training or useFCTV facilities. Learn about FCTV.Limit: None Newcomers WelcomeFee: FREE Instructor: David FinerWhen: Mon., 6/67:00pm - 8:30pm orMon., 7/117:00pm - 8:30pm orMon., 8/17:00pm - 8:30pm orMon., 9/127:00pm - 8:30pmBASIC FIELD PRODUCTION: This course is designedfor anyone interested in video field production for thepurpose of creating their own public access televisionshows. There are four 2-hour sessions. This courseprovides hands-on training in the operation of Super VHS& Digital Mini-DV field camcorders and all accessories.Certification will be given upon completion of a finalproject in addition to scheduled classes.Limit: 8Fee: FREEInstructor: Derek FratesPrerequisite: Orientation & MembershipWhen: Tues. & Wed., 7/19 & 7/20 7:00pm - 9:00pm &Tues. & Wed., 7/26 & 7/27 7:00pm - 9:00pm orTues. & Wed., 8/2 & 8/3 7:00pm - 9:00pm &Tues. & Wed., 8/9 & 8/10 7:00pm - 9:00pmBASIC STUDIO PRODUCTION: This four sessioncourse is designed for individuals and organizationsinterested in creating their own “in-studio” televisionproduction as a live or taped public access show. Hands-oninstruction includes all the basic skills required to produce amulti-camera television show. This training covers cameraoperations, audio, lighting, video switching and directing.The class is completed with a final taped video projectwhich is televised on FCTV.Limit: 12Fee: FREEInstructor: David FinerPrerequisite: Orientation & MembershipWhen: Wed. & Thurs., 6/22 & 6/23 7:00pm - 9:00pm &Wed. & Thurs., 6/29 & 6/30 7:00pm - 9:00pm orWed. & Thurs., 8/17 & 8/18 7:00pm - 9:00pm &Wed. & Thurs., 8/24 & 8/25 7:00pm - 9:00pmBASIC NON-LINEAR EDITING: This one session classcovers the standard skills required for computer editing tocomplete your own public access television program.Instruction in the Apple based "I-Movie" computer editingsystems. A final editing project completes the student’scertification.Limit: 2Fee: FREEInstructor: Derek FratesPrerequisite: Orientation, Membership & Basic FieldWhen: Call to schedule an appointment.Additional sessions are available upon student request.TOWN HALL CONTROL ROOM WORKSHOP:This workshop is for anyone who wants to becomeinvolved in our community’s democratic process. Learnhow to telecast municipal meetings and serve democracy,utilizing a state of the art multi-camera remote control room.The class meets at Falmouth Town Hall in the MunicipalControl Room located adjacent to the Selectmen MeetingRoom.Limit: 2Fee: FREEInstructor: Derek FratesPrerequisite: Orientation and MembershipWhen: Mon., 6/277:00pm - 9:00pm* orMon., 7/257:00pm - 9:00pm* orMon., 8/297:00pm - 9:00pm**Start time is tentative depending on Selectmen MeetingSchedule.ADVANCED FIELD PRODUCTION: This advancedcourse in video field production utilizes multiple fieldcameras on location, using FCTV’s Remote Production Van& Remote Field Case. The course consists of two 3-hourclasses. This class simplifies the complex operations of bothtaped and live TV productions on location.Limit: 12Fee: FREEInstructor: David FinerPrerequisite: Orientation, Membership & Basic FieldWhen: Tues., & Thurs., 6/1 & 6/2 7:00pm - 9:00pmMore classes to be announced based on the schedule ofTown Band Concerts, Falmouth Commodores Games andThe Falmouth Road Race.ADVANCED AUDIO WORKSHOP: This one sessionmini-workshop was created for producers who want toimprove their audio recording skills.Limit: NoneFee: FREEInstructor: Andy DespresPrerequisite: Orientation, Membership & Basic Field orBasic Studio.When: Wed., 6/17:00pm - 9:00pm orWed., 7/187:00pm - 9:00pm orWed., 7/317:00pm - 9:00pmADVANCED NON-LINEAR EDITING: This two2-hour course trains students in the Advanced Apple BasedFinal Cut Pro Non-Linear editing system. This systemutilizes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and AdobeAfter Effects.Limit: 2Fee: FREEInstructor: TBAPrerequisite: Orientation, Membership & Basic FieldWhen: Call to schedule an appointment.Additional sessions are available upon student request.CANON GL-series DIGITAL CAMERA WORKSHOP:This one 2-hour workshop is for FCTV members who areALREADY certified in Basic Field Production but may beunfamiliar in the use of FCTV’s newest, most high-tech,digital cameras.Limit: NoneFee: FREEInstructor: David FinerPrerequisite: Orientation, Membership & Basic FieldWhen: Call David to schedule an appointment.Additional sessions are available upon student request.

June 2005 - Page 3PROGRAMMING NOTESMoving HouseProduced by Dick BatchelorDon’t miss this documentary about the highlypublicized and debated McLaughlin house move.The Silent KillerProduced by Fred GitlitzFred shows us highlights about a killer epidemic thathistory seems to have forgotten about.Falmouth Home and GardenProduced by Bob HinrichsThis series is back for another season with home andgarden tips from area experts.Model BoatsProduced by Pucky RoslanskyThis year's coverage of the Model Boat Show fromWoods Hole.Totally TriviaProduced by John PiatelliHave you been playing? Be sure to tune in onMonday nights for the live call in trivia show. Thinkyou might know the answer? Don’t be shy, call508-457-1604 and you just might win a prize!RobinsProduced by Vasco PiresWatch as a family of robins grow and start out ontheir own.The Solstice SingersProduced by Dick BatchelorThe newest concert in this series of renaissance music entitled "Miri it is."Report from Beacon HillProduced by Yang ConleyThe third installment of this series includesinterviews and discussions of topics related to what'shappening at the State House.PRODUCTIONS NEEDING CREWCommodores Baseball GamesTown Band Concerts4th of July Bike ParadeFalmouth Road RaceIf you are interested in producing or are looking tohelp out as a crew member for any of theseproductions, call David Finer for more informationat 508-457-0800.THE CROW FLIES THE COUPAs soon as I began to feel like Falmouth was home,fate offered up a new challenge and a new adventure.There are so many great members here at FCTV, Iunfortunately could not possibly tell everyoneindividually. So here it goes if you don’t alreadyknow.I am the new Access Coordinator at CambridgeCommunity Television located right off of CentralSquare. I will be coordinating the education programas well as developing curriculum and new projects. Iplan on continuing some of the public policy work Ibegan here at FCTV as well as continuing myinvolvement in the “Digital Bicycle,” a digitaldistribution program that will create a Public AccessNational Network. Visit www.cctvcambridge.orgfor more information on the station.My fiancé, Lisa and I will be getting married onSeptember 10th in Grand Haven Michigan, theFalmouth of the Midwest. Boston will present usboth with a myriad of new and excitingopportunities.Thank you so much for all the wonderful memories.FCTV has a wonderful membership and great staff.I will miss you all very much.Signing off for now- Jason Crow FCTV Info On Line:Web Site: www.fctv.orgTo receive weekly programming & other FCTVinformation via our ENews email, send an emailincluding your email address to [email protected]

June 2005 - Page 4ORGANIZEDCONFUSIONIs the summer already here?It really seems like we wereall just at the Nimrod for theDecember Holiday Party andI was still being introducedto members and volunteersas the "new guy." How time has flown by! So as Isaid it seems that summer is already upon us. Wehave many exciting things happening over the nextcouple of months and I want to explain a couple ofthose things right now . . .In conjunction with the Cape Cod Conservatory, weare going to be offering special workshops to thekids of the Falmouth Community this summer. Mostof the workshops will be held inside the friendlyconfines of the FCTV World Headquarters and willbe starting up in July. Video & ComputerAnimation will be taught by Jean Tillius andstudents will be taught how to make cartoons with acomputer, synthesizer, and a digital camera. FCTVKidNews will be taught by yours truly where thekids will learn how to put together a news programfrom soup-to-nuts. Once finished, the program willair on FCTV throughout the remainder of thesummer. Do you have an aspiring actor or performeron your hands? The On Camera Acting Class,taught by John Swanbeck, will teach your childrenhow to "audition" and perform on camera. Checkout the front page of this newsletter and the FCTVWebsite for exact dates and times of these classesand remember that registration is being held at CapeCod Conservatory on Depot Avenue in Falmouth.In addition to those classes, FCTV will once again beoffering the Digital Storytelling Workshop. It isfor children ages 10-16 and it teaches them how tomake a three-to-five minute digital story about theirfamily, using the digital field cameras, i-Photo,i-Movie. The class will be held from August 1st,through the 10th starting at 2pm. A specialscreening of the of the kid's projects will take placeon August 11th at 2pm. All parents and students areencouraged to attend. Registration for this class willbe held here at FCTV.We are going to be looking for crew throughout thesummer on various productions. Since it's summer,you know that we're looking for help at the FalmouthCommodores games across the street as well as theband concerts. We're not completely sure of all thedetails at press time, but check your weekly Enewsfor updates as they become available. Since theweather is warming up, more and more people willbe requesting use of the production van. Justremember, if you've been certified in basic field,basic studio, and advanced field, then you can workon the crew for a van shoot. Speaking of summershoots, we're looking for someone that might beinterested in shooting the annual 4th of July BikeParade here in town. Call me here at the office ifyou're interested.Sundays, for the most part, are quite slow here at theoffice. I open the doors at 2pm and close at 10pm.If you're looking to get that show done, want some"quiet time" to do some editing, need a refresher onhow to use a camera, or just want to come in andhang out (as long as the Sox aren't on - ask ValerieDouglas about that), then come on down. I havebeen here almost eight months and I think that thestudio has been used less than a handful of times onSundays. So what are you waiting for? Call us andbook some time on a Sunday. I would LOVE thecompany!Finally, it comes with great sadness that we bid afond farewell to Production Coordinator JasonCrow. As you probably have heard at this point, mypartner-in-crime will be taking a position atCambridge Community Television in June. I know Ihave only been here a short time, but I have seen theeffect that Jason has had on the members and staffhere. His enthusiasm and energy for the job isinfectious and I want to wish him the best of luck inthe BIG city. Good luck, my friend, and I want y