English in Action Workbook 1 Answer KeyUnit 1: Hello1.Answers will / dd /ee / ff / gg / hh /ii / jj / kk / ll /mm / nn / oo / pp /qq / rr / ss / tt /uu / vv / ww / xx /yy / zz3.1. seven students2. five students.3. eight students4. one student5. four students6. ten students7. six students4.1. He’s a student.2. She’s Japanese.3. I’m at school.4. She’s a teacher.5. You’re in my class.6. He’s from Mexico.7. I’m a student.8. You’re in Room 5.9. I’m from Vietnam.10. He’s at school.5.1. His2. He3. Her4. She5. His6. He7. Her8. She 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.6.1. b2. f3. h4. i5. e6. a7. c8. g9. d7.1. Nancy / Haiti / French / student /English / teacher2. Cesar / student / Puerto Rico / Spanish/ English / class8.Answers May Vary. This is Marta. Sheis from El Salvador. She speaks Spanish.She is studying English. She is a studentat Morris Community College. Herteacher is Mr. Carson. Her class is inRoom 5.9.a. sevenb. tenc. fourd. eighte. fivef. zerog. twoh. ninei. onej. threek. fivel. eight10.1. He’s2. Her3. Hispage 1

4. I’m5. His6. My7. She’s8. I’m9. Her10. My11. She’s12. His13. Her14. He’s15. My16. I’m11.1. b2. a3. a4. c5. a6. a7. c8. b9. c12.Card 1:First Name: AlbertoMiddle: MLast: VegaTelephone: 398-555-3981Card 2:Last name: AkiyamaFirst name: KyokoTelephone: 446-555-8037Complete this chart. Add two morecountries.The United States: EnglishChina: ChineseMexico: SpanishJapan: JapaneseBrazil: PortugueseCanada: English and FrenchAnswers will vary 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.Unit 2: The Classroom1.1. pencils2. a man3. a clock4. books5. men6. women7. erasers8. a book9. a notebook10. children11. a woman12. a boy2.1. desks2. students3. men4. classrooms5. children6. pencil sharpeners7. computers8. maps9. books10. women3.a. 5b. 9c. 7d. 4e. 11f. 16g. 20h. 12i. 3j. 18k. 25l. 31m. 46n. 49o. 1000page 2

p. 38q. 71r. 43s. 100t. 984.1. seven2. nineteen3. thirteen4. ten5. fourteen6. sixteen7. twenty two8. thirty9. thirty six10. forty seven11. fifty four12. seventy eight13. eighty nine14. ninety three15. one hundred5. See Text Art6.1. No2. Yes3. Yes4. Yes5. Yes6. No7. Yes8. No7.1. There is2. There are3. There are4. There are5. There are6. There is7. There are8. There is9. There is10. There are 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.8.1. There is a cup of coffee on this desk.2. There are four books on this desk.3. There is a pencil on this desk.4. There is a dictionary on this desk.5. There are five pencils on this desk.6. There are two pieces of paper on thisdesk.9.1. Yes2. No3. No4. Yes5. No6. Yes7. No8. No9. Yes10. No10.1. cell phone / Yes, it is. Thanks2. computer / No, it isn’t.3. eraser / Yes, it is thanks.4. Is this your book / Yes, it is. Thanks5. Is this your dictionary / No, it isn’t11.1. is a2. are two3. is a4. are twenty5. There is a cell phone6. There are six students7. There are fifteen classrooms8. There is a clockWrite the correct number.1. three2. 2073. Eight4. three5. nineteen6. Onepage 3

7. nineteen / oneUnit 3: The Family1.1. husband and wife2. mother and son3. mother and daughter4. brother and sister5. father and son6. grandfather and grandson7. husband and wife8. aunt and nephew2.1. married2. children3. sons / Paul / Steve4. daughter / Her5. Bobby / years6. single7. son or child8. brothers3.1. He’s tall / He’s young / He’s thin2. He’s bald / He’s young3. He’s old / He’s bald4. She has long hair / Her hair is curly5. He has a moustache / His hair is black6. She has blond hair / Her hair is short4.1. She has long hair.2. He has wavy hair.3. He has curly hair.4. She has short hair.5. She has straight hair.6. He has black hair.7. She has blond hair.8. She has short hair.9. He has straight hair.10. He has long hair. 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.5.1. That’s my son.2. Steven.3. He’s 20.4. Yes. He’s a student at the Universityof Michigan.5. Yes, he is.6.1. No, he isn’t.2. Yes, he is.3. No, he isn’t4. Yes, he is.5. No, it isn’t.6. Yes, she is.7. Yes, she is.8. No, she isn’t.9. Yes, it is.10. No, it isn’t.7.Her / She / student / thin / black / curly /single8.1. is my2. He’s3. He’s4. He’s5. He has6. He’s9.Answers will vary10.1. He is 29 years old.2. Yes, he is.3. No, he isn’t.4. She is 55 years old.5. Yes, it is.6. Yes, he is.7. She’s five years old.8. Yes, he is.9. No, he isn’t.10. Yes, he 4

11.1. Steve2. Emily3. Mary4. Sarah5. Kim6. Bob7. Andy8. Joanne12.1. Yes, he is.2. No, she isn’t.3. No, she isn’t.4. Yes, she is.5. Yes, she is.6. Yes, he is.7. Yes, he is.8. Yes, she is.9. No, she isn’t.10. Yes, she is.13.1. June 24, 19502. October 5, 19643. January 30, 19904. April 16, 19755. March 3, 19786. November 19, 19967. April 17, 19808. February 11, 19579. July 28, 198710. August 15, 2002Circle Yes or No.1. Yes2. No3. Yes4. Yes5. No6. No7. Yes 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.Unit 4: Moving Day1.Across1. bed3. chair7. toilet10. microwave13. picture14. rug16. bookcase17. armchairDown1. bathtub2. desk4. refrigerator5. shower6. stove8. lamp9. sink11. mirror12. dresser15. sofa2.1. in2. on3. next to4. between5. under6. over3.1. Yes2. Yes3. Yes4. No5. Yes6. No7. No8. Yes9. No10. No11. Yes12. Nopage 5

4.1. Yes, it is.2. Yes, they are.3. No, it isn’t.4. No, she isn’t.5. No, it isn’t.6. Yes, it is.7. Yes, they are.8. No, they aren’t.9. Yes, it is.10. Yes, it is.5.Answers will vary6.1. is next to the bed.2. are next to the clock.3. is between the lamp and the stereo.4. is over the dresser.5. is next to the bed.6. are on the bed.7. is next to the desk.7.1. is / It’s on the desk.2. is / It’s over the desk.3. are / They’re on the bed.4. is / It’s next to the desk.5. is / It’s on the dresser.6. are / They’re under the bed.7. Where is / It’s next to the bed.8. Where are / They’re on the floor.9. Where is / It’s on the desk.10. Where is / It’s on the floor.8.1. No, it isn’t.2. No, they aren’t.3. Yes, it is.4. Yes, it is.5. Yes, they are.6. No, it isn’t.7. Yes, it is.8. Yes, they are. 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.9. No, it isn’t.10. No, they aren’t.9.1. Where is the printer? / It’s on thedesk.2. Where are her shoes? / They’re underthe bed.3. Where is the telephone? / It’s underthe bed.4. Where is the dresser? / It’s next to thedesk.5. Where are her books? / They’re in thebookcase.6. Where is the bed? / It’s under thewindow.7. Where is the computer? / It’s on thedesk.8. Where are the CDs? / Answers willvary9. Where is the desk? / Answers willvary10. Where is Kathy? / She’s on the bed.10.495 Main Street78 Second Street22 Maple Street429 Central Avenue46 Park Avenue3381 North AvenueRead the descriptions and completethe picture.See text art.Unit 5: I’m Busy1.1. They are sitting on the sofa.2. He is watching TV.3. He is drinking a soda.4. She is reading a book.5. They are 6

2.1. is washing2. am doing3. is watching4. are talking5. are eating6. is sleeping7. are walking8. am doing3.1. his2. my3. your4. his5. her6. your7. my8. her9. my4.1. He’s sleeping.2. She’s doing laundry.3. She’s cooking.4. They’re eating.5. They’re watching TV.6. He’s reading a book.5.1. Yes, they are.2. No, he isn’t.3. Yes, he is.4. Yes, he is.5. No, they aren’t.6. Yes, she is.7. Yes, she is.8. No, they aren’t.9. No, she isn’t.10. Yes, she is.11. Yes, they are.12. No, he isn’t.6.1. She is writing a letter.2. He’s in the kitchen. 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.3. Liz is.4. She’s doing her homework.5. Randy is.6. They’re watching TV.7. She’s in her room.8. They’re in their bedroom.9. Dad is.10. He’s washing the dishes.11. She’s in her bedroom.12. Jessy is.7.1. He is wearing a seat belt.2. He isn’t watching TV.3. He isn’t washing the car.4. It is raining.5. He isn’t eating a donut.6. He is drinking a cup of coffee.7. He is talking on the phone.8. He is driving.9. He is looking at a map.8.Conversation 1: Mr. LeeConversation 2: Mrs. LeeConversation 3: CarlaConversation 4: David9.1. a2. a3. b4. b5. b6. c7. b8. b9. b10. a10.1. Yes, she is.2. No, she isn’t.3. Yes, they are.4. Yes, she is.5. No, he isn’ 7

6. No, she isn’t.7. Yes, she is.8. No, they aren’t.9. No, he isn’t.10. Yes, he is.11.She’s in her bedroom.She’s a student.She’s studying for a test.He’s at home.He’s 67 years old.He’s reading.They’re at the library.They’re studying.They’re good friends.Circle Yes or No.1. Yes2. Yes3. No4. Yes5. No6. NoUnit 6: My City1.1. beautiful2. dirty3. interesting4. wet5. unfriendly6. boring7. fun8. cheap2.Across1. unfriendly7. small8. heavy9. wet10. fun 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.11. coldDown2. noisy3. dirty4. beautiful5. dangerous6. cheap3.1. e2. c3. d4. b5. g6. f7. h8. a4.Answers may vary1. in the west2. in the south / in the west3. in the middle4. in the north5. in the south / in the center6. in the south / in the east7. in the middle8. in the north / in the east9. in the south5.Answers will vary6.1. b2. a3. a4. a5. b6. a7. b8. b9. c10. bpage 8

7.1. 563,6602. 951,2703. 545,5204. 529,1215. 407,0186. 596,9747. 121,5788. 651,1549. 572,05910. 55,8598.1. Yes2. No3. No4. Yes5. No6. YesAnswer the questions.1. It’s in the western corner of Texas.2. Yes, it is.3. The Rio Grande.4. No, it isn’t.5. The population is about 700,000.6. No, it isn’t.7. It is sunny.8. The University of Texas at El Paso.9. 25,000Unit 7: office / Laundromat / shoe store /bakery / bookstore / supermarket2.1. You can take your dog for a walk inthe park.2. You can find a police officer in thepolice station.3. You can deposit money in the bank.4. You can see a doctor in the hospital. 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.5. You can find the city government inthe City Hall.6. You can fill your prescription in thedrugstore.3.1. on the corner2. across from3. behind4. in front of5. next to6. between4.x / x / The / x / the / The / x / the / x / x /The / the / x5.1. is bringing2. are walking3. are looking4. is sitting5. are talking6. is taking7. are standing8. are talking9. is writing10. is towing11. is looking12. is looking13. is putting6.1. Yes2. No3. Yes4. Yes5. Yes6. No7. No8. Yes7.1. I work at the Museum of Modern Art.2. Yes, it is. I really like my job.3. It’s on Smith Street behind the 9

4. There’s an exhibit of Van Gogh’spaintings.5. 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. every day. It’sopen until 8:00 on Thursdays.8.1. Yes2. No3. No4. Yes5. No6. Yes7. Yes8. Yes9. Yes10. No9.1. on the corner of2. next to3. behind4. next to5. between / the school6. next toLook at the map. Start at the highschool on First Street. Read thedirections. Then, write the locations.1. movie theater2. toy store3. shoe store4. diner5. pet storeUnit 8: Money1.a. 16 / .16b. 10 / .10c. 5 / .05d. 25 / .25e. 39 / .39f. 50 / .50g. 99 / .99h. 4.55 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.i. 12.98j. 62.42k. 94.76l. 175.35m. 421.56n. 700.832.a. 12 b. 16 c. 28 d. 55 e. 35 f. 58 g. 65 h. 93 i. 89 3.1. d2. g3. h4. b5. a6. e7. c8. j9. f10. i4.1. Pay to the Order of: Best Electronics 597.48 / Five hundred ninety seven and48/100 dollars2. Pay to the Order of: Mr. RobertWilliams 750 / Seven hundred and fifty and00/100 dollars3. Pay to the order of: Central Tel. 179.56 / One hundred seventy nine and56/100 dollarspage 10

5.envelopes / staplers / scissors / paperclips / notebooks / three-ring binders /backpacks / printer6.1. is shopping2. are buying3. is putting4. is standing5. is buying6. is using7. is signing8. is giving9. are standing10. are talking7.1. is / It’s 32.00.2. are / They are .30 each.3. is / Answers will vary4. are / Answers will vary5. is / Answers will vary6. are / Answers will vary7. is / Answers will vary8. are / Answers will vary9. and 10. Answers will / small / it is / is it / sale / off / can /school9.a. fifteenb. nineteenc. thirtyd. eightye. fiftyf. seventyg. sixteenh. eighteeni. thirteenj. fortyk. sixtyl. fourteen 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.10.a. 2.75b. 3.98c. 4.55d. 8.43e. 23.44f. 80.25g. 17.82h. 31.40i. 175.33j. 259.88k. 512.47l. 999.9811.1. 849.002. 154.983. 89.004. 59.995. 139.006. 12.99 each7. 3.7912.1. 8002. check3. gas4. 1.505. 506. credit card7. cable8. 799. checks10. ATM card11. cashReading: Word Problems1. 28.492. 1,424.003. 336.004. 11

Unit 9: Working at the Mall7. c1.1. c2. g3. a4. f5. b6. j7. k8. i9. d10. h11. e5.1. His name is Sam.2. He works at the Parkside Mall.3. He’s a custodian.4. He works full time.5. He works from 10:00 P.M. – 6:00P.M.6. Answers may vary7. Answers may vary2.1. money2. restaurant3. prescriptions4. houses5. kitchens6. customers7. hair8. uniform9. tickets10. floors7.1. at 12:002. from 8:00 to 4:003. at 6:004. at 7:005. from 7:00 to 9:003.1. He works at a restaurant.2. He’s a cook.3. She works at a camera store.4. She’s a photographer.5. He works at a drugstore.6. He’s a pharmacist.7. She works at a beauty parlor.8. She’s a hairdresser.9. She works at a supermarket.10. She’s a cashier.4.1.d2. e3. f4. a5. b6. g 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.6.Answers will vary8.1. Yes, he does.2. Answers will vary3. Yes, she does.4. No, he doesn’t.5. Answers will vary6. No, he doesn’t.7. Answers will vary8. Yes, he does.9. Yes, he does.10. Answers will vary11. No, he doesn’t.12. Answers will vary9.6:00 / 7:30-3:30 / 4:00-5:00 / 5:00 / 6:00/ 7:30-9:30 / 10:00 / 11:0010.1. No, she doesn’t.2. No, she doesn’t.3. No, she doesn’t.4. Yes, she does.5. No, she doesn’ 12

6. Yes, she does.7. No, she doesn’t.8. No, she doesn’t.9. Yes, she does.10. Yes, she does.11.1. a2. b3. a4. b5. c6. c7. c8. b9. c12.1. Dan2. Harry3. Antonio4. James5. Antonio6. James7. Harry8. Dan9. James10. HarryCircle Yes or No.1. No2. No3. No4. Yes5. No6. Yes7. No8. YesUnit 10: Clothing and Weather1.Across1. sneakers3. skirt 2004 Heinle, a part of the Thomson Corporation.4. belt6. tie7. shoes8. t shirt10. gloves14. jeans15.16. shortsDown1. shirt2. suit3. sweater4. blouse5. bathing suit9. boots11. sandals12. dress13. pants2.Fee