Class of 1967Class AgentsDuane HileEarl HouckJuly 31, 2019Dear Classmates,I hope y’all are engaged in fun activities: traveling, spending time with family, continuingyour education, or even working; whatever you consider enjoyable.Classmate NewsThis item on Ron Sheese, via Earl:In searching the Facebook pages, I saw this picture posted by Ron Sheese, who is inShanghai, China this summer visiting some of the Chinese people he has hosted in Canadarecently.

Here is another picture of Ron, in Chongquin, ChinaCaption: In addition to the modern bridge in the background and the cruise ships at its base,you will note some cables that appear to be directly over me. These are part of an old cablecar system for carrying people across the river that was supposed to be dismantled when thenew bridges opened. However, the tourists loved them so much that they have beenmaintained.And, also from Earl, continuing his excellent animal rescue work:We had to put down one of our older dogs last week. 13 years old and over the last 6 weeks,he had deteriorated to the point that he couldn't stand on his own without our help. He wasmiserable and it was time to let him go. As life would have it, two days later a straywandered into our lives and is now a part of our family. Funny the way these things happen.Also, one of our neighbors just gave us another horse. His health is failing a bit and hewanted a home for his horse. All he asked was occasional visiting rights. So we're back to 2horses, 2 mini donkeys, and 4 dogs. Oh, and one cat. And usually a foster dog or two on anygiven day. Life goes on. No rest for the wicked.or something like that.I pulled a muscle in my calf two weeks ago and am just now getting full range motion in myleg without pain. Getting old sucks.

From me:I certainly agree with Earl on aging. In college, and for many years thereafter, an occasionalstrain or injury possibly involved a bit of “taking it easy” or some minor physical therapy.Not so anymore! Now every ailment requires tests and, most likely, surgery; followed by lotsof physical therapy! When I visit with medical professionals, I skip parts of the PatientMedical History forms and hand them an 8.5”x11” sheet completely filled with my detailedinformation on: Medications, Surgeries, Injections, Radiology, and Doctors. Savespaperwork time for me and, hopefully, increases the accuracy of the doctors’ analyses!Gerry Hoeltge and I chatted in June to “catch up”. He and Sue recently celebrated their 52ndanniversary and Gerry retired from the Cleveland Clinic seven years ago. He, too, has hadseveral personal medical challenges, recently undergoing serious surgeries. Gerry said hefeels fine now and the Cleveland Clinic relationship was very beneficial.I’m sad to report that we lost Frank Kosmakos on July 19.Tom Werner alerted me to his death: “Just saw a post on Facebook that Frank passed away.Sad. “Mike Butler’s observation: On the brick patio in front of Forest Hall, Frank’s brick says‘Frank Kosmakos, Homecoming Queen, 1964’.“Rest In peace, Frank.”Many messages between us Lambda Chi pledge brothers.His obituary: Devoted husband of Rona (Shapiro), father of Chris (Dawn) and the lateStefanie. Brother of Maria (Bob) Guzik & Ernie Kosmakos. Grandfather of Shawn & Devin,uncle of Nicholas, Christina, Alexis & Ashley. Brother-in-law of Jeffrey (Jewel) Shapiro. Abrilliant mind laid waste.Homecoming ’64, from the ‘65 yearbook

The Queen’s procession to Chapel Sing at our 45th reunion.

Annual Fund 2018-2019Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Annual Fund, including three wives (!!) ofdeparted classmates:Nelson Bahler 1832Elizabeth Ball Ed BellDave BickellDave BloomerAlan BooneDavid BranninTom Brown, Jr.Marilyn Brown Ron BrownJack BrumbaughDick BuckinghamMike Butler 1832John CarryRich Chilausky 1832Steve Claffey 1832Jeremy CoffmanEd CookPhil Coons, M.D. 1832Steve CoonsEd CulverPaul Cunningham, USAFRet. 1832Dave Decker 1832Clark DickersonJohn Evans, USMC (Ret.)Bill FyeSteve Golliher 1832John Goodrich, Sr. 1832Dwight Hamborsky, Jr.Dennis Harrell 1832Mike HarveyRick HelmDennis HenryDuane Hile 1832Earl HouckJim HoverDan Jenkins, Jr.David Jones 1832Peter Keenan 1832Wendy Kish 1832Phil KucinskiLarry Landis 1832Bob Larzelere, Ph.D.Bob LinnenbergHaines Lockhart, Jr.Steve Loeide 1832Joe LwangaPeer LykkeGary MarksJohn MarshallJohn MayDavid MerrellDave MontiethJohn MoodyBob MyersBruce Newby 1832Dan PetrakBob Pinschmidt, Jr. 1832Alan Pyle 1832Linda Randak Jack RobertsonRobbie RobinsonJim RushtonJerry Schaefer 1832Mike SeifriedFred Siegel 1832Ron SheeseRoger SmithGene SnipesBob SonnemakerJim Stahler, MSWRex Stratton IIIJohn Sturman, Jr.Phil TruebloodJack WebsterTom Werner 1832Joel WespAndy WilliamsTed Williamson 1832Alan Witte 1832Steve WoodJohn Zimmerman 1832

Campus NewsEven though it’s summer there is a lot happening on campus. A few examples:Wabash Places 47 Student-Athletes On NCAC Academic Honor Rollfor 2018 – ic-honor-roll.aspx?path generalWabash To Join MCVL for 2020-21 Volleyball Hess Named NCAC eneral-hess-named-ncac-president.aspxNew Interdisciplinary Major Made Possible Through Walsh Endowment news&news ID 11446Long Establishes Scholarship Honoring Husband and pe news&news ID 11451Koliseks Give Annul Leadership and Estate Gifts news&news ID 11396RATERS STEPS DOWN AS DEAN OF ews ID 11414

A ContestOn the next page is a puzzle that was part of a Mystery Weekend in which Mary Ann and Iparticipated. All of the “detectives” agreed this was the most challenging of all the brainteasers. However, I’m confident it will be a piece-of-cake for Wallies. Two clues (becreative in the estate design and no diagonals) and two caveats (the outline of all estatesmust be the same and ignore the pen marks). Have fun! Be the first to send me yoursolution!Send us some news and pictures. . . or I will fill several pages in future newsletters withdetailed anecdotes regarding the activities of our incredible three children and sixgrandchildren. In fact, here I am with our sixth grandchild, our second grandson, JackWilliam Sobotka, of Portland, OR.Wabash Class of 2038!Duane