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Page 2Sep tember 1st, 2019 - 22nd Sunday in Ordinary TimeIn Loving Memory - September 2019Hosts:Salvatore ZingoneR/B Dominica ZingoneSat.August 31, 2019Sanctuary Lamp:Granato & Arolan FamiliesR/B Antoinette ArolanJoseph & Eleanor Klein, Lawrence,Margaret & Mary Ann GrazianoR/B Rose Graziano9:00AM For All the Deceased Members of our Parish5:00PM † Father Ignatius Zampino R/B Grace Wolfe† Martin Joseph Kless R/B Teenie KlessSun.September 1, 201922nd Sunday in Ordinary Time8:00AM For the People of the Parish10:00AM † Remia Alomia “Rest in Peace”R/B The Alomia Family12:00PM Mass in SpanishFor God’s Blessings on our Parish4:30PM Mass in FilipinoRosaria Nunag in ThanksgivingR/B The Nunag FamilyIn Thanksgiving on the 27th Anniversary ofCelebrating Mass in Filipino in our Parish.Mon.September 2, 2019Tue.September 3, 20199:00AM† Father Ignatius ZampinoR/B Franziska Kiersnowski10:00AM Adoration12:00PM † Helen Brennan & Jean NovakR/B The Biamonte & Brennan FamiliesPedro de Roxas for Good HealthR/B Cathy & Russer AyalaWed.September 4, 2019Thu.September 5, 2019Fri.September 6, 2019Sat.September 7, 201912:00PM Perla Alojepan for Good Health R/B Alomia Family12:00PM † Margaret Jennings12:00PM In Thanksgiving to the Sacred HeartR/B The Sacred Heart DevoteesLord, bless those who have diedand gone before us marked with thesign of faith.May all who sleep in Christ find in Yourpresence, light, happiness, and peace.May God grant them eternal rest.Amen.Let us, in charity, take time to pray forall the sick & all those in need of God’shealing power & love.Especially for:Fr. John Salvas, OFM Cap., James DeLillo, Jr., Anne Fuschetti,Ilidia de Jesus Neto, Dan De Lillo, Ann Lipari, Gregory J.Kueken, Mark Mikolajczyk, Peter Kueken, Sr., Ellen Wallace,Grace Noto, Fr. Sylvester OFM, Cap. Leonora S. Marquez,Kathleen Brennan, Brother Julius, Annastacia Kisavi,Marichelle Orcullo Portugal, Catherine Finocchiaro,Iris Mintzer, Tatiana Hernandez, Tom Evans, Madeline DeLotto,Rose Graziano,Felix Schrater, Emma Kosck, Carl Merikal,Karen Orea, Jose Sanchez, Gina Giunta, Florescita Cenizal,Jane Rankin, Joseph Lipari, Jr., Linda Paciulli, Cheryl D. Hall,James, Andrew, Jake & Michael Doremus & Jim De Lillo.(We ask that you contact the Rectory’s office with any updates for this list. Thank you)9:00AM † Rocco Micari “Happy Birthday in Heaven”R/B Catherine Finocchiaro5:00PM † Annette Frenzel R/B Antoinette ArolanFor Personal Intentions (of a very sick person)R/B Fran LordySun.My FamilyMy ParishMy ResponsibilitySeptember 8, 201923rd Sunday in Ordinary Time8:00AM For the People of the Parish10:00AM † Joseph & Mary Ann LipariR/B Mary Maralla† Anthony Lotito R/B The Family12:00PM Mass in SpanishFor God’s Blessings on our Parish4:30PM Mass in FilipinoIn ThanksgivingR/B Holy Face & Divine Mercy GroupsIf you know of any parishioner of Mt. Carmel,who is in any hospital, please contact the Rectoryso that we can arrange to visit them.Thank You.August 25, 2019Weekly Offering:Second Collection:Candles:Total Offering:2,048.00529.00101.60 2,678.60(Please remember to always use your church envelopes with yourcontributions, this ensures proper credit to your account for yourtax purposes at the end of the year. Also, we ask that you pleaseDO NOT use tape to close your envelopes. Thank you.)May God bless you and your family for yourgenerosity to our parish.

Page 3Please join us in celebrating andhonoring our Pastor,Father Andres BaqueroOn Sunday, September 15th, 2019*Multilingual Mass to be celebrated at 10am.*All our parishioners are invited to celebrate withFather Andres and to enjoy lite refreshments in theSabatini Hall, from 11:30am to 1:30pm*Dinner reception will be at 5pm, at Sevilla Restaurant,Main Avenue, Passaic. Tickets are 35.00 per person andcan be purchased after all Masses and at the rectory duringoffice hours.Come join the celebration!New Choir Season!Don’t forget to visit theoffice and scheduleyour Mass intentions.The Mass Book for2020 is now available.The office is open from9AM to 3PM, Mondayto Friday.Thank You.Our new Choir Season willstart next Sunday September8th with practice at 11AM.New members are always welcome, pleaseconsider joining the choir and praise God in song.Religious Education Classes starton September 7th at Saint Mary’sChurch from 10AM to 11:30AM.Registration Forms are available atthe rectory’s office Monday toFriday from 9AM to 3:30PM or atSaint Mary’s Church.Any questions, please call theoffice at 973.473.0246. Thank you.

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Reflection from Fr. AndresTwenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year C.Readings: Sirach 3:17-18,20,28-29; Hebrews 12:18-19,22-24; Luke 14:1,7-14.Last Sunday, the readings focused on the image of the “narrow gate” of discipline. This Sunday,the readings return to the same theme, this time underlining the importance of the virtue humility forthe follower of Christ. The first reading from Sirach urges us to conduct our “affairs with humility”and we “will be more loved than a giver of gifts”. In other words, the humble person is more appreciated than a lavish giver. A humble person is wise and always content, while proud persons obsessthemselves with foolish, and dishonest schemes for success. The readings challenge us to be like Jesus, who was totally humble, and could see right through every disguise of the Ego, even the mostsubtle ones. Jesus never needed evidence about anyone he knew what a person had, and noticed howeach acted, either according to humility or pride.Jesus was humble, a true servant. “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and togive his life as a ransom for many.” Jesus did only the works his Father gave him to do, and he spokeonly the words his Father wanted him to speak. We too, should be like that, humbly speaking only thewords we hear Christ speak through the Church. So, the humble person will be exalted in the kingdomof heaven. Here on earth he, or she does not have to be jealous. A humble person lets others have theirgifts, and does not have to hold grudges. Humble people can forgive easily, because they know, whothey are; they are not afraid to confess their sins; they can not only love their enemies, but also praying for them.Jesus in the Gospel challenges us to seek the lowest place at a banquet; to be humble. “When youare invited by someone to a wedding banquet, do not recline at table in the place of honor.” This spirituality of the lowest place is not just about table etiquette. It is an essential spirituality that leads us tosalvation. The parable Jesus tells is a lesson about membership in the Kingdom. Such membershipdoes not depend on one’s merits, social standing, or economic status. We do not save ourselves bythese means. Salvation is God’s work in the first place. Hence, those who consider themselves worthyof high places in the Kingdom, like the Pharisees, who expected the best seats as reward for their meticulous observance of the law (holier than thou attitude), will find themselves humbled to take thelowest places.Moreover, when God is King, membership in His Kingdom is open for all. In other words, salvation is a free unmerited gift to those whom God in Jesus calls. When God is King, He invites the uninvited, the unexpected, and those, who are nothing in the eyes of society. “When you hold a lunch, ordinner, do not invite your friends, or your brothers, or your relatives, or wealthy neighbors, in casethey may invite you back. Rather, when you hold a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled.” God invitesthose, who acknowledge their unworthiness before him. The Gospel therefore underlines Jesus' teaching that one enters the Kingdom of God by living a humble life, living a spirituality of the last place."For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted".Such a message obviously contradicts the expectations of today’s society based on competition andsocial-economic status.So this is the message we can take from this Sunday readings: 1- One enters the Kingdom of Godby living a humble life, living a spirituality of the last place; 2- Membership in the Kingdom is God’sfree gift to those, who deserve it, namely, those who truly humble themselves. 3- When God is King,He invites the uninvited, the unexpected, and those, who are nothing in the eyes of society. They allsymbolize those, who acknowledge their unworthiness. May God bless you. Amen.

Reflexión del Padre AndresVigésimo Segundo Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario. Año C.Lecturas: Eclesiástico 3: 17-18,20,28-29; Hebreos 12: 18-19,22-24; Lucas 14: 1,7-14.El Domingo pasado, las lecturas se centraron en la imagen de la "puerta estrecha" de la disciplina.Este Domingo, las lecturas vuelven al mismo tema, esta vez subrayando la importancia de la virtudhumildad para el seguidor de Cristo. La primera lectura de el Eclesiástico nos insta a llevar a cabonuestros "asuntos con humildad" y "seremos más amados que un donante de regalos". En otraspalabras, la persona humilde es más apreciada que un generoso donante. Una persona humilde essabia y siempre está contenta, mientras que las personas orgullosas se obsesionan con esquemas tontosy deshonestos para el éxito. Las lecturas nos desafían a ser como Jesús, que era totalmente humilde ypodía ver a través de cada disfraz del Ego, incluso los más sutiles. Jesús nunca necesitó evidencia sobre alguien que él supiera lo que una persona tenía, y notó cómo actuaba cada uno, ya sea según la humildad o el orgullo.Jesús fue humilde, un verdadero siervo. "El Hijo del Hombre no vino para ser servido, sino paraservir, y para dar su vida en rescate por muchos". Jesús solo hizo las obras que su Padre le encomendó, y solo habló las palabras que su Padre quería que él hablara. Nosotros también deberíamosser así, humildemente hablando solo las palabras que escuchamos a Cristo hablar a través de la Iglesia.Entonces la persona humilde será exaltada en el reino de los cielos. Aquí en la tierra él, o ella no tieneque estar celoso. Una persona humilde deja que otros tengan sus dones y no tiene que guardar rencor.Las personas humildes pueden perdonar fácilmente, porque saben quiénes son; no tienen miedo deconfesar sus pecados; No solo pueden amar a sus enemigos, sino también orar por ellos.Jesús en el Evangelio nos reta a buscar el lugar más bajo en un banquete; ser humilde. “Cuando alguien te invite a un banquete de bodas, no te recuestes en la mesa en el lugar de honor”. Esta espiritualidad del lugar más bajo no se trata solo de la etiqueta de la mesa. Es una espiritualidad esencial quenos lleva a la salvación. La parábola que Jesús cuenta es una lección sobre la membresía en el Reino.Dicha membresía no depende de los méritos, la posición social o el estado económico. No nossalvamos por estos medios. La salvación es la obra de Dios en primer lugar. Por lo tanto, aquellos quese consideran dignos de lugares altos en el Reino, como los fariseos, que esperaban los mejores asientos como recompensa por su meticulosa observancia de la ley (más santa que tu actitud), se sentiránhumildes al tomar los lugares más bajos.Además, cuando Dios es Rey, la membresía en Su Reino está abierta para todos. En otras palabras,la salvación es un regalo inmerecido gratuito para aquellos a quienes Dios en Jesús llama. Cuando Dios es Rey, invita a los no invitados, los inesperados, y aquellos que no son nada a los ojos de la sociedad. “Cuando organices un almuerzo o una cena, no invites a tus amigos, ni a tus hermanos, ni a tusparientes, ni a tus vecinos ricos, en caso de que puedan invitarte a volver. Más bien, cuando celebresun banquete, invita a los pobres, a los lisiados ”. Dios invita a aquellos que reconocen su indignidadante él. Por lo tanto, el Evangelio subraya la enseñanza de Jesús de que uno entra en el Reino de Diosviviendo una vida humilde, viviendo una espiritualidad del último lugar. "Porque todos los que se exalten serán humillados, y el que se humilla será exaltado". T