14th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference8-11 June 2021 Athens, Greece - Turned into VirtualTuesday, 8.6.2021TIME ZONE: CEST — Central European Summer Time11:00- 11:30 Preparation, interconnections11:30 – 12:00Room 1Opening Ceremony12:00-12:40Plenary SessionRoom 1 (PS1)Chair: Christos H SkiadasSpeaker: Professor Alexander Alekseevich Potapov(on the occasion of the 70th birthday) Honorary Speech.Applications of Fractal AnalysisElements in the Theory of Finance on the Example of the Russian Stock Market and COVID-1912:40-13:20Plenary SessionRoom 1 (PS2)Chair: Leszek SirkoSpeaker: Stefano LenciValeria Settimi, Giuseppe RegaChaos in cable and beams13:20- 13:30 Preparation, interconnections13:30-14.45SCS1Special and Contributed SessionsRoom 1Room 2Special SessionChaos in Nonideal Dynamic SystemsChairs: Aleksandr Shvets and TatyanaKrasnopolskayaSYSTEMSSerhii Donetskyi, Alekandr ShvetsAgnes FulopChaotic driven systems of qbit on KAM surface

Double Symmetry and Generalized Intermittency inTransitions to Chaos in Electroelastic SystemsTatyana S. Krasnopolskaya, Evgeniy D. PechukNonideality of a parametric system as a trigger of chaosVasiliy D. Pechuk, Tatyana S. Krasnopolskaya,Evgeniy D. PechukAccuracy Improvement of the Highest LyapunovExponent EstimationAleksandr Shvets, Serhii DonetskyiMaximal attractors in nonideal hydrodynamic systemsIryna Kovalevska, Volodymyr Bondarenko, IldarSalieiev, Mykhailo Barabash Optimizationapproaches when calculating the “massif innovative fastening parameters” spatial systemN.V. StankevichScenario of occurrence of chaos with additional zeroLyapunov exponent in flow systemsChunxiao Yang, Ina Taralova, Jean-JacquesLoiseauFractional Chaotic system solutions and their impacton chaotic behavior14:45-15:00 Break15:00- 15:15 Preparation, interconnections15:15-16:45SCS2Special and Contributed SessionsRoom 1Special SessionCausality detection for time series withapplications to complex systemsChairs: Teddy Craciunescu and Andrea MurariAndrea MurariCorrelation is not causality: a conceptual andmathematical frameworkMichela Gelfus, Teddy Craciunescu, Andrea Murariand JET ContributorsComplex Networks and Causality between Time SeriesTeddy Craciunescu and Andrea MurariDetecting Causal Relations between Time Series with theCross Markov Matrix TechniqueE. Peluso, T. Craciunescu, A. Murari, M.Gelfus andJET ContributorsAssessing Causality with Conditional Recurrence PlotsRiccardo RossiOn the Potential of Time Delay Neural Networks toidentify Causality GraphsJ. Vega, D. Gadariya, G. Rattá, A. MurariAnomaly Detection and Unsupervised Classification ofPlasma EventsG.A. Rattá, J. Vega, A. Murari and JET ContributorsTiding up the chaos with Genetic Algorithms: examplesin Magnetically Confined Nuclear FusionRoom 2DATA ANALYSIS ISamira Fathizadeh, Masume Garagozi, FatemehNemati Piezo spintronic effect in DNA molecularChainsAleksandra Gawlik, Vsevolod Vladimirov,Andrzej Klepka, Sergii SkurativskyiNonlinear forced vibrations of plates withoscillating inclusionsIrina Knyazeva, Arseny S. KhakhalinDesigning efficient echo state reservoirs for chaotictime series predictionA.L. Pankratov, A.A. Yablokov, L.S. Revin, A.V.Gordeeva, E.V. PankratovaJoint effects of chaos and noise in JosephsonjunctionsJarret PetrilloGoodness-of-fit for Second Order Power LawsÉva Rácz, M. Manceau, K. Y. Spasibko, L.Ruppert,G. Leuchs, R. Filip, M. ChekhovaAnalysis of rogue waves in quantum opticsLorenzo Escot, Julio E. SandubeteEstimating Lyapunov exponents by local jacobianindirect methods

16:45- 17:00 Preparation, interconnections17:00-18:45SCS3Special and Contributed SessionsRoom 1Room 2OSCILLATORSCRYPTO-SYSTEMSSpecial SessionApplications of Fractal AnalysisChair: Alexander A. PotapovIlya V. Boykov, Alla I. Boikova, Alexander A. Potapov,Alexander E. RassadinApproximate Methods for Solving Hypersingular IntegralEquations on FractalsDanil Doubochinski Doubochinski’s ArgumentalMacro-quantic OscillatorIlya V. Boykov, Alexander A. Potapov, Alexander E.Rassadin, Vladimir A. Ryazantsev Approximate Solutionof Inverse Problems of Gravity Exploration on FractalsH. SabbaghCore expansion and spiral breakup in oscillatoryrecovering mediaAlexander A. Potapov, Viktor A. Kuznetsov, Anton N.PototskyNew Fractal Features for Textural Morphologic AnalysisIgor A. Shepelev, Galina I. StrelkovaAnti-phase synchronization in networks ofrepulsively coupled 2D lattices of oscillatorsAlexander A. Potapov, Viktor A. Kuznetsov, Anton N.Pototsky Practical Application of New Fractal FeaturesAlexander V. Shishulin, Alexander A. Potapov, Anna V.Shishulina Fractal Nanoparticles of Phase-SeparatingSolid Solutions: Nanoscale Effects on Phase Equilibria,Thermal Conductivity, Thermoelectric PerformanceAgalar M.-Z. Agalarov, Elena S. Alekseeva, Alexander A.Potapov, Alexander E. RassadinRemark on Stochastic Resonance in the Bullard DynamoMaria S. Sinitsina, Susanna Yu. Gordleeva,Victor B. Kazantsev, Evgeniya V. PankratovaVarious oscillatory modes of spontaneous calciumconcentration in astrocytesIlias Tomaras, Panagiotis Photopoulos, OdysseusTsakiridisSynchronization of Chaotic Colpitts OscillatorsBelqassim Bouteghrine, Camel Tanougast, SaidSadoudiNew discrete chaotic cipher key generation fordigital embedded crypto-systemsBelqassim Bouteghrine, Camel Tanougast, SaidSadoudiA survey on chaos-based cryptosystem:Implementations and applications18:30- 18:45 Preparation, interconnections18:50-19:30Room 1 (PS3)Plenary SessionChair: Wieslaw M. MacekSpeaker: Katica R. (Stevanović) HedrihNonlinear Phenomena in the Dynamics of a Class of Rolling Pendulums: A Trigger of CoupledSingularitiesEnd of the 1st Day

14th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference8-11 June 2021 Athens, Greece - Turned into VirtualWednesday, 9.6.2021TIME ZONE: CEST — Central European Summer Time11:30- 12:00 Preparation, interconnections12:00-13:30SCS4Special and Contributed SessionsRoom 1Room 2MODELS and MODELING IS. Aklouche-Benouaguef, S. Adjal, B. ZeghmatiQuantification of the chaotic phenomenon in naturalconvectionShunji KawamotoThe Turing Model and Discrete Limit Cycles with Eddyand ConvectionSusanna GordleevaModeling working memory in spiking neuron networkaccompanied by astrocytesE. Jurčišinová, M. Jurčišin, R. RemeckyAnomalous scaling under the influence of helicity andfinite time correlations in the Kazantsev-Kraichnan modelof fully developed turbulenceInnokentiy A. Kastalskiy, Anastasia V. Ermolaeva,Viktor B. Kazantsev, Susanna Yu. GordleevaNoise-induced calcium patterns in a biophysical model ofastrocytic processCOVID-19Walter AliagaCovid-19 transmission model under delays in thevaccination campaignTheodoros DaglisAddiction during COVID-19Giorgio Sonnino, Fernando Mora, PasqualeNardoneA Stochastic Compartmental Model for COVID-19Kamal, Cyril Shaju, Pratibha Ubiquitous forbiddenpatterns in codon triplets side chain sequences ofSARS-COV-2Pratibha, Cyril Shaju, Kamal A Modified ChaosGame Representation based phylogeny analysis ofSARS-COV-213:30- 13:45 Preparation, interconnections13:45-14:30Room 1 (PS4)Plenary SessionChair: Christos H SkiadasSpeaker: Alexander V. Sosnitsky, Anatoly I. ShevchenkoMeta-Theories and Scientific Reformation14:30- 15:00 Break15:00- 15:15 Preparation, interconnections15:15-16:00SCS5Special and Contributed SessionsRoom 1Room 2

SIGNALSROTATIONAndrey Dmitriev, Anastasiia Kazmina, Victor Dmitriev,Yuriy Sanochkin, and Evgenii GradusovDetection of Early Warning Signals for Self-OrganizedCriticality in Cellular AutomataHajar ALSHOUFIWavy Aspects in a Precessing Open CylindricalChannelAliyu Isah, Aurélien Serge Tchakoutio Nguetcho, StéphaneBinczak, Jean-Marie BilbaultThe interaction of memristor in nonlinear networks forimage and signal processingBernd Binder Vivid Chaotic Solitons and OrbitalStructures from Discrete Rotation-TranslationSequences in the PlaneLev Kuzmin, Elena EfremovaFilter for Ultra-Wide-Band chaotic signals of the microwaveJ. Ziaei, J. Awrejcewicz On the Energy Harvestingbandfrom a Base-Rotating Double Pendulum16:00- 16:15 Preparation, interconnections16:15-17:45SCS6Special and Contributed SessionsRoom 1WORKSHOPFinancial effects / consequences of the COVID-19pandemic on CreteChairs: Christos Floros and George MatalliotakisImplementing body and participants:Region of Crete, Accounting and FinanceLaboratory (LAFIM) of the Hellenic MediterraneanUniversityRoom 2DYNAMICS IGeorge Matalliotakis and Efthalia TabouratziBusiness Strategy and COVID-19: Evidence fromCreteRezki ChemlalA note on combining chaotic dynamical systemsusing the fuzzy logic XOR operatorMoawia Alghalith, Christos Floros, KonstantinosGkillasModeling the economic impact of COVID-19Davide Faranda, Gabriele Messori, Pascal Yiou,Soulivanh Thao, Flavio Pons, Berengere DubrulleHurricanes as Bose-Einstein condensates ofatmospheric dynamicsKonstantinos Gkillas, Christos Floros and DimitriosVortelinosThe Forecasting Performance of Nearest Neighbor inRealized CorrelationGeorge MatalliotakisThe optimum health expenditure allocation in GreeceMihalis Kyriakakis, George MatalliotakisMotivation and professional satisfaction of medicaland nursing staff of Primary Health Care structures(Urban and Regional Health Centers) of thePrefecture of Heraklion, under the responsibility ofthe Ministry of Health, 7th Health district of CreteSachinidou Maria, George MatalliotakisSocio-Economic Consequences and HealthInequalities in the Light of the Pandemic Covid-19Luca Grilli, Domenico Santoro Deterministic vsStochastic Behavior in Bitcoin Dynamics: evidencefrom Poincaré Recurrence TheoremValeriy GrytsaySpectral analysis and invariant measure in studyingthe dynamics of a metabolic process in theglycolysis-gluconeogenesis systemSamuele Guernieri, Alessio Perinelli, MicheleCastelluzzo, Leonardo RicciA double-pendulum interacting with an ideal gas:investigation of a mixed chaotic-stochastic dynamicsSergey Astakhov, Oleg Astakhov, Natalia Fadeeva,Vladimir AstakhovMultistability formation and transition to chaosthrough the bifurcations of two- and three-frequencyquasiperiodic oscillations in ring self-oscillatingsystems based on the van der Pol oscillator

17:45- 18:00 Preparation, interconnections18:00-18:30Room 1 (PS5)Plenary SessionChair: Harold HastingsSpeaker: Jenny Magnes, Harold Hastings, Susannah Zhang, Katherine Canavan, Asia Baker, AnshulSinghviShedding light on complex locomotion18:30-19:00Room 1 (PS6)Plenary SessionChair: Yiannis DimotikalisSpeaker: Harold M. Hastings, Tai Young-TaftTranslating ecology into economics19:00- 19:00 Preparation, interconnections19:10-20:40SCS7Special and Contributed SessionsRoom 1Room 2Cycle and Complex dynamics in Economics ModelsChair: Beatrice VenturiDATA ANALYSIS IIMarco DesogusUnderstanding shifts in intra-firm trade portfolios througheconomic system entanglementAlexandru Tudorache, Rodica Luca TudorachePositive Solutions for a Singular Fractional BoundaryValue ProblemBeatrice VenturiGeneralized Lorenz Chaotic System in Optimal ControlModelA.N. ValyaevStatistical processes of transformation andaccumulation of energy under irradiation of solidsMICRO - NANOVictor J Law, Denis P Dowling ‘Dubro’ ResophonicGuitar: Glissando GesturesPhilippe BeltrameAnomalous diffusion through micropillar arrays ofsuspending microparticlesDimitris Papakonstantinou, Vaso Zanni, ZachareniaNikitaki, Christina Vasileiou, KonstantinosKousouris and Alexandros G. GeorgakilasUsing Machine Learning Techniques for assertingCellular Damage Induced by Ionizing RadiationB. Ahansaz, J. ZiaeiEntanglement distribution in a nitrogen doped graphenenanoribbonRadim PánisApplication of Recurrence Quantification Analysis(RQA) on astronomical dataChristos H SkiadasP. Khaledi, S. Behnia, R. Hoseini Bandgap Engineering inA Fractional Health State ModelGraphene Using Quantum Chaos ApproachEnd of the 2nd Day

14th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference8-11 June 2021 Athens, Greece - Turned into VirtualThursday, 10.6.2021TIME ZONE: CEST — Central European Summer Time11:30- 12:00 Preparation, interconnections12:00-14:00SCS8Special and Contributed SessionsRoom 1Room 2FRACTALValeriy S. AbramovThe Higgs boson and the Higgs field in fractal modelsof the Universe: supermassive black holes, relativisticjets, solar coronal holes, active microobjectsOlga P. Abramova, Andrii V. AbramovMemory cell based on qubit states and its control in amodel fractal coupled structureMaricel Agop, Alain Le Méhauté, Alina Gavriluţ,Lucian Eva, Gabriel CrumpeiModel of AI Involving Dynamics. Symmetry Breakingin Multifractal MediumVasileios Drakopoulos, Nallapu VijenderBivariate fractal interpolation methodsECONOMY ISamira Fathizadeh, Narmin Sefidkar, FatemehNemati Multifractal analysis of bioenergy transport in aprotein nanomotorArtem Balyakin, V. Zhulego Uneven DemographicDynamics in Nonhomogeneous EconomicCommunities as an Institutional TrapHarold M Hastings, Tai Young-TaftExploring dynamical regime change in natural andeconomic systemsPavel Zakharchenko, Dmitriy Simonenko, ViktorMukhinChaos in the Economic System in the Conditions ofInnovation and Market TransformationsLucía Inglada-PérezInvestigating the presence of chaotic structure in thecrude oil marketArupratan SantraImplication of Chaos Theory in StartupEntrepreneurshipYiannis DimotikalisAnalytics of Portfolio Selection Dimensions: Return,Risk, Diversification14:000- 15:00 Break15:00- 15:15 Preparation, interconnections15:15-16:00Room 1 (PS7)Plenary SessionChair: Dimitrios SotiropoulosSpeaker: Alexander M. KrotThe wave gravitational field arising and wave processes under orbital motion of a gravitating body16:00- 16:15 Preparation and Interconnections

16:15-17:30SCS9Special and Contributed SessionsRoom 1Room 2DYNAMICS IIMODELS - CHIMERAAsher YahalomNoether Currents for Eulerian Variational Principles inNon-Barotropic Magnetohydrodynamics and Restrictionof Chaos by Topological Conservation LawsE.P. Seleznev, N.V. Stankevich, A,O. Kazakov, S.V.GonchenkoMixe