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CHAPTER 16NONPOTABLE RAINWATER CATCHMENT SYSTEMS» 1601.0 General. »1601.1 Applicability. [HCD 1J The provisions of this chapter shall apply to the installation, construction, alteration, andrepair of nonpotable rainwater catchment systems. In addi-II tion, applicable provisions in Chapter 15, Sections 1501.7for"Alternate Water Sources for Nonpotable Applications" shallapply to rainwater catchment systems.1601.1.1 Allowable Use of Alternate Water. Whereapproved or required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, rainwater shall be permitted to be used in lieu ofpotable water for the applications identified in thischapter.1601.2 System Design. Rainwater catchment systems shall1bedesigned in accordance with this chapter by a person whodemonstrates competency to design the alternate watersource system as required by the Enforcing Agency. TheEnforcing Agency may also require plans and specificationsto be prepared by a licensed design professional. Components, piping, and fittings used in a rainwater catchment system shall be listed.1601.3 Permit. It shall be unlawful for a person to construct,install, alter, or cause to be constructed, installed, or altered anonpotable rainwater catchment system in a building or on apremise without first obtaining a permit to do such work fromthe Authority Having Jurisdiction.Exceptions:(J) A permit is not required for exterior rainwater catchmentsystems usedfor outdoor non-spray irrigation with a maximum storage capacity of 5000 gallons (J 8 927 L) wherethe tank is supported directly upon grade and the ratio ofheight to diameter or width does not exceed 2 to 1 and itdoes not require electrical power or a makeup water supply connection.(2) {HCD 1 & HCD 2J A permit is not required for exteriorrainwater catchment systems used for spray irrigation.with a maximum storage capacity of360 gallons (J 363 L).1601.4 Maintenance and Inspection. Rainwater catch-1ment systems and components shall be inspected and main-tained in accordance with the manufacturer :s recommendationsII and/oras required by the enforcing agency.1601.4.1 Maintenance Responsibility. The requiredmaintenance and inspection of rainwater catchment systems shall be the responsibility of the property owner,unless otherwise required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.II1601.5 Operation and Maintenance Manual. An operation and maintenance manual for rainwater catchment systems required to have a permit in accordance with Section1601 .3, shall be supplied to the building owner by the systemdesigner or installer. The operating and maintenance manualshall include the following:2016 CALIFORNIA PLUMBING CODE(1) Diagram(s) of the entire system and the location of system components.(2) Instructions on operating and maintaining the system.(3) Instructions on maintaining the required water qualityfor rainwater catchment systems.(4) Details on startup, shutdown, and deactivating the system for maintenance, repair, or other purposes.(5) Applicable testing, inspection, and maintenance frequencies in accordance with Section 1601 .5.(6) A method of contacting the installer and/or manufacturer(s).IIIIIIIIII(7) Directions to the owner or occupant that the manualshall remain with the building throughout the life cycle ofthe structure.1601.6 Minimum Water Quality Requirements. Theminimum water quality for rainwater catchment systems shallcomply with the applicable water quality requirements for theintended application as determined by the Authority HavingJurisdiction. Water quality for nonpotable rainwater catchment systems shall comply with Section 1602.9.4. In theabsence of water quality requirements for harvested rainwater, Table 1602.9.4 shall apply.Exceptions:(1) Water treatment is not required for rainwater catchmentsystems used for aboveground irrigation with a maximum storage capacity of360 gallons (1363 L).(2) Water treatment is not required for rainwater catchmentsystems used for surface, subsurface or drip irrigation.II 1602.0 Nonpotable Rainwater Catchment Systems.1602.1 General. The installation, construction, alteration,and repair of rainwater catchments systems intended to supplyuses such as water closets, urinals, trap primers for floordrains and floor sinks, irrigation, industrial processes, waterfeatures , cooling tower makeup and other uses shall beapproved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Additionaldesign criteria is capable of being found in ARC SAlASPE 63.1602.2 Plumbing Plan Submission. No permit for arainwater catchment system shall be issued until completeplumbing plans, with data satisfactory to the Authority Having Jurisdiction, have been submitted and approved.1602.3 System Changes. No changes or connections shallbe made to either the rainwater catchment system or thepotable water system within a site containing a rainwatercatchment system requiring a permit without approval by theAuthority Having Jurisdiction.1602.4 Connections to Potable or Reclaimed (Recycled) Water Systems. Rainwater catchment systems shallhave no unprotected connection to a potable water supply or321««I«««

NON POTABLE RAINWATER CATCHMENT SYSTEMSalternate water source system. Potable or reclaimed (recycled)water is permitted to be used as makeup water for a rainwater catchment system provided the potable or reclaimed (recycled) water supply connection is protected by an air gap orreduced-pressure principle backflow preventer in accordancewith this code.» 1602.5 Initial Cross-Connection Test. Where a portionof a rainwater catchment system is installed within a building,a cross-connection test is required in accordance with Section 1602.11.2. Before the building is occupied or the systemis activated, the installer shall perform the initial cross-connection test in the presence of the Authority Having Jurisdiction and other authorities having jurisdiction. The test shall beruled successful by the Authority Having Jurisdiction beforefinal approval is granted.»1 1602.6 Sizing. The design and size of rainwater drains, gutters, conductors, and leaders shall comply with Chapter 11 ofthis code.» 1602.7 Rainwater Catchment System Materials. Rainwater catchment system materials shall comply with Section1602.7.1 through Section 1602.7.3.»1602.7.1 Water Supply and Distribution Materials. Rainwater catchment water supply and distributionmaterials shall comply with the requirements of this codefor potable water supply and distribution systems, unlessotherwise provided for in this section.»1602.7.2 Rainwater Catchment System DrainageMaterials. Materials used in rainwater catchmentdrainage systems, including gutters, downspouts, conductors, and leaders shall be in accordance with therequirements of this code for storm drainage.1602.7.3 Storage Tanks. Rainwater storage tanks shallcomply with Section 1602.9.5.1602.8 Rainwater Catchment System Color and Marking Information. Rainwater catchment systems shall have acolored background in accordance with Section 60l.3. Rainwater catchment systems shall be marked, in lettering in accordance with Section 60l.3.3, with the words: "CAUTION:NONPOTABLE RAINWATER WATER, DO NOT DRINK."»»1 1602.9 Design and Installation. The design and installation of nonpotable rainwater catchment systems shall be inaccordance with Section 1602.9.1 through Section 1602.9.5.8.»FIGURE 1602.9322«1602.9.1 Outside Hose Bibbs. Outside hose bibbsshall be allowed on rainwater piping systems. Hose bibbssupplying rainwater shall be marked with the words:"CAUTION: NONPOTABLE WATER, DO NOTDRINK" and Figure 1602.9.1602.9.2 Deactivation and Drainage for CrossConnection Test. The rainwater catchment system andthe potable water system within the building shall be provided with the required appurtenances (e.g., valves, air orvacuum relief valves, etc.) to allow for deactivation ordrainage as required for a cross-connection test in accordance with Section 1602.11.2.1602.9.3 Rainwater Catchment System Surfaces.Rainwater shall be collected from roof surfaces or otherimpervious manmade, above-ground collection surfaces.Rainwater collectedfrom surface water runoff, vehicularparking surfaces or manmade surfaces at or below gradeshall comply with the water quality requirements for onsite treated nonpotable gray water in Section 1504. O.Exception: Collected rainwater or storm water usedexclusively for subsurface landscape irrigation.1602.9.3.1 Other Surfaces. Natural precipitation .collected from surface water runoff, vehicular parking surfaces, or manmade surfaces at or below gradeshall be in accordance with the water qualityrequirements for on-site treated nonpotable graywater systems in Section 1504.0.««IIException: Collected rainwater or storm water usedexclusively for subsurface landscape irrigation.1602.9.3.2 Prohibited Discharges. Overflowsand bleed-off pipes from roof-mounted equipmentand appliances shall not discharge onto roof surfacesthat are intended to collect rainwater.1602.9.4 Minimum Water Quality. The minimum waterquality for harvested rainwater shall meet the applicablewater quality requirements for the intended applications asdetermined by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. In theabsence of water quality requirements determined by theAuthority Having Jurisdiction, the minimum treatment andwater quality shall be in accordance with Table 1602.9.4.Exception: [BSC] No treatment is required for rainwaterused for non-spray irrigation where the maximum storage volume is less than 5000 gallons (18927 L) wherethe tank is supported directly upon grade and the ratio ofheight to diameter or width does not exceed 2 to 1.1602.9.4.1 Disinfection. Where the initial quality ofthe collected rainwater requires disinfection or othertreatment or both, the collected rainwater shall betreated as necessary to ensure the required water quality is delivered at the point of use. Where chlorine isusedfor disinfection or treatment, water shall be testedfor residual chlorine in accordance with ASTM D1253. The levels of residual chlorine shall not exceedthe levels allowed for the intended use in accordancewith the requirements ofthe local Enforcing Agency.1602.9.5 Rainwater Storage Tanks. Rainwater storage tanks shall be constructed and installed in accordancewith Section 1602.9.5.1 through Section 1602.9.5.7.II«l2016 CALIFORNIA PLUMBING CODE«

NONPOTABLE RAINWATER CATCHMENT SYSTEMSTABLE 1602.9.4MINIMUM TREATMENT AND WATER QUALITY FOR RAINWATERrAPPLICATIONiDebris excluder or other approved means in compliance II Car washingIiwith Section 1702.9.10I!-.-.-. . - . . . -- - . . .- . . --- -.- - -- . - ---- - -- . .- . . .- . . .- . . . . . . . . . . -. . .I 100 Micron (100 pm) in compliance with Section I11702.9.11 for drip irrigationIISurface, subsurface and drip irrigation iDebris excluder or other approved means in compliance!,I.withSection 1702.9.10I-.--. .- . - . . - - .- - . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . j100 Micron (1 O .p":) n compliance with SectionI!! 1702.9.11 for drzp zrrlgatzon.iSpray irrigation where the maximum IDebris excluder or other approved means in compliance Iistorage volume is less than 360 gallonsiwith Section 1702.9.10I 1II,1NIANIANIA: t l igaii -n-;,h ; --ih- a i;,; mlDeb isexCiude -();oiher-app; ed ans-in-;;() Plian ejEs h i hia;;()li.: · 100 CFU!100 mlI Turbidity: 10 NTUth'!.'!.3! J!!J!!l!!s.(1 IJ :. 1 . . Urinal and water closet flushing, clothes; Debris excluder or other approved means in compliance Escherichia coli: 100 CFU!100 ml:storage volume is equal to or greater' with Section 1702.9.10i1iwashing, and trap primingI·with Section 1702.9.10i----------------,--. - --------.---.-------------.--: 100 Micron (100 pm) in compliance with Section, Turbidity: 10 NTUii ---------- --- -- -- --.---- ---:I Ornamental fountains and other wateri Debrzs excluder or other approved means In complzance Escherzchza colz: 100 CFUII00 mlIwith Section 1702.9.10Turbidity: 10 NTUifeatures ---.-- . -;--------- . . . -- . . . .i--Co'Oling-i();;, ;:- ak - p ·;;,ate;-tD b ;:is a de;'O th ;app ;[m ansin ,omplianc Esche;ichi-a·· oii.:- 7iJiicFU)jiJiJmj.Iwith Section 1702.9.10I1100 Micron (J 00 pm) in compliance with Section I Turbidity: 10 NTUi 1702.9.11. . . . . . .L . . .»»»II»1602.9.5.1 Construction. Rainwater storage shallbe constructed of solid, durable materials not subject to excessive corrosion or decay and shall bewatertight. Storage tanks shall be approved by theAuthority Having Jurisdiction, provided such tanksare in accordance with approved applicable standards.1602.9.5.2 Location. Rainwater storage tanksshall be permitted to be installed above or belowgrade.1602.9.5.3 Above Grade. Above grade storagetanks shall be of an opaque material, approved foraboveground use in direct sunlight or shall beshielded from direct sunlight. Tanks shall beinstalled in an accessible location to allow forinspection and cleaning. The tank shall be installedon a foundation or platform that is constructed toaccommodate loads in accordance with the California Building Code.1602.9.5.4 Below Grade. Rainwater storagetanks install