Cisco Power Calculator -Power ResultsDisclaimer: The Cisco Power Calculator is intended to be an educational resource and a starting point inplanning your power requirement; it is not a final recommendation from Cisco. This tool does not check for softwarecompatibility. To determine the power requirements and software most appropriate for your company we suggest you workwith a Cisco representative, Cisco channel partner or a solutions provider.Product Family:Catalyst 6800Power Consumption/Heat Dissipation SummarySlot12345Line 0-X-16P10GWS-C6880-XOptional DFC------Power Over Ethernet Capabilities------Minimum Power SupplyOne C6880-X-3KW-AC in Combined ModePercentage Of Power Used64.67 %First Alternative Power SupplyTwo C6880-X-3KW-AC in Redundant ModePercentage of Power used64.67 %Total Output Current(@50V)Total Output PowerTotal Typical Output PowerTotal Heat Dissipation38.80 Amps1940.00 Watts1552.00 Watts7794.23 BTU/Hr

Quick FactsSelected ChassisSelected Supervisor EngineSelected VoltageSelected FanTrayChassis SlotsPower Supply OptionsLine Card SlotsRack UnitsWS-C6880-XWS-C6880-X200-240 Volts ACWS-C6880-X-FAN5One C6880-X-3KW-AC inCombined ModeTwo C6880-X-3KW-AC inRedundant ModeOne C6880-X-3KW-AC inRedundant ModeTwo C6880-X-3KW-AC inCombined Mode45

WARNING :Combined mode does not provide power supply redundancy. In combined mode, if one of the power supplies fails, the system will power downmodules until the system power allocation is under the power budget of the remaining power supplyPower Supply DetailsMinimum Power SupplyPercentage of Power usedTotal Output Current(@50V) Total Output Current(@50V) Total Output Current(@50V)for This PSU(A)Used (A)Remaining (A)60.0038.8021.20One C6880-X-3KW-AC inCombined Mode64.67 %Other Power Supply OptionsPercentage of Power usedTwo C6880-X-3KW-AC inRedundant Mode64.67 %One C6880-X-3KW-AC inRedundant Mode64.67 %60.0038.8021.20Two C6880-X-3KW-AC inCombined Mode38.80 %100.0038.8061.20Total Output Current(@50V) Total Output Current(@50V) Total Output Current(@50V)for This PSU(A)Used (A)Remaining (A)60.0038.8021.20

Configuration DetailsSlotLine tput Current(@42V)(A)4.006.406.406.406.409.20Output Current(@42V)(A)38.80Output Power (W)200.00320.00320.00320.00320.00460.00Output Power (W)1940.00Typical Power Used(W)160.00256.00256.00256.00256.00368.00Typical Power Used(W)1552.00PLEASE REFER TO THE NOTES PAGE FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION :Heat .651848.12Heat Dissipation(BTU/Hr)7794.23

NOTE :- The Catalyst 6880 backplane power connectors for the linecards, fan trays and Supervisors operate at50V.The power supplies take the power from the source and convert it into a 50V feed for these powerconnectors.- Output Power is the amount of power delivered from the Power Supply to the Catalyst 6880. To figure InputPower, divide output power by .85 (typical efficiency of the power supplies).- Output Power and Heat Dissipation numbers computed by the Cisco Power Calculator are maximum valuesand can be used for facility power and cooling capacity planning. These figure are not indicative of the actualpower draw or heat dissipation. Typical power draw is about 20% lower than the maximum value shown. Alsonote that most of power allocated for PoE devices is dissipated at the end points.- Output from the Cisco Power Calculator may not match the output from "show power" or certain "showenergywise" commands due to the way the system dynamically allocates power for PoE device bootup. Thisdynamically allocated power will not affect the overall selection of the proper power supply by the Cisco PowerCalculator.- The Power Calculator attempts to provide the power budget rules employed in the latest software releases. Itdoes not account for changes in the power management software made in previous versions. Please consultthe power management section of the Release Notes for a history of changes to the software powermanagement operation.