Percents & Proportions Real-World Task Cardsfrom Making It As A Middle School Teacher{24 Task Cards for sales tax, tips,commissions, percent increase anddecrease, markups, amount of discountand discounted price, and percent error}Common Core AlignedMCC7.RP

1. Ava bought snacksfor 1.49, .89 , and 2.25. She paid 6%sales tax. How muchdid Ava spendin all?3. Jim bought a newbicycle for 129. If thesales tax is 8%, howmuch did Jim pay insales tax? Whatwas the total cost?2. Your family ate a deliciousmeal at The House ofChicken. The meal itselfcost 47.25. A tip of 20%was left for the waitress.How much did yourfamily spend in total?4. Austin makes acommission of 20% onhis sales each week.Last week, his saleswere 520. How muchwas Austin’scommission? MakingItAsAMiddleSchoolTeacher

5. Calvin left a 15% tipfor a 9.42 meal.How much did Calvinpay for the meal andthe tip together?6. Tara’s meal cost 8.60.7. For every 890 lawn8. Nrs. Lopez found adining table on salefor 45% off. If theoriginal price was 1,250, how muchdid she save?mower Kelly sells, shegets a commission of 178. What percentageis Kelly’scommission?She had to pay salestax of 6%. Then she lefta 10% tip based off thenew total. What didshe spendaltogether? MakingItAsAMiddleSchoolTeacher

9. XYZ Toys makes a FeedNe Baby Doll for 10.40.They mark up the costby 55%. What is theselling price for theFeed-Ne Baby Doll?11.Last week, the Lionsscored 52 points. Thisweek, they scored 42points. What is thepercent decrease inthe Lions' scores?10.Shun bought an NP3player that usually sells for 68 at a discount of 15%.How much was thediscount? What did Shunpay for the discountedNP3 player?12. Kia thinks she canmake her new productfor 5.80. She plansto sell them for 12.What is herpercent markup? MakingItAsAMiddleSchoolTeacher

13. Zack had 20 peopleshow up for his firstexercise class. He had36 come to his secondclass. What is thepercent increase?15. Hunter thought hehad 400 baseballcards, but he actuallyhad 620. CalculateHunter’s percenterror?14. Leo purchased items thatcost 41.20, 13.90, 5.50, and 26.30. If his items totalmore than 80, the store willgive him a 50% discount.Does Leo qualify for thediscount? If so, whatis his cost before tax?16. Latisha purchased a pairof jeans for 35. She hada 10% off coupon. Howmuch was the discount?She had to pay 7% salestax. What was herfinal price for thejeans? MakingItAsAMiddleSchoolTeacher

17. Enrique makes 9.25 perhour and worked 30hours last week. He alsomakes 10% commission onthe 300 of sales he madelast week. How muchdid he make in totalfor last week?19. Nacy bought new tires forher car. She chose tires thatcost 73 each. However, thetire store was offering a Buy3, Get 1 Free Sale. After thisspecial sale, she had to pay9% sales tax. What wasNacy’s final cost forall 4 tires?18. Stan made changes tohis driving habits andwent from 18 mpg to22 mpg. What wasStan’s percentincrease in his gasmileage?20. When Piper was a puppy,she weighed 6 pounds.As a full-grown GreatDane, she know weighs154 pounds. Determinethe percent increasein Piper’s weight. MakingItAsAMiddleSchoolTeacher

21. If you purchase a 24 pairof shoes at a 10% discountand a 10 belt at a 25%discount, what is the totalof the discounts youreceive. What is thetotal price you owe,before tax?23. Naria makes 12%22. Several friends went outto eat lunch together.Sharon offered to pay1/3 of the total cost. Ifthe total cost was 46,about how muchdid Sharon pay?24. Nr. Hawkins bought 2 shirtscommission on every 200of merchandise she sells.Teresa makes 25%commission for every 100she sells. Who makesthe bettercommission?for 40 each. The store washave a Buy One, Get One50% Off sale. Nr. Hawkinsalso had a 10% off couponto apply to his subtotal. Hethen paid 6% sales taxon that amount. Howmuch did he spend? MakingItAsAMiddleSchoolTeacher

Answer MakingItAsAMiddleSchoolTeacher

Answer Sheet1.2. 4.91 56.70Answer Key13. 80%14. Yes, 43.453. 10.32, 139.324. 10415. 55%16. 3.50, 33.715. 10.836. 10.0317. 307.5018. 22%7. 20%8. 562.509. 6.1219. 238.7120. 2467%21. 4.90, 29.1010. 10.20, 57.8022. about 1523. Teresawith25%24. 57.2411. 19%12. 48% MakingItAsAMiddleSchoolTeacher

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