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6RECOMMENDATIONSFOR YOURBIBLE STUDYIf your Bible study group is looking for a topic andcorresponding study materials for your next session, thereare a number of great options using Alistair’s teaching. Werecommend the following:Name above All NamesA study of the person and work of JesusBook and study guideSeven chapters that each explore a differentdescription of Christ make this an excellentseven-part study.Pathway to FreedomA study of the Ten CommandmentsBook and audio series on CD (or free audioonline)This insightful study dives deep into the TenCommandments and teaches that God’scommands are not a ladder to climb but amirror to help us see ourselves and our needfor a Savior. This will make a great twelve-weekstudy.Pray BigHow to pray big prayers by learningfrom the apostle PaulBookEight topical chapters drawn from Paul’sprayers in the book of Ephesians explorethe attributes of prayer and also the thingsfor which we should pray.OneA study of unity in the body of ChristAudio CD (or free audio online)This short series addresses unity in thebody of Christ: one body, one Lord, onefaith, one baptism, and one God and Father.A Christian ManifestoA study of the BeatitudesAudio CD (or free online audio) and writtentranscriptsThis short eight-message study provideswonderful insight into Jesus’ Sermon on theMount.Intended for GoodA study of God’s sovereigntyAudio CD, Video DVD (or free audio andvideo online)This brief three-message study explores thedoctrine of God’s providence.

5THINGSYOUMAY NOTKNOW livestream are all available to link to from within yoursite. You can find more information about how to dothis by going to You can have text from the ESV Bible read toyou through both our website and the mobile app.On the app, select Bible in the bottom bar, then the1. You can view the Sunday evening and chapter you’d like to hear, then tap theWhile the Sunday evening service from Parksideplay icon. On the website, click on the More optionChurch is not streamed live as it is in the morning, youin the top menu bar, then select Online Bible ESV,can often view the message when it’s made availablethen select from the options on the right to chooseonline later in the week. If there’s a Sunday eveningyour Scripture. Tap the player button and the audiomessage available to watch, you’ll find it under thewill begin.Latest Sermons tab. And by way of reminder, theSunday morning livestream can be viewed at 9:45 a.m.5. You can order your monthly books online.eastern at, through our YouTubeIf you set up an online account on our website,channel or Facebook page and on streaming TV. If 9:45you can quickly and easily order your monthlya.m. eastern is an inconvenient time, you can view thebooks at or through the mobileservice on all these channels throughout the Establishing a profile is quick and easy: You can view Alistair’s speaking schedule.If you want to know where Alistair will be speakingin the coming months, click on the Events tab in thetop menu bar at to view scheduledspeaking engagements and locations.3. You can add Truth For Life’s teaching to your ownwebsite. If you’d like to add Truth For Life’s contentto your church’s or organization’s website, you cando that simply by request. The daily program, dailydevotional, One-Year Bible Reading Plan, and Sunday

Board of DirectorsTruth For Life is governed by an independent,StewardshipAudited Financials for Period Ending 12/31/2019volunteer board of trustees. The board meetsthree times a year.Our current board members are:Scott AndrewsAlistair BeggTotal Support and Revenue 14,390,259Operating Expenses:Program Activity Costs 10,716,756General and Admin Costs 1,317,794Fundraising Costs 611,560Jim DavisJohn RothenbuhlerJerry TubergenJohn Van WingerdenAs of 12/31/2019 the net assets of Truth For Lifetotaled 18,041,561

Truth For Lifeis the teaching ministry of Alistair Begg and iscommitted to teaching the Bible with clarityand relevance so that unbelievers will beconverted, believers will be established, andlocal churches will be