VIZIOuser manualModel: E221-A1

This product qualifies for ENERGY STAR in the “factorydefault” setting and this is the setting in which powersavings will be achieved. Changing the factory defaultpicture settings or enabling other features will increasepower consumption that could exceed the limits necessaryto qualify for ENERGY STAR rating.For DTS patents, see under license from DTS Licensing Limited. DTS,the Symbol, & DTS and the Symbol together are registeredtrademarks, and DTS Studio Sound is a trademark ofDTS, Inc. DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of DolbyLaboratories.HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition MultimediaInterface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMILicensing LLC.

WelcomeThank You for Choosing VIZIOImportant Safety InstructionsAnd congratulations on your new VIZIO HDTV.Your TV is designed and manufactured to operate within defineddesign limits. Misuse may result in electric shock or fire. To preventyour TV from being damaged, the following instructions shouldbe observed for the installation, use, and maintenance of yourTV. Read the following safety instructions before operating yourTV. Keep these instructions in a safe place for future reference.To get the most out of your new VIZIO product, read theseinstructions before using your product and retain them for futurereference. Be sure to inspect the package contents to ensurethere are no missing or damaged parts.Product Registration To purchase or inquire about accessories and installation servicesfor your VIZIO product, visit our website at or calltoll free at (877) 878-4946.To reduce the risk of electric shock or componentdamage, switch off the power before connecting othercomponents to your TV. Read these instructions. Keep these instructions.We recommend that you either: Heed all warnings. Register your VIZIO product at Follow all instructions. Complete and mail the enclosed registration card Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with a dry cloth. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install inaccordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators,heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (includingamplifiers) that produce heat. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized orgrounding-type plug. A polarized plug has two bladeswith one wider than the other. A grounding type plughas two blades and a third grounding prong. The wideblade or the third prong are provided for your safety. Ifthe provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult anelectrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched,particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and thepoint where they exit from the apparatus. Only use attachments/accessories specified by themanufacturer.Extended WarrantiesFor peace of mind, and to protect your investment beyond thestandard warranty, VIZIO offers on-site extended warranty serviceplans. These plans provide additional coverage during thestandard warranty period. To purchase an extended warrantyservice plan, visit Reading this ManualWhen you see this symbol, please read theaccompanying important warning or notice. It isintended to alert you to the presence of importantoperating instructions.When you see this symbol, please read theaccompanying helpful tip.

Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, bracket,or table specified by the manufacturer, or soldwith the apparatus. When a cart is used, usecaution when moving the cart/apparatuscombination to avoid injury from tip-over. Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or whenunused for long periods of time. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicingis required when the apparatus has been damaged inany way, such as when the power-supply cord or plug isdamaged, liquid has been spilled or objects have falleninto the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed torain or moisture, does not operate normally or has beendropped.or local power company. Do not apply pressure or throw objects at your TV.This may compromise the integrity of the display. Themanufacturer’s warranty does not cover user abuse orimproper installations. The power cord must be replaced when using differentvoltage than the voltage specified. For more information,contact your dealer. When connected to a power outlet, power is alwaysflowing into your TV. To totally disconnect power, unplugthe power cord. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within anequilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to thepresence of un-isolated, dangerous voltage within theinside of your TV that may be of sufficient magnitude toconstitute a risk of electric shock to persons. Unplug the power cord before cleaning your TV. When moving your TV from an area of low temperatureto an area of high temperature, condensation may formin the housing. Wait before turning on your TV to avoidcausing fire, electric shock, or component damage. Do not overload power strips and extension cords.Overloading can result in fire or electric shock.A distance of at least three feet should be maintainedbetween your TV and any heat source, such as a radiator,heater, oven, amplifier etc. Do not install your TV close tosmoke. Operating your TV close to smoke or moisture maycause fire or electric shock. The wall socket should be installed near your TV andeasily accessible. Only power of the marked voltage can be used for yourTV. Any other voltage than the specified voltage maycause fire or electric shock.Slots and openings in the back and bottom of thecabinet are provided for ventilation. To ensure reliableoperation of your TV and to protect it from overheating,be sure these openings are not blocked or covered. Donot place your TV in a bookcase or cabinet unless properventilation is provided. Do not touch the power cord during lightning. To avoidelectric shock, avoid handling the power cord duringelectrical storms. Unplug your TV during a lightning storm or when it will notbe used for long period of time. This will protect your TVfrom damage due to power surges. Never push any object into the slots and openings onyour TV cabinet. Do not place any objects on the top ofyour TV. Doing so could short circuit parts causing a fireor electric shock. Never spill liquids on your TV. Your TV should be operated only from the type of powersource indicated on the label. If you are not sure of thetype of power supplied to your home, consult your dealerDo not attempt to repair or service your TV yourself.Opening or removing the back cover may expose you tohigh voltages, electric shock, and other hazards. If repairis required, contact your dealer and refer all servicing toqualified service personnel. WARNING: Keep your TV away from moisture. Do notexpose your TV to rain or moisture. If water penetrates into

your TV, unplug the power cord and contact your dealer.Continuous use in this case may result in fire or electricshock. This apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping orsplashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases,shall be placed on the apparatus. Do not use your TV if any abnormality occurs. If anysmoke or odor becomes apparent, unplug the powercord and contact your dealer immediately. Do not try torepair your TV yourself. The mains plug or appliance coupler is used as thedisconnect device, the disconnect device shall remainreadily operable. Avoid using dropped or damaged appliances. If yourTV is dropped and the housing is damaged, the internalcomponents may function abnormally. Unplug the powercord immediately and contact your dealer for repair.Continued use of your TV may cause fire or electricshock. CAUTION - These servicing instructions are for use byqualified service personnel only. To reduce the risk ofelectric shock, do not perform any servicing other thanthat contained in the operating instructions unless youare qualified to do so. Do not install your TV in an area with heavy dust or highhumidity. Operating your TV in environments with heavydust or high humidity may cause fire or electric shock. Follow instructions for moving your TV. Ensure that thepower cord and any other cables are unplugged beforemoving your TV. When unplugging your TV, hold the AC/DC poweradapter, not the cord. Pulling on the power cord maydamage the wires inside the cord and cause fire orelectric shock. When your TV will not be used for anextended period of time, unplug the power cord. To reduce risk of electric shock, do not touch theconnector with wet hands. Insert batteries in accordance with instructions. Incorrectpolarities may cause the batteries to leak which candamage the remote control or injure the operator. Do notexpose batteries to excessive heat such as sunshine, fireor the like. If any of the following occurs, contact the dealer:- The power cord fails or frays.- Liquid sprays or any object drops into your TV.- Your TV is exposed to rain or other moisture.- Your TV is dropped or damaged in any way.- The performance of your TV changes substantially.h The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within anequilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to thepresence of uninsulated DANGEROUS VOLTAGE within theproduct’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitudeto constitute a risk of electrical shock to persons.

Television Antenna ConnectionProtectionIf an outside antenna/satellite dish or cable system is to beconnected to the TV, make sure that the antenna or cable systemis electrically grounded to provide some protection againstvoltage surges and static charges.Article 810 of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPSA 70,provides information with regard to proper grounding of themast and supporting structure, grounding of the lead-in wire toan antenna discharge unit, size of the grounding conductors,location of antenna discharge unit, connection to groundingelectrodes, and requirements of the grounding electrode.Ground ClampLightning ProtectionFor added protection of the TV during a lightning storm or whenit is left unattended or unused for long periods of time, unplugthe TV from the wall outlet and disconnect the antenna or cablesystem.Power LinesDo not locate the antenna near overhead light or power circuits,or where it could fall into such power lines or circuits. Remember,the screen of the coaxial cable is intended to be connected toearth in the building installation.Antenna Lead In WireAntenna Discharge Unit(NEC Section 810-20)Grounding Conductors(NEC Section 810-21)Ground ClampsElectric Service EquipmentPower Service Grounding ElectrodeSystem(NEC ART 250, part H)

Table of ContentsInstalling the TV. 3Adjusting the Advanced Picture Settings. 22Inspecting the Package Contents. 3Adjusting the Color Temperature. 23Installing the TV. 3Adjusting the Picture Size and Position. 23Installing the TV Stand. 3Resetting the Picture Settings . 24Installing the TV on a Wall. 5Adjusting the Audio Settings. 25Adjusting the Advanced Audio Settings. 26Controls and Connections. 6Resetting the Audio Settings. 26Front Panel. 8Changing the TV Settings. 27Remote Control. 9Changing the Input Source. 27Replacing the Batteries. 10Setting the Tuner Mode. 28Connecting Your Devices. 11Scanning for Channels. 28Connecting A Device. 11Adding New Channels. 29Connecting a Device - Audio and Video Cable Types. 12Skipping Channels. 30Connecting an Audio Device. 13Changing the Audio Language. 30Connecting an Audio Device - Audio Cable Types. 14Using the Parental Controls. 31Connecting an Audio Device - ARC. 15Accessing the Parental Controls Menu. 31Without HDMI ARC. 15Enabling or Disabling Program Ratings. 32With HDMI ARC. 15Locking and Unlocking Channels. 32Blocking and Unblocking Content by Rating. 32Completing the First-Time Setup. 16Changing the Parental Control Passcode. 33Using the On-Screen Menu. 17Resetting the Content Locks. 33Navigating the On-Screen Menu. 17Changing the Names of the Inputs. 33Changing the Input Source. 18Changing the On-Screen Menu Language. 34Changing the Screen Aspect Ratio.