OPERATION MANUALFor use with models: P8M/P8S seriesFigures and illustrations in this User’s Guide areprovided for reference only and may differ fromactual product appearance. Product design andspecifications may be changed without notice.

Table of ContentsChapter 1: Safety InformationChapter 4: Using more of your TVPrecautions .3Warning .3Product .3Power and Plug .3Power Cord and Signal Cable .3Use Environment .3Cleaning .3Hanging the TV Set on the Wall .3Installing Channels .13Using Subtitles .13Turning On/Off Subtitles .13Enabling Subtitle Languages on Digital TVChannels .13Selecting a Subtitle Type on Digital TV Channels .13Using Teletext .13Selecting Decoding Page Language .13Digital Teletext Language .13Network Wake Up .13T-Link .14Enabling or Disabling T-Link .14Using Auto Power On .14Using Auto Standby .14HbbTV .14HbbTV Access .14HbbTV Deactivation .14T-Cast .14Using EPG (Electronic Program Guide) .14Bluetooth Function .15Time Shift .15PVR(Personal Video Recorder) .15Freeview Plus .16What You Need .16To Launch Freeview Plus .16Netflix Settings .16Reset Shop .16Password in Parental Control .16Chapter 2: Connections and SetupTV Buttons .4Initial Setup .4Sockets .6Remote Control Functions .7Installing Batteries .7Exclusive Remote Control .8How to Use the Remote Control.8Installing Batteries .8Network Connection .9Switching On .10Switching Off .10Chapter 3: Basic TV OperationsAccessing Channels .11Watching Connected Devices .11Adjusting Volume .11Accessing Smart TV Homepage .11Accessing Google Play .11Accessing T recommended .12Using System Settings menu .12Using Instant Power On .12Using TV Options menu .12Chapter 5: Other InformationProblems & Solutions .17Troubleshooting .18Legal Statement .19Licence .202

Chapter 1PrecautionsSafety InformationRead all of the instructions before operating the set.Keep these instructions well for future use.and the cabinet has been damaged. Where the mains plug or an appliance coupler is usedas disconnect device, the disconnect device shallremain readily operable.WarningPower Cord and Signal CableNever place a television set in an unstable location. Atelevision set may fall, causing serious personal injuryor death. Many injuries, particularly to children, can beavoided by taking simple precautions such as:-- Using cabinets or stands recommended by themanufacturer of the television set.-- Only using furniture that can safely support thetelevision set.-- Ensuring the television set is not overhanging theedge of the supporting furniture.-- Not placing the television set on tall furniture(for example, cupboards or bookcases) withoutanchoring both the furniture and the television set toa suitable support.-- Not placing the television set on cloth or othermaterials that may be located between the televisionset and supporting furniture.-- Educating children about the dangers of climbing onfurniture to reach the television set or its controls.If your existing television set is being retained andrelocated, the same considerations as above should beapplied. Do not allow anything to rest on or roll over the powercord and the signal cable. Protect the power cord and the signal cable frombeing trampled. Do not overload the power cord or the power outlet. Do not expose the power cord and the signal cable tomoisture.Product Do not block or cover the ventilation openings on theback cover. Do not push objects of any kind into this unit throughthe cabinet slots as they could touch the currentcarrying parts or short-circuit parts, resulting in fire,electric shock, or damage to the unit. Do not attempt to open the cabinet as this may causedamage. There are no parts inside you can service byyourself. Refer all servicing to qualified personnel. Do not touch the screen surface with fingers as thismay scratch or mar the TV screen. Do not impact the TV screen with hard pressure asthis may damage the TV screen severely. This appliance is not intended for use by youngchildren or infirm persons without supervision. Youngchildren should be supervised to ensure that they donot play with the appliance.Power and Plug Unplug the set under the following conditions:-- If the set will not be used for a long period of time.-- If the power cord or the power outlet/plug isdamaged.-- Follow the instructions to install and adjust theproduct. Adjust those controls that are covered inthese operating instructions as improper adjustmentof other controls may result in damage. If thishappens, unplug the set and refer to the servicepersonnel.-- If the set is subject to impact or has been droppedUse Environment Do not place the set on an unstable cart, stand, ortable. Place the set on a place that allows good ventilation. Do not use the set near damp, and cold areas. Do not expose the set to excessive heat such as directsunlight, fire, or the like and no naked flame sources,such as lighted candles, should be placed on theapparatus. Do not expose the set to dripping or splashing andno objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall beplaced on the apparatus. Do not use the set in dusty environments. Operating Temperature: 5 C to 35 C (41 F to 95 F)Operating Humidity: 20% to 80%, non-condensingStorage Temperature: -15 C to 45 C (5 F to 113 F)Storage Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensingCleaning Dust the set by wiping the screen and the cabinet witha soft, clean cloth or some special liquid cleaner. Do not apply excessive force to the screen whencleaning. Do not use water or other chemical cleaner to cleanthe screen as this may damage the surface of the TVscreen.Hanging the TV Set on the WallWarning: This operation requires two people.To ensure a safe installation, observe the followingsafety notes: Check that the wall can support the weight of the TVset and wall mount assembly. Follow the mounting instructions provided with thewall mount. The TV set must be installed on a vertical wall. Make sure to use only screws suitable for the materialof the wall. Make sure that the TV set cables are placed so thatthere is no danger of tripping over them.All other safety instructions about our TV sets are alsoapplicable here. Wall mount bracket not included.(Note: certain TV models are not designed to bemounted to the wall.)3

Chapter 2Connections and SetupTV ButtonsIf the batteries in your remote control are run down, you can use the button(s) on your TV set.For models only with onefunction controller./button on the TV set, it may work just as Power on/Standby button, or as a multi-You can turn on the TV by pressbutton at the bottom of the TV.While the TV is on, the multi-function menu appears by pressingbutton at the bottom of the TV. Moreinformation about how to use the multi-function menu, please refer to the fugure below. Press to move the highlight to the next function selection Press and hold the button for more than 2 seconds to confirm your selection.Note:You can follow the on-screen guide to operate.Figures and illustrations are provided for reference only and may vary depending on the model.Initial SetupThe first time you switch the set on, the Welcome screen appears, which guides you through the initial setup process.Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the initial setup process such as selecting the language, connecting to thenetwork, and more. During each step, either make a choice or skip the step. If you skip a step, you can perform thesetup later from the settings menu.Note: if the channel search retrieved only the analogue channels it could be caused by poor broadcasting andtherefore is not covered by manufacturer warranty. Manufacturers cannot be held responsible for lack of or poorbroadcasting in some areas.Google setup and TCL initial setup4

Chapter 2Connections and SetupNote: figures and illustrations are provided for reference only and may differ from actual product appearance.5

Connections and SetupSocketsNote: the location and names of the sockets on the TV may vary according to TV model, and not all sockets are available on all models.HDMI, HDMI(ARC) or HDMI(SERVICE) socket (input)The HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) socket can beused to connect a Blu-ray player, PC with a compatible video cardinstalled, certain DVD players or a high-definition compatible digitalsatellite decoder. This socket provides an uncompressed digitalconnection that carries both video and audio data by way of anintegrated mini-plug cable.HDMIor HDMI(SERVICE)or HDMIAV IN adapter socketThe AV IN adapter socket can be used to connect the attachedAV adapter cable with VIDEO and AUDIO L & R IN sockets. TheAV IN sockets can be used to connect a range of equipment,including video recorders, camcorders, decoders, satellite receivers,DVD players, or games consoles. The VIDEO IN socket providescomposite video connection.LVRLRLVAV INadapterVR(ARC)ANTENNA INLANANTENNA IN socket (input)This socket can be used to connect an outside aerial.LANRJ45 plug for connecting to external modem or network accessequipment.Router / ModemDIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) socketThis socket can be used to connect a compatible digital audioreceiver.DIGITALAUDIO OUT(OPTICAL)Headphone socket (output)This socket can be used to connect headphones or stereoearphones.Warning: Excessive sound pressure from earphones andheadphones can cause hearing loss.HDDUSB 2.0USB2.0 socket (input)These sockets can be used to connect a USB device.Notes: 1.The number of USB sockets on the TV may vary according to TV model. 2. Only the USB 2.0 with black socket is availablefor far-field voice control. 3. To use far-field voice control, you needa far-field voice control module which is sold separately. Only theTCL brand module of model FVC*(* stands for the numbers) iscompatible with this TV. For details, please refer to your local dealer.6

Connections and SetupRemote Control FunctionsMost of your television's functions are available via the menus that appear on the screen. The remote control suppliedwith your set can be used to navigate through the menus and to configure all the general settings.Note: figures and illustrations in this operation manual are provided for reference only and may differ from actualproduct appearance. Certain function may not be available for some models, e.g. GUIDE/SUBTITLE functionsare only available under DTV source. And DTV is not available for certain model.To switch the sound off and back on.Standby / quit standby.Numeric buttonsTo enter channel numbers or a digit.To access T recommended apps.LIST/P/ / / / OKEXITLANGGUIDETEXTSUBT.Colour buttonsRECTo display the channel list.To control the volume.To display program information, if available.To display the Settings menu.To change channels.To access the Smart TV homepage.To display the Option menu.Navigation direction buttons.To confirm an entry or selection.To return to the previous menu or quit an app.To select input source.To exit the Settings menu.To select an audio language available for selected digital TVprogram.To toggle the Electronic Program Guide on or off . (onlyavailable for digital channels.)To toggle Teletext on or off.To select a subtitle language available for selected digital TVprogram.To select ta