Administration of Justice (Criminal Justice)All areas of Administration of Justice require that individuals possess the personal and physical qualities essential tobecome effective peace officers. Many employment opportunities currently exist for individuals desiring entrance intolaw enforcement or related fields at various governmental levels. Security and corrections are fast-growing professions. Individuals interested in these professions should understand that the work is demanding, requiring a combination of training, education, and experience, along with mental and physical stamina.The Administration of Justice program is designed to develop a student’s understanding of the various operationalfunctions within the criminal justice system. The educational emphasis will be the examination of crime causation,functions of law enforcement, criminal court system, and corrections. Students majoring in this subject area canprepare themselves for careers in law enforcement, corrections, and security at both the operational andadministrative levels.Careers in the criminal justice field are found at the federal, state, county, and city levels.Careers at the state, county, or city level usually require a high school diploma, but an associate’s degree is preferable.Careers in law enforcement usually start with Police Academy Training. The modular format provides the opportunityto become a reserve officer while completing Module II and III of training. A Module I graduate may elect to becomea reserve officer or may apply for a full-time position with a law enforcement agency in California.Careers in Forensics - the application of science and technology to the analysis of physical evidence - may be enteredthrough the Crime Scene Investigation course (AJ 67) and the Fingerprint Recognition and Classification course (AJ 31).CSULA offers a M.A. degree in Criminalistics.Career OpportunitiesCommunication Technician, Correctional Officer, Criminalist, Criminologist, Deputy Sheriff, Forensic Technician,Juvenile Correctional Officer, Police Officer, Probation Officer, Security Manager, Security Officer,Special Agent/InvestigatorFacultyRand PadgettDegrees and Certificates AwardedAssociate in Science, Administration of JusticeAssociate in Science for Transfer, Administration of JusticeAdministration of Justice CertificateCampus Law Enforcement Course PC 832.3 CertificateCorrections Officer Core Course CertificateFingerprint Recognition and Classification CertificateForensic Specialist CertificateModular Course Level II CertificateModular Course Level III CertificatePC 832 Firearms Only CertificatePC 832 Law Enforcement Course CertificatePolice Technician Specialist CertificateProgram Learning Outcomes2017-2018 Victor Valley College CatalogAdministration of JusticeA student receiving a degree or certificate in this field will be able to: Critically analyze and evaluate behaviors and situations for violations of law; evaluate the lawful admissibility ofevidence; and assess legal defenses. Communicate effectively, orally and in written formats, to the various professional role players within theCriminal Justice system. Critically evaluate Vehicle Code violations to determine the cause for an accident. Perform the fundamentals of firearm safety, shooting accurately, and cleaning a pistol. Critically analyze and assess various sample fingerprints and accurately classify each fingerprint. Critically evaluate the search and/or seizure of evidence and determine the admissibility of evidence based oncurrent Federal Supreme Court Decisions. Critically analyze and evaluate the procedures in the preliminary investigation of specific crimes. Critically examine and evaluate the types of evidence, admissibility of evidence given fourth and fifthamendment restrictions; analyze exceptions to the exclusionary rule. Critically evaluate the processes involved in recognizing evidence and investigating any specific crime scene;recognize the barriers to an effective interviews and/or interrogations Critically analyze and describe the criminal trial processes from pre-arrest to sentencing.107

Administration of Justice (Criminal Justice) Critically analyze and evaluate the proper procedures in conducting a criminal investigation involving crimes againstpersons, property, sex crimes, crimes against children, bombs and explosions, and vice and narcotics. Critically evaluate and analyze the development of the role players, training and education, and present day challenges of the criminal justice system to include police, courts, and corrections. Perform the duties and responsibilities of a Level II Reserve. Critically appraise the legal restraints imposed on a peace officer by the US Constitution; critically evaluate the dutiesand responsibilities of a Level III Reserve. Explain the sociological theories of criminology that relate specifically to juvenile delinquency. Recognize and explain the development of the Juvenile court system Recognize and explain the role of parens patriae and its role in the social development of the juvenile offender. Perform the duties, role, and function of a state certified correctional officer in a county jail or private prison.Autopsy Assistant Trainee ExamStudents who wish to take the Autopsy Assistant Trainee exam to seek positions as trainees or interns should take AJ 67,133, 145; ALDH 139; BIOL 211 (prerequisite: BIOL 100 or 107); and PHOT 101.Associate DegreeTo earn an Associate in Science degree with a major in Administration of Justice, complete a minimum of 18 units from any ofthe degree applicable certificate requirements or from any Administration of Justice courses (numbered 50 and above) andmeet all Victor Valley College graduation requirements. AJ 138 (Cooperative Education) may be used as elective credit but maynot be used to fulfill major requirementsTo earn an Associate in Science degree for Transfer with a major in Administration of Justice, complete the required majorcourses and all other requirements specified on the following pages (ie. 60 CSU transferable units, CSU GE or IGETC, etc). Formore information on the AA-T/AS-T degrees, meet with a counselor or go to www.adegreewithaguarantee.comTransferFor the most up-to-date information on these programs and others, visit Please stop by the Transfer Centerin Building 55 or make an appointment with a counselor if you have questions. California State University, San Bernardino: Criminal Justice majorLocal Bachelors ProgramsAdministration of JusticeFor information on the following programs located in the High Desert, please visit andselect “Counseling Information Sheets”: Brandman University, Victor Valley Campus: Criminal Justice major University of La Verne, High Desert Campus: Criminal Justice major (Online)1082017-2018 Victor Valley College Catalog

Administration of Justice (Criminal Justice)Administration of Justice, AS-T (04967)The program leading to the Associate in Science for Transfer in Administration of Justice is designed to acquaint pre-service and in-service students with theprinciples and practices of criminal justice systems in America.Students will be prepared to work in a variety of fields, including: public law enforcement agencies such as municipal police, probation officers, county deputysheriffs, correction- al officers, game wardens, state parks, and private security.Students completing the AS-T in Administration of Justice will be able to transfer to the California State University system and be prepared to study in thefollowing areas: Administration of Justice, Law Enforcement, Correctional Science, Social Science/Criminology, Forensics, and Pre-Law.Major Requirements: 18-19 unitsRequired Courses (6 units total):AJ 101Introduction to Administration of Justice3.0AJ 103Criminal Law3.0Additional CoursesList A – Select any TWO of the following courses (6 units total)AJ 102Criminal Procedures3.0AJ 104Legal Aspects of Evidence3.0AJ 132Introductions to Corrections3.0AJ 135Juvenile Law and Procedures3.0AJ 145Introduction to Criminal Investigation3.0AJ 150Introduction to Forensic Science3.0AJ 201Community and the Justice System3.0List B – Select any TWO of the following courses (6 units total)Introductory to Psychology3.0PSYC 101HHonors to Introductory Psychology3.0SOC 101Introduction to Sociology3.0MATH 120Introduction to Statistics4.0MATH 120HHonors Introduction to Statistics4.0GEOG 101Physical Geography3.0GEOG 101LGeography Lab1.0GEOG 102Introduction to Cultural Geography3.0POLS 130Introduction to Paralegal Studies3.0BADM 101Financial Accounting4.0BADM 103Financial Accounting Fundamentals3.0BIOL 211Human Anatomy4.0CIS 101Computer Literacy4.0OR, any CSU transferable Administration of Justice lower division course, OR, courses outside of the Administration of Justice discipline that are articulatedas lower division major preparation for the Criminal Justice/ Criminology major at any CSU.A student wishing to pursue an AA-T/AS-T degree in the major listed on this page must ensure the CSU of their choice is accepting that similar major. Students completing an AA-T/AS-T degree are guaranteed admissions into a CSU campus given that a student fulfills the following:1) 60 CSU transferable units;2) Completes the CSU General Education (GE) or IGETC General Education pattern;3) Completes the major requirements for the AA-T/AS-T;4) Maintains a transferable cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (C or better);5) Completes the basic/Golden 4 GE requirements;For more information on the AA-T/AS-T degrees, meet with a counselor or visit www.adegreewithaguarantee.com2017-2018 Victor Valley College CatalogAdministration of JusticePSYC 101109

Administration of Justice (Criminal Justice)ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT (20548)Prepares the student for a variety of employment opportunities within the Criminal Justice System. Employment opportunities include Corrections, Law Enforcement, Traffic Enforcement, Probation, Parole, Security, Prevention Loss officer,and related Social Worker positions.Units Required: 24.0All of the following must be completed:AJ 92Writing for Criminal Justice3.0AJ 93Traffic Enforcement and Investigation3.0AJ 101Introduction to Administration of Justice3.0AJ 102Criminal Procedures3.0AJ 103Criminal Law3.0AJ 104Legal Aspects of Evidence3.0AJ 127Introduction to Criminology3.0AJ 201Community and the Justice System3.0CAMPUS LAW ENFORCEMENT COURSE: PC 832.3 CERTIFICATE OF CAREERPREPARATIONUnits Required: 2.0AJ 8PC 832.3 Campus Law Enforcement2.0CORRECTIONS OFFICER CORE COURSE CERTIFICATE OF CAREER PREPARATIONPrepares the student to meet the legal requirements established by Standards and Training for Corrections (STC), in orderto be employed as a city or county correctional officer.Units Required: 8.0AJ64Basic CorrectionsOfficer ICATION CERTIFICATE OF CAREER8.0Units Required: 2.5AJ 31Fingerprint Recognition and Classification2.5FORENSIC SPECIALIST CERTIFICATE OF CAREER PREPARATIONThis certificate meets the standards required of a Forensic Specialist whose duties include processing evidence at crimescenes, packaging and transporting evidence to a crime lab, and testifying in court. The certificate requirements meet thestandards set by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and the College Advisory Committee.Units Required: 3.5Administration of JusticeAJ 67110Crime Scene Investigation3.5LAW ENFORCEMENT MODULE III BASIC COURSE CERTIFICATE OF CAREER PREPARATIONThis certificate will be awarded to students who have successfully completed the Level III Modulated Course. This courseis certified by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.Units Required: 6.5AJ 80Module Law Enforcement Basic Course2017-2018 Victor Valley College Catalog6.5

Administration of Justice (Criminal Justice)LAW ENFORCEMENT MODULE II BASIC COURSE CERTIFICATE OF CAREERPREPARATIONThis certificate will be awarded to students who have successfully completed the Level II Modulated Course. This courseis certified by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.Units Required: 15.5AJ 80Module III Law Enforcement Basic Course6.5AJ 81Module II Law Enforcement Basic Course9.0PC 832 FIREARMS ONLY CERTIFICATE OF CAREER PREPARATIONUnits Required: 0.5AJ 30Firearms Training0.5PC 832 LAWS OF ARREST COURSE CERTIFICATE OF CAREER PREPARATIONPrepares the student to meet the minimum requirements as a non-designated Level III Reserve Peace Officer, or, as adesignated limited-duty peace officer. This certificate program complies with the Commission on Peace Officer Standardsand Training.Units Required: 3.0AJ 58PC 832 Laws of Arrest3.0POLICE TECHNICIAN SPECIALIST CERTIFICATE OF CAREER PREPARATIONPrepares the student for a variety of employment opportunities with any Law Enforcement Agency, in a civilian capacity,as a Forensic Specialist or as an Evidence Technician.Units Required: 15.5AJ 92Writing for Criminal Justice3.0AJ 93Traffic Enforcement and Investigation3.0AJ 103Criminal Law3.0AJ 140Communication Skills for Interviewing and Interrogation3.0AJ 67Crime Scene Investigation3.5Administration of Justice2017-2018 Victor Valley College Catalog111

Administration of Justice (Criminal Justice) CoursesAJ 8.0 PC 832.3 CAMPUS LAW ENFORCEMENTUnits: 2.032-36 hours lecture(No Prerequisite. Pass/No Pass) This course does not apply to the Associate Degree.This course complies with the state requirements for K-12 and Community College peace officer training per Penal Code832.3g, certified by the State Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. This course includes the role and responsibilities of campus police, search and seizure, student discipline and records, crimes against persons and property,mandatory reporting of child abuse, and disaster preparedness.AJ 25 PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHERUnits: 5.580-90 hours lecture and 24-27 hours