Options for Youth iThis handbook is intended to provide students and parents with a guide to the academic and program requirementsat Options for Youth - Victorville Public Charter School (“OFY-VV” of the “Charter School”. Every student, parent andguardian should read all of the information carefully and discuss it before enrollment. It should be reviewed throughoutthe student’s enrollment in the school. Planning a school program is very important, and careful thought should be givento future goals and dreams, aptitudes, and willingness to work. If you have any questions, please contact your local centeror supervising teacher.I have received and reviewed the OFY-VV Student Handbook. As stated in the Master Agreement Form and as a conditionof enrollment, my student and I agree to the terms for voluntary enrollment noted in the Student Handbook, which mayinclude but are not limited to:Attending additional classes or programs assigned by the student’s teacher, such as: Direct Instruction (DI): Math and Reading/Writing, Social Science, Science, or other subjects as assigned Sessions with Post-secondary Counselors and Resource Specialists RenStar TestingState Mandatory Assessments such as: CAASPP (SBAC)(ELA/Literacy and Math) and CAST (CA Science Test) State Mandated Physical Fitness Testing English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)April-May*February-May*Turning in all necessary paperwork and forms each school year a student wishes to remain enrolled,such as: Student Agreement Form Student Emergency Release CardsAttending the orientation does not constitute enrollment at OFY-VV. To ensure that each student is enrolled as soon aspossible, all forms must be signed and received prior to student enrollment.Signature of StudentSignature of Parent/Guardian(Required for students under 18 years of age)AgeDateDate*Testing months are subject to change on a yearly basis. Please check with your student’s teacher for current testing dates. .


Options for Youth iiiOFY-Victorville StudentHandbook2020-2021This Student Handbook is also available on theOFY-Victorville

iv 2020-2021 School YearDear Student,Welcome to Options for Youth - Victorville Public Charter Schools (OFY-VV)! The faculty, staff, andadministration are looking forward to working with you and your family during the time you spendin our program. You will be given the responsibility for actively participating in your educationalprocess. With the help of your teachers, you will be guided through what we hope will be a productiveand rewarding educational experience.We are here to help facilitate your goals, as long as they are positive. It will be your responsibilityto complete your course assignments and keep all scheduled appointment times. If you are havingdifficulty, our teachers are happy to meet with you one-on-one or in small groups to help facilitate yourlearning process.OFY-VV has also developed a school counseling and guidance program that focuses on career, academic,personal, and social development for the student. Students interested in obtaining counseling servicescan schedule an appointment through their teacher or Post-secondary Counselor.Please share this information with your parent(s) or guardian(s) who will be involved in your overalllearning experience.Sincerely,Bryan GillespiePrincipalVictorville Charter

Options for Youth vVictorville Center LocationsVictorville 114725 7th St, #400Victorville, CA 92392P: (760) 955-5525F: (760) 955-1107Victorville 314397 Amargosa RoadVictorville, CA 92392P: (760) 241-6546F: (760) 241-7698Victorville 414120 Bear Valley RoadVictorville, CA 92392P: (760) 241-8300F: (760) 241-8879

vi Table of ContentsSection 1 — Introduction. 1History of the Program. 1Mission Statement. 1Program Description. 1Student Learning Outcomes. 1Section 2 — General Information. 3General Enrollment Information . 3Lottery Policy. 3Students with Disabilities. 3Education of Homeless, Foster and Juvenile Justice SystemStudents. 3Notice to Students Interested in Enlistment . 3Attendance and Academic Progress. 4Credit Policies. 4Credit Acceptance Policy.4Withdrawal Credits.4Repeating Courses.4Grade Replacement Policy.4Earning Credits at OFY-VV.5Grading System and Grade Point Average.5Grade Level Classification (9-12). 5Standardized Testing. 6Student Activities. 7Student Holidays (2020-2021). 7Disclosure of Information. 7Visitor Registration Procedure . 7Service Animals . 7Student Groups. 8Section 3 — Student Health. 9School Lunch Program. 9Suicide Prevention Policy.10Pregnant and Parenting Students.10Immunization Policy.10Mental Health.11Section 4 — CA Healthy Youth Act.13Section 5 — Student Behavior.15Academic Honesty.15Student Conduct & Expectations.16Transportation Policy.16Dress Standard.17Harassment.17Student-Personal Belongings.17Internet Access Consent and Waiver .17Laptop Restitution Policy.19Section 6 — Discipline Policy.21Due Process Statement.21Suspension and Expulsion Policy and Procedure.21A. Grounds for Suspension and Expulsion of Students. 22B. Enumerated Offenses. 22C. Suspension Procedure. 26D. Authority to Expel. 26E. Expulsion Procedures. 27F. Special Procedures for Expulsion Hearings Involving SexualAssault or Battery Offenses. 27G. Record of Hearing. 28H. Presentation of Evidence. 28I. Written Notice to Expel. 28J. Disciplinary Records. 28K. No Right to Appeal. 28L. Expelled Pupils/Alternative Education. 28M. Rehabilitation Plans. 29N. Readmission. 29O. Special Procedures for the Consideration of Suspension andExpulsion of Students with Disabilities. 29Section 7 — Complaint Policy/Hotline.31Section 8 — Uniform Complaint Policy.33Complaints under the UCP.33Complaints Regarding Programs and Activities.33Complaints Regarding Pupil Fees.33Complaints Regarding LCAP.34Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment, Intimidation and/orBullying.34UCP Annual Notification.34Confidentiality and Non-Retaliation.34Designation of Responsible Employee.34Complaint Procedures.34Appeal Process.36Civil Law Remedies.36Uniform Complaint Procedures Complaint Form.38Section 9 — FERPA.39OFY FERPA Request for Non-Disclosure of Directory InformationForm.42

Options for Youth viiSection 10 — Tips for Success.43Section 11 — Study Requirements.45lanning A Course of Study.45Community Service.45Standardized Testing.45California State Mandated Physical Fitness Testing.45OFY-VV Middle School Planning Guides (7-8).46Middle School Promotion.46Minimum Requirements for Participation in High SchoolGraduation Ceremonies.46OFY Victorville High School Planning Guides (9-12).47OFY Victorville Graduation Requirements.47Section 12 — College and Career Plan.49Post-secondary Counselors.49Post-secondary Counselor Contact Information.49Victorville UC/CSU A-G Planning Guide.49A–G Subject Requirements.50A–G Approved Course List .50A–G Approved Course List: Online Courses.51College Examination Requirements.52UC and CSU A–G Eligibility Requirements.52Community College Admission Requirements.52Concurrent Enrollment.52NCAA Eligibility Requirements.52High School Check List for College Admissions.52Freshman Year Calendar .52Sophomore Year Calendar .52Junior Year Calendar.53Senior Year Calendar.54College Preparatory Plan.56University of California. 56Cal State University. 56Work Permits.57University Websites:.58University of California. 58Cal State University. 58School Code Victorville: 051189.58Additional Online Resources.59Section 13 — High School Courses.