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a boost is born!Boost Juice Bars offers a healthy alternative to fast food, which isencompassed in a brand perceived to be as ‘cool’ as Apple byyoung customers. The menu offers a selection of delicious freshlysqueezed juices, smoothies and crushes which were all developedwith the assistance of a nutritionist, and all are at least 98% fat freeand free of any artificial flavours or colourings. Boost Juice lives bythe ‘Love Life” philosophy.The Birth of Boost JuiceIn early 2000 Boost opened its first Boost Juice bar. Obesity wason the rise in Australia and as in many countries across the world,there was no healthy fast food alternative available in the market andthe consumers were crying out for a healthy product. Janine Allis,Boost’s founder and Managing Director, recognised a hole in theAustralian market for a healthy fast food alternative. As a consumershe had always struggled to find anything healthy to eat and drinkfor herself and her young sons when she was short of time. So shedeveloped a business plan and raised AU 250,000 through friendsinvesting in the concept to get the plan underway.Being a working mother of four children she is an advocate forhealthy eating and living. With a hectic urban lifestyle in Melbourne,Janine understands first-hand the demands life can put onan individual. Janine and her husband Jeff trialed a number ofbusinesses until they started to develop the Boost businessconcept, which was different to anything else in the Australian marketplace. Janine’s vision was to do retailing differently; deliver a uniquecustomer experience based on the fun “love life” philosophy.Janine consulted with nutritionists and naturopaths to create a menuof healthy juices and smoothies that were free of preservatives,artificial flavours and colours. She worked with an Australianmanufacturer to develop a range of ‘TD4’ (To Die For!) low fatfrozen yoghurts to use in the smoothies, which contain live culturesstreptococcus thermophillis and lactobacillus delbruekil for addednutritional benefits. A decade later, Boost has become synonymouswith the term Smoothies in Australia.45

the wellnesscategoryThe Wellness Category is one of the fastest growing retailcategories in the world. Obesity and the associated healthproblems are becoming issues for most of the western world andcompanies operating within the Wellness category are seeingmassive growth as a result. Boost is no exception.The US wellness industry alone generates an estimated US 2billion per annum* and has grown by more than 30% each yearfor the past four years. “Smoothies and juices are the fast foodof the new millennium. Consumers who once purchased a quickhamburger for lunch or a candy bar for a mid-morning snack arenow opting for healthier, fresh alternatives such as blended fruitand yoghurt drinks – also called “smoothies”.“Consumers are attracted to smoothies because they are seen asa healthier option to most sweets and on-the-go meals. Now thatthe smoothie market is a proven success, companies are beingpushed to the next level- extreme differentiation.”David Lockwood, Director of Mintel ReportsDan Titus, Director of the Juice and Smoothie Association in America stated youcannot ignore the profitability of the smoothie market. “The retail segment ofthe Juice and Smoothie business remains strong and we are confident that thissegment will show positive gains this year,” Titus also went on to say “The Juiceand Smoothie business is such a lucrative venture. Smoothie-type products aresold all over the world on cruise ships and golf courses; in bars, movie theatresand hospitals. Companies are seeing this market as a growth opportunity,” Titussaid. “Consumers are looking for an alternative to soda; the healthy attitudes thatconsumers are expressing reflects in the smoothie trend.”*Report by Mintel ( Chicagomaking you feeljust that littlebit betterThis category has now been operating for over 20 years andcontinues to grow from strength to strength. People of alldemographics are getting the message that proper nutrition is justas important as their workout. These people understand that realfood found from whole food natural sources, does not have to bea tedious time consuming task taken on at home. This growingawareness coupled with Boost’s model of producing a uniqueBoost in store experience and great tasting drinks in an easy graba go location, couldn’t be more strategically placed to maximisethis emerging consumer trend.67

innovativeretail conceptThe juice bar concept was new in Australia back when Boostlaunched in 2000 and the way in which Boost presented theconcept was also new for retail in general. Boost was never simplyabout the healthy and great tasting juice or smoothie – the brandis based on the entire “Boost Experience” which takes place everytime a customer enters a store. This experience is a combinationof a fantastic product, served by positive and energetic peoplewho greet you with a smile, in a bright colourful store environmentwith fun music to match.Boost Juice is an amazing retail phenomenon with a growthplatform on average of 4 countries and 30 stores a year for the last4 years. With a group turnover exceeding AUD135,000,000 perannum and climbing every year.Boost is a global brand that has been built on a strong marketingand operations foundation. This enabled Boost to achieve anextraordinary 94% brand awareness within just five years andhas set Boost apart from competitors and copycats time andtime again. From our unique “Love Life” culture and marketingphilosophy, to our strong belief that people are individuals; eachposses their own inherent value and worth. Many other businessesnotice and comment on our Team Members’ enthusiasm,friendliness and amazing attitude. This is not a coincidence. It is aresult of Boost’s great people practices working together to make adifference to each other’s lives, as well as those of our customers,as a key foundation to delivering the Boost Experience every time.Today Janine and Jeff surround themselves with an exceptionaldynamic and driven executive team lead by Scott Meneilly.Janine’s leadership style is natural, warm, giving and inspiring.People are extremely motivated by her to achieve amazing results.Janine describes herself as having a very ‘hands on’ approachtoward the running of Boost Juice, which has enabled her to fullyunderstand and develop the growing business. She now recognizesthat her role currently is less of a manager and more of a leader.8“At the end of the day we have to try to keep life and business simple”, she says,“ .and enjoy the journey as much as the results”.Boost has won numerous prestigious national and international awards over theyears, including awards for individuals, franchising, business and marketing (seepage 35 for more details).teamwork is the fuel thatallows common people toattain uncommon results!

our core menulow-fatsmoothiesfruitcrushesReal fruitsmoothies madefresh with ourunique TD4 lowfat frozen yoghurt99% fat free,the ultimatesummer treatsupersmoothiesfruitjuicesLow fat smoothieswith super powers!Freshly squeezedwhile you wait, withno added sugar!indulgencesmoothiesskinnysmoothies98% fat free,100% guilt free!Smoothies withhalf the calories!PLUSCountry spflavour ecific locals tailored toyour tastebuds!our productsOur Smoothies and are made from all natural ingredients andusing the lowest fat and healthiest ingredients available. Only themost wholesome ingredients go into our blenders. Our Smoothiesare packed full of goodness! You won’t find any nasty artificialsweeteners, colours or preservatives, and they’re all at least 98%fat free!Our regular Smoothies made with milk provide you with morethan 50% of the RDI (recommended dietary intake) of calcium!Our Super Smoothies have been specially designed to maximisethe benefits of the Boosters that we add. Depending on how youfeel, you may want an Energiser, Vita, or maybe even a Green TeaBooster. We have a delicious Super Smoothie to match your moodand your taste buds!For energy and stamina, you body requires good calories andyou’ll find them in abundance in Boost Juice juices, together withthe nutrients that are essential for their conversion into usableenergy. Seventy per cent of the western world’s populationwakeup tired every morning - that doesn’t bode well for the rest ofthe day. Many people try the artificial stimulus provided by caffeineand sugar, munching chocolate bars on the way to work anddrinking even more sweet tea or coffee when they arrive.Add sticky buns mid-morning washed down by yet more caffeine,and it’s no wonder that most experience a sinking feeling beforethey even get to lunchtime. By making Boost Juice part of theirregular routine we can add real quality and vigour to their lives.Boost Juice uses a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Thesefresh products are used predominantly in freshly squeezed juices.Bananas are the highest volume product closely followed byapples and oranges. Most of the fruit used in our Smoothies is IQF(Instant Quick Frozen). This ensures we get the fruit at its absoluteoptimum and we snap freeze it to lock in all the goodness. It alsoensures we deliver a consistent product to our customers. OurSmoothies contain our very own exclusive TD4 (To Die 4!) lowfat frozen yoghurt, which contains live cultures Streptococcusthermophilis and Lactobacillus Delbrueckii. Why is it called TD4 ?It tastes so good it is To Die 4!11

localisationInternational uniformity has its own advantages. As people travelthe world, they can be assured that wherever they go the productthat they buy from Boost will be the same and that it will have thesame taste. However if the only products we offered are the samewherever you buy them, it is wholly undifferentiated and not uniquein any way. This leaves the obvious opportunity for someoneto design a tailor-made product that meets the needs of localsegments. Of course smoothies have different brand position usesin different countries (for example a meal replacement in somecountries and a treat in others). Local markets have local needsand tastes. Therefore by standardising alone, Boost believes thisdoes not provide a complete solution to our business. Therefore atBoost we have a Core Product Range of 6 smoothies such as thefamous Mango Magic and the rest is customised to each individualmarket. We look to the local markets and have easily adapted ourrange to include Rooibos (South Africa), Dragon Fruit (China), AloeVera (Lithuania) & Chirmoya (Chile) and many more fun flavoursaround the globe!At Boost we are very fortunate that due to the large amount offresh fruit we use in our drinks we already have a localisied edge.Fruit and vegetables have a distinct flavour and taste profile ineach region which gives us an automatic edge of customisationimmediately.avocado delightaloe vera crushdragon fruit crushkiwi crushFurther to our drink offers our stores can be made up of manyconcepts from express models to large, relaxed locations withlounge seating. To complement our range of drinks we can alsooffer healthy snacks in store to meet local taste buds such aswraps, muffins, protein balls, salads, soft serve yoghurt and soup.freshly preparedwraps12soft serve yoghurtit’s amazing something sohealthy can taste so good!

our guaranteeThere is no point in having a belief but no one knowing about it.At Boost we encourage feedback from every source that we can.Our Guarantee is in every store that we build, on our website andeven on the back of our cups. It is all about the customers andgiving them what they want.taste theflavour,feel therush!1415

marketingSince its inception Boost Juice has led the way with a uniquemarketing approach which includes a combination of above-theline and below-the-line activity. In five years Boost achieved a 94%brand awareness rate and is perceived to be in the same realmof ‘cool factor’ as the iPod (independent research, TNS). We areon the forefront of the ‘social media’ and industry leading in the ITsector in Retailing.All Boost marketing activities are prepared differently - we have theJAM Factor!J Juxtaposed in everything we do; we think and execute itdifferently to the traditional retail way.A Assimilation of ideas with frontline Boosties; we love and respecttheir opinions and invite them to be part of our creative force.M Make our mark with total ownership of everything we do – Weeither totally own concepts or we don’t do them.The VIBE ClubThe Boost Loyalty Program, known as the VIBE club, has over 2million active card holders around the world and is growing everyday. VIBE, which stands for Very Important Boost Enthusiasts, isa loyalty program where customers are offered a VIBE card whenmaking a purchase. For each juice or smoothie they buy they earnone point. In Australia once they have accumulated ten points,they