Brochure Low Voltage Products ServicePreventive Maintenance (PMP) andPredictive Maintenance (LEAP)for Emax Air Circuit Breakers

ABB Low Voltage Breaker (LVB) ServiceEvery solution at your disposalABB Low Voltage Breaker Service offers a complete range ofservices to support customers in all stages of the product'slife: repair, substitutions, spare parts, retrofitting solutions andany type of maintenance activities.By integrating information with our customers, we can collectall requests for assistance and maintenance. In this way, ourservices are always immediate and of the highest level.ABB Low Voltage Breaker Service offers every kind ofmaintenance solution for customers in order to maximizecircuit breaker efficiency, safety, performance and lifeextension: On-site repairs performed by our field engineers who arehighly specialized and equipped with the proper tools. Preventive and Predictive maintenance in order to maximizecircuit breaker performance; increasing the reliability, safety andthe lifetime of switchgear, switchboards and electrical powersystems and reducing the total costs.Technical supportSpare PartsTrainingRetrofit &replacementInstallation &commissioningMaintenanceABB LVBService2 ABB Low Voltage LEAP Brochure

Maintenance with ABB Low Voltage BreakerCircuit breakers are protection devices and require regularmaintenance for a high level of performance and to avoidcostly repairs.Maintenance is mandatory for work safety standards set byOSHA and NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in theWorkplace.Maintenance definitions Preventive maintenance Predictive maintenance Scheduled maintenance Condition based maintenance Corrective maintenance Predetermined erredLEAP Brochure ABB Low Voltage 3

Why maintain your breaker?Necessary circuit breaker maintenance implies inspection andchecking of the integrity of the mechanical and electricalcomponents. Replacing the parts that have ended their lifecycle will keep performance level high.Environmental ConditionsHigh levelof moistureConsequences– corrosion and oxidation of themetal components: arc chambers main contactsWhich components to maintain?The life expectancy of any circuit breaker involves the wearand tear of the most sensitive components: Frame and plastic components Main contacts Jaw Type contacts Auxiliary contacts Operating mechanism Electrical and mechanical accessories Trip unit Lubricating products.Environmental and utilization conditionsThe ordinary aging process begins with the commissioning ofthe circuit breaker. However, the service age of the circuitbreaker is not the only parameter to define the aging of thedevice. Environment and use are other important factors whichcan speed up the aging of the device.Maintenance is particularly recommended where theenvironmental and utilization conditions cause both mechanicaland electrical overstressing of the circuit breaker. Below is a listof the basic signs which could indicate a concern aboutincreasing wear: contacts auxiliary contacts/shunt releases– reduction of the dielectricproprieties of the plastics– reduction of performance level ofthe electric h number ofoperationsBreaking current (ifshort circuit)High loadpercentageUnused circuit breaker(always open oralways closed)4 ABB Low Voltage LEAP Brochure– early wear of the operatingmechanism and its mechanicalcomponents– early wear on the plates of the maincontacts and arcing chambers– insulation leakage– early aging of plastic components,lubricant, and electrical components– lubricant hardness which implies themechanical compromising of theoperating mechanism– aging of the lubricant inside theoperating mechanism– Changing of the mechanicaland dielectrical proprieties of theplastics– Early aging of the electroniccomponentsHighvibrationsDusty or pollutedenvironmental– loss of continuity in the contacts– early aging of the operatingmechanism due to mechanicalwear– reduction of the tighteningstrength of the screws– breaking of the plastic parts andelectrical components– reduction of the operatingmechanism’s lifetime– reduction of insulationSalinityConsequences– loss of insulation– increasing of the resistance in thecontacts points– premature corrosion on themetal components– faults associated with secondaryaccessories– reduction of insulation

ABB Low Voltage Breaker Service MaintenancePackagesExtend the circuit-breaker life up to 100% in demandingenvironmentsInvesting in prevention of failure, rather than living with itsconsequences, such as loss of production and possibleviolation of health and safety legislation, is a primary concernfor many businesses. Successful prevention of failure canmake the difference as to whether or not a company managesto retain its long-term competitiveness.Technical assistance in the form of ABB Low Voltage BreakerService is effective and has a widespread network of numerousproduction facilities and certified service centers throughoutthe world.ABB Field Service Engineers have extensive experience andproduct knowledge due to:Continuous education On new products during regular training classes On any single component upgrade by direct contact withR&D and the production line.Professionalism and Safety ABB guarantees the highest level of safety at work All ABB field service engineers are authorized and certifiedby means of a regular verification process to maintain ahigh level of competence.Thanks to our technical knowledge of the circuit breakers, ABBLow Voltage Breaker Service has maintenance plans tailoredfor any customer that will reduce the risk of failure and theaging of the circuit breaker.In addition to the maintenance of a unit, which includes anytype of emergency intervention, there are also completepreventive (PMP) and predictive (LEAP) maintenance servicepackages available. These tools ensure that those whomanage the plant can gain considerable knowledge in termsof reliability, safety and reduction of costs.An on-site audit carried out by our Field Service specializedEngineers is very important and will result in a proposal ofshort or long term maintenance actions.Manufacturer dedicated service tools Factory authorized spare parts only Dedicated and state-of-the-art tooling Elaboration of the measurements found during themaintenance activity by ABB field Service Engineers:Monitoring and diagnosing the circuit breaker can help inidentifying the correct information about circuit-breakerconditions in order to reduce the costs with specificmaintenance interventions.LEAP Brochure ABB Low Voltage 5

Preventive Maintenance Program – PMPABB Low Voltage Breaker Service offers a PreventiveMaintenance Program – PMP – for new installtions as wellas existing equipment, to reduce the risk of failure anddeterioration.The program consists of a cycle of 3 maintenance activities:1st - 2nd activities: Ordinary Maintenance on the circuitbreaker to make all needed checks and ensure correctfunction.3rd activity: Extraordinary Maintenance on the circuit breaker,carried out only by highly qualified ABB personnel, to extendthe life of the circuit breaker and increase its reliability andoriginal efficiency.For Circuit breakers older than 3 years, the first intervention isExtraordinary Maintenance.6 ABB Low Voltage LEAP aordinaryMaintenance1 activity2 activity3 activity

Predictive Maintenance Program LEAPBy integrating LEAP (Life Expectancy Analysis Program), andanalyzing the specific environment and application, thepreventative maintenance plan is now a predictive diagnostictool that optimizes the efficiency of the Emax circuit breakers.The aim of LEAP is to give the customer a complete report,which shows the device’s health before and after the FieldService Engineer’s intervention, with very importantsuggestions about future maintenance activities.The complete analysis is generated by ABB’s sophisticatedand patented software.Three phases are followed:InspectionOn site monitoring and acquisition of the parameters of thecircuit breaker in standard condition:Manual data (1): Environmental data (temperature, moisture, salinity, etc ), Application data (application, Load, etc ).Automatic data: Stored inside the electronic trip unit (trip history, contactwear, alarms, etc ).(1)MaintenanceThe manual data is completed with the list of themaintenance activities performed by the ABB Field ServiceEngineer.AnalysisAll the data is transmitted to the ABB Server via the Web andanalyzed to understand the circuit-breaker use and age.Phase 1Inspection with the collection of all theinformation about each circuit-breakerPhase 2Maintenance activity carried out byABB Field Service EngineersPhase 3Analysis with LEAP algorithmand ABB ServerPhase 4ReportInformation about the environmental conditions to be suppliedby customerLEAP Brochure ABB Low Voltage 7

Predictive Maintenance Program LEAPEach color represents the risk probability for circuit breakerfailure:Red: HighOrange: ModerateYellow: MediumGreen: LowThere are 2 curves: Green circuit-breaker aging curve from the productiondate to the commissioning date Blue circuit-breaker aging curve from the commissioningdate.AgingReportThe report is generated based on the information acquiredin the field and includes: Characteristics of the circuit-breaker and of theswitchboard in which it is contained, application,environmental conditions and working conditions Description of the main circuit-breaker componentssubjected to maintenance List of maintenance actions performed on each sensitivecomponent, including replaced parts Suggested maintenance actions for the future Recommendations about the frequency of maintenanceinterventions 2 curves representing respectively the load and mechanicallife at the moment of the maintenance activity A graph showing the risk of fault of the circuit-breakeras it relates to real working conditions.Circuit breaker’sagingThe four colored areas have different sizes according to theapplications, the environment and the conditions of use.yr 5yr 4yr 3yr 2yr 1yr 0--Circuit breaker’saging afterABB Servicemaintenance activityService ageCommissioning dateManufacturing date*See Appendix for full sample LEAP report8 ABB Low Voltage LEAP Brochure

LEAP OffersLEAP EASY AUDITThe customer, after an online registration (LEAP EASY AUDIT),receives a user ID and a password to access a special onlinesection of LEAP tool.Service 4201320122011201020092008LEAP PMPLEAP, integrated into the preventive maintenance program(PMP), is the best solution for the customer:Targeted and scheduled maintenance provides the customerwith immediate evidence of the added value of ABB basedservice.The graphic representation shows how each maintenanceactivity has improved the life of the circuit-breaker throughoutthe course of time.Customers can minimize costs by extending the device’s lifecycle and thereby reducing the risk of unscheduled outagesand unwanted shutdowns.2007LEAP STAND ALONEABB Field Service Engineer performs a maintenance activityat the customer’s site. The customer receives a completeReport with all the information about the installationconditions and the list of maintenance activities performed.The aging curve, which is included in all LEAP reports, showsthe status of the circuit-breaker pre and post intervention.The report also contains a list of recommended futuremaintenance actions.AgingService ageAgingService 0920082007AgingThe customer inserts a few pieces of information about thecircuit-breaker (i.e. number of operations, its application andthe environmental conditions, etc ).The result is an emailed health analysis of the circuit-breaker.The Report is developed on a purely theoretical and statisticalbasis in order to have an estimation of the circuit-breaker’shealth and to highlight the LEAP tool’s potential.LEAP AUDITAfter an easy online registration (LEAP AUDIT), an ABBService Sales representative will visit the customer’s site toperform surveys and obtain a more accurate LEAP analysis.By using the data from the trip unit (with Ekip Connect SW)and a few pieces of manually acquired data about theapplication and the circuit-breaker operating andenvironmental conditions, it is possible provide a detailedReport with the LEAP Software.The customer receives the Report via email with the real timecircuit-breaker’s health and the list of the recommended nextmaintenance activities to be performed.Service ageLEAP Brochure ABB Low Voltage 9

BenefitsCustomer benefits with PMP– Ensure a high level of safety– Increase production reliability– Reduce overall costs: direct costs of emergency maintenance indirect costs due to loss of production (increasing themeantime before failure value)– Support during all the phases of the product lifecycle– ABB professional competence guaranteed.10 ABB Low Voltage LEAP BrochureAdded benefits by utilizing LEAP– LEAP is unique and certified software created by ABB thatis able to give a detailed and objective diagnostic in termsof: status of the circuit-breaker health recommended time between maintenance activitiesaccording to the device’s specific needs– The report is detailed, transparent and complete– Extend the product’s life in demanding applications.

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