2019 CHICAGO RESIDENTIAL LEASEIMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR COMPLETING LEASE This lease is date sensitive and is up to date with local, county and state law for 2019. Do notuse for subsequent calendar years. The lease will be updated annually. The attached lease is in a fillable PDF format to aid in its use. The lease must be used in its entirety. The lease, including REQUIRED attachments, is 23 pages. Fill in each blank. If not applicable use “N/A” or in the case of no security deposit use “None”. Spaces are provided if you as an owner or owner’s agents insist upon taking a security deposit.

Chicago Residential LeaseFor Apartments, Condominiums, Single Family Homes, and Townhomes 2019 by Chicago Association of REALTORS - All rights reservedThis Contract is Intended to be a Binding Real Estate ContractDate of LeaseLease Beginning Date/Term of LeaseLease Ending Date & TimeV6.0 2019Monthly Rent/ 2019Leased Address (Premises):In consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements herein stated, Landlord(s) hereby leases to Tenant(s) and Tenant(s) hereby leases fromLandlord(s) for use as a private dwelling only, the Premises, together with the fixtures and appliances listed below (if any) in the premises, for the aboveTerm of Lease, subject to all the provisions of this Lease.[Yes][No]If YES,must completeThe following are incorporated into the Lease when indicatedA Security deposit is being held by Landlord (if any) Illinois Financial Institution (Name and Address)where Security Deposit shall be or is held (if any)Non-Refundable Move-In Fee (if any)Pets Permitted (description of any pet permitted during lease):Parking included in lease (space number(s) if any):Additional Storage Location (if any):Furnished? If yes, attach Rider 23 - Furnished Lease Rider Water Electricity Gas Basic Cable Satellite Internet Lawn Care Snow Removal Other Refrigerator Microwave Oven/Range Dishwasher Washer Dryer OtherRent shall include the following (check those that apply):Personal property owned and provided by Landlord (check those that apply):Landlord’s Property Insurer (Required for properties with 4 units or more)(Name, Address, and Phone of Homeowner Insurance Company):Tenant’s Property Insurer, if required by Landlord:(Name, Address, and Phone of Renter Insurance Company):Identification of Tenant(s):Landlord(s) or Authorized Management mail:Email:Name(s) of persons authorized to occupy premises:Person authorized to Act on Behalf Of Owner for the Purpose of Service ofProcess and Accepting Notices:Name:Address:Telephone:Additional Agreements and Covenants:IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this instrument to be executed, on the day first above PORTANT: This is a Chicago Association of REALTORS form lease and is not specifically tailored to the legal requirements of your particular situation. The applicable laws andregulations for residential leases frequently change and differ between municipalities. It is important that you consult with an attorney prior to using this lease.Page 1 / 19

Lead-Based Paint and Radon Disclosures (Separate Documents)Lead-Based Paint Hazard Disclosure: Applicable Not ApplicableDisclosure of Radon Hazards: Applicable Not ApplicableThe parties acknowledge they have received and executed separately the aboveapplicable ate:Tenant:Date:Tenant:Date:lawful access during the Lease Term, and is satisfied with their general condition andappearance. Tenant acknowledges that there have been no representations, promisesor other undertakings by Landlord, or any agent of Landlord, made to induce Tenant toenter into this Lease, except those expressly made in writing, relative to the repairs,decorating, additions to, or removal of any portion of the Premises or of the property.Tenant further acknowledges that attached hereto are copies, if any, of noticesreceived from the City of Chicago during the twelve months prior to the date hereofconcerning code violations, and copies of notices from any utility provider regardingtermination of utility services.Tenant Acknowledgment3. Tenant Responsibility Regarding Bed Bug Infestation. Tenant shall beresponsible for all requirements and obligations set forth in the Municipal Code ofChicago deemed “Tenant responsibility” and shall be liable for any and all damageswhich may occur as a result of Tenant’s failure to strictly abide by any requirement asset forth in the Municipal Code of Chicago concerning any duty, condition, orresponsibility required of Tenant with regard to reporting, treatment, or cooperation withLandlord in regards to Bed Bug infestation.Tenant AcknowledgmentHeating Cost DisclosureThe cost of heating is the responsibility of the Tenant Landlord. The averagemonthly cost of utility service projected by the utility providing the primary source ofheat (heating supply) based on energy consumption during the most recent annualperiod of continuous occupancy by one or more prior occupants, current or expectedrates and normalized weather by the method approved by the Illinois CommerceCommission is .Tenant AcknowledgmentNotice of Conditions Affecting Habitability None Known See AttachedI hereby acknowledge that Landlord has disclosed any code violations, codeenforcements litigation and/or compliance board proceedings during the previous 12months for the Premises and common areas and any notice of intent to terminate utilityservice, copies of which, if any, are attached to the lease.Tenant AcknowledgmentTenant hereby acknowledges receipt of the following:X City of Chicago Building Code Violations (if any)X Preventing Bedbug Infestations in Apartments PamphletX Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home PamphletX Radon Testing Guidelines PamphletX City of Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance SummaryX Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance Rate of Interest on Security DepositsHeating Cost Disclosure (if applicable)Security Deposit Receipt (if applicable)Condominium Association Rules & Regulations (if applicable)Landlord’s Recycling Procedures (Required for buildings with 5 or more units)Tenant AcknowledgmentLEASE COVENANTS AND AGREEMENTS1. Application. Tenant covenants that all representations made in the Application forthis Lease are incorporated into this Lease and made a part of it. Tenant covenantsthat all information contained in the Application is true and that this information wasgiven as an inducement for Landlord to enter into this Lease, and therefore constitutesa material covenant.Tenant Acknowledgment2. Tenant Inspection Prior to Occupancy: Building Code Violations. Tenant hasinspected the Premises and all common areas of the property to which Tenant has4. The Rent. Tenant shall pay the Monthly Rent to Landlord or Landlord's agent on thefirst day of each month as set forth herein.5. Late Fee. The Monthly Rent shall be automatically increased 10, plus 5% of theamount by which the Monthly Rent exceeds 500, as additional rent, if received byLandlord after the 5th of the month for which it is due.6. Returned Bank Items. If any check or other bank instrument tendered for paymentof any tenant obligation hereunder is returned for insufficient funds, Tenant shall payLandlord a fee as additional rent. Landlord shall further have the right todemand that any such returned item be replaced by a cashier's check or money order.If Tenant tenders more than two checks or bank drafts during the term of this Leasewhich are returned for insufficient funds, Landlord shall have the right to demand that allfuture obligations hereunder be paid by cashier's check or money order.7. Possession. Landlord shall deliver possession of the Premises to Tenant on theBeginning Date of the Lease. If Landlord is unable to deliver possession to Tenant onsuch date, this Lease shall remain in full force and effect except that the Monthly Rentshall be abated pro rata until possession is delivered, unless Tenant elects to maintainan action for possession of the Premises or, upon written notice to Landlord, elects toterminate this Lease.8. Security Deposit. (If applicable). If Landlord has accepted the Security Deposit toinsure Tenant's specific performance of each and every agreement, covenant, rule andobligation contained in this Lease, Landlord shall have the right, but not the obligation,to use the Security Deposit in whole or part, as a setoff against any default, either inpayment of rent or other breach, which results in any loss to Landlord. If Tenant hascomplied with all obligations under this Lease, Landlord shall, within 45 days afterTenant vacates the Premises, refund the Security Deposit. The Security Deposit shallbe held in a Federally Insured interest bearing account in a bank, savings and loanassociation, or other financial institution located in the State of Illinois. Interest on theSecurity Deposit shall be paid at the rate set by the City Comptroller for securitydeposits held more than six months and may be paid to Tenant either directly or bycredit in the form of a rent reduction. The Security Deposit shall not be allocated byTenant toward payment of rent.9. Use of Premises. The Premises shall be occupied exclusively for residentialpurposes by Tenant and the other persons specifically listed in the Application and anychildren which may be born to or in the legal custody of Tenant during the Lease term.Unless agreed to in writing by Landlord, no person may occupy the Premises for morethan a single two week period, during any single year of the Lease term unless listed inthe Application. Neither Tenant nor any person in legal occupancy of the Premisesshall perform or permit any practice which could cause damage to the reputation of thebuilding or Landlord, be injurious thereto, illegal, immoral, or increase the rate ofinsurance on the property. At no time during the Term of this Lease shall more personsreside in the Premises than would be permitted by the applicable building and/or zoningcodes for the City of Chicago.Use of Premises as a Shared Housing Unit (as that term is defined in Section 4-14-010of the Municipal Code of Chicago) (check one) Shared Housing Units, AirBNB and/or rooms for rent ARE ALLOWED under thisLease. If checked, Shared Housing Acknowledgement must be attached andsigned. Shared Housing Units, AirBNB and/or rooms for rent ARE NOT ALLOWED underthis Lease. At no time shall Tenant enter into short-term subleases, rooms for rent, orPage 2 / 19Tenant Acknowledgement

AirBNB agreements or leases. Such agreements will be considered a breach of Leaseand cause for termination.10. Tenant Maintenance Obligations. Tenant shall maintain the Premises in a clean,presentable and safe condition at all times and in accordance with all health, safety andbuilding code regulations. At the termination of this Lease and upon surrender of thePremises, all fixtures, appliances and personal property of Landlord shall be in thesame condition as they were on the Beginning Date, normal wear and tear excepted.Landlord may at its sole option use all or part of the Security Deposit (if any) to repairand/or replace any damage to Landlord's property caused either directly by Tenant orby Tenant's negligence.11. Sublease. Tenant shall not sublease this Lease without the prior written consent ofLandlord, which shall not be unreasonably withheld. Landlord may require Tenant toenter a formal written sublease agreement. Any sublease of this Lease shall notrelease Tenant from Tenant's obligation hereunder, until the full, specific performanceand satisfaction of each and every agreement, covenant and obligation hereunder.Tenant shall be liable for any monetary and non-monetary breaches of this Leasecaused by Tenant's subtenant.12. Assignment. Tenant shall not assign this Lease without the prior written consent ofLandlord13. No Alterations. Tenant shall not make or cause to be made any alteration oraddition to the Premises, without the prior written consent of Landlord, and shall underno circumstances install any additional lock or security device to the Premises or theproperty which could impair Landlord's access.14. Right of Access by Landlord. Tenant shall permit reasonable access to Landlord,and any of Landlord’s invitees, agents, or contractors, in accordance with local statuesand ordinances, upon receiving 2 days’ notice by mail, telephone, written notice orother means designed in good faith to provide notice. Landlord shall have immediateaccess to the Premises in case of emergency and where repairs or maintenanceelsewhere in the building unexpectedly require such access. Landlord shall give Tenantnotice of such entry within two days after such entry.15. Right of Access to Show Premises to Prospective Tenants and Purchasers.Landlord shall have the right to show the Premises to all prospective Tenants andpurchasers, and any of Landlord's other invitees, in accordance with local statutesand/or ordinances. Tenant shall permit reasonable access to Landlord upon receiving 2days’ notice by mail, telephone, written notice or other means designed in good faith toprovide notice. With such notice, Landlord shall also have the right to access thePremises to take photographs/video of the Premises for marketing purposes. Tenantshall be liable for any damages caused to Landlord for failure to cooperate under thisprovision. Tenant shall not interfere with Landlord's efforts to lease, market, or sell thePremises, and Tenant shall be liable for any damages caused by breach of thisprovision.16. Holding Over. Tenant shall be liable for double the Monthly Rent in the event thatTenant retains possession of all or any part of the Premises after the Ending Date ofthis Lease. Landlord may at its sole option, upon written notice to Tenant, create amonth to month tenancy between Landlor