777F Off-Highway TruckEngineEngine ModelGross Power – SAE J1995Net Power – SAE J1349Weights – ApproximateTarget Gross MachineOperating Weight Cat C32 ACERT 758 kW1,016 hp700 kW938 hp163 293 kg360,000 lbOperating SpecificationsNominal Payload ClassBody Capacity – SAE 2:190.7 tonnes60.2 m3100 tons78.8 yd3 Refer to the Caterpillar 10/10/20 Payload Guidelinesfor maximum gross machine weight limitations. Capacity with dual slope body.

777F Off-Highway TruckEngineered for performance, designed for comfort, built to last.Power Train – Engine The Cat C32 engine with ACERT Technology uses advanced enginetechnology to reduce emissions withoutafter-treatment. The turbocharged,aftercooled 12-cylinder engine hashigher horsepower and faster responsefor superior performance in demandingapplications. pg. 4 Serviceability The 777F offers 500-hour engineservice intervals – 250 hours morethan the 777D. Simplified service andmaintenance features combined withimproved service access are designedto reduce downtime. pg. 12Power Train – Transmission The Cat seven-speed power shifttransmission matched with the Cat C32engine with ACERT Technologyprovides constant power and efficiencyover a wide operating speed range foroptimal power train performance. pg. 5 Information & Monitoring Systems Standard on the 777F, the Cat Messengersystem provides real-time engineperformance and operating data.The 777F also offers the optionalVIMS Advisor monitoring system,providing data for more than 250 machinefunctions. pg. 13Top Performance.Developed specifically for mining,quarry and construction applications,the 777F keeps material moving athigh volume to lower cost-per ton.Reliable, Durable, Dependable.Rugged construction and easymaintenance procedures ensurelong life with low operating costs.2Structures The 777F features a mild-steel, boxsection type frame, proven on the 777Dto deliver durability and long life withlow operating costs. Castings andforgings are strategically placed in highstress areas to evenly distribute stressesand provide long fatigue life. pg. 6

Operator’s Station The 777F features an all new operatorstation with enhanced visibility,increased operator space andergonomically designed controls thatset new industry standards for operatorcomfort. All controls and gauges arepositioned for optimum efficiencyand total machine control. pg. 7Engine – Power Train IntegrationBrake System The Cat Data Link electronically Cat oil-cooled, multiple disc brakes arecombines engine, transmission, brakenow hydraulically controlled, reducingand operational information to optimizemaintenance costs and improvingoverall truck performance. Storedoperator control and modulation.diagnostic data can be accessed via theThey provide exceptional, fade-resistantCat Electronic Technician (Cat ET)braking and retarding for maximumservice tool to improve troubleshootingperformance and productivity in alland reduce downtime. pg. 8haul-road conditions. pg. 10Truck Body SystemsCustomer Support The 777F can be configured with the Cat dealers provide unmatchedDual Slope, X Body or Gateless Coalproduct support, anywhere in the world.Body. This full line of body optionsWith industry-best parts availabilityensures that the body is matched toand a wide range of maintenance andspecific application requirements. pg. 14service options, Cat dealers have whatit takes to keep your hauling machinesproductive. pg. 16Safety Caterpillar sets the standard whenit comes to safety in the design andmanufacturing of heavy equipment.Safety is not an afterthought at Caterpillar,but an integral part of all machine andsystems designs. pg. 17 New Feature3

Power Train – EngineThe Cat C32 engine with ACERT Technology is built for power, reliability and efficiencyfor superior performance in the toughest applications.Single-Piece Piston Design.New single-piece forged steel pistonswith integrated forged steel skirt aremore robust to withstand high engineheat and pressure, and enable enhancedcombustion efficiency, improved fuelefficiency and lower emissions.Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel topring reduces ring, groove and liner wearfor greater reliability and longer life.MEUI Fuel System. Fuel delivery,provided by the MEUI mechanicallyactuated electronic unit injection system,involves a high degree of precision.Precisely shaping the combustion cyclelowers combustion chamber temperatures,generating fewer emissions andoptimizing fuel combustion. The systemsenses operating conditions and regulatesfuel delivery for optimum fuel efficiency,improved response times, lower emissionsand less smoke.Cat C32 engine with ACERT Technology. With the C32 engine,Caterpillar optimizes engineperformance while meeting U.S. EPATier 2 and European Union Stage IIregulations. ACERT Technologyreduces emissions during the combustionprocess by using advanced technologyin the air and fuel systems, in conjunctionwith integrated electronics. Caterpillarmeets emission regulations at thecombustion source, rather thanrecycling exhaust.4Engine Design. The Cat C32 engine usesACERT Technology and iron-specificfeatures to deliver strong performanceand long-term durability.EPA Emissions Compliant. The C32engine is compliant with U.S. EPA Tier 2and European Union Stage II emissionsregulations.Altitude Compensation. Electronic enginecontrol automatically compensates forload demand, high-altitude conditionsand cold starting.Electronic Control Module (ECM).ECM uses advanced engine managementsoftware to monitor, control and protectthe engine using self-diagnosingelectronic sensors. The computerizedsystem senses operating conditions andpower requirements and adjusts theengine for peak performance and themost efficient operation at all times.Advanced Diesel Engine ManagementA4 Engine Controller. The ADEM A4electronic control module deliversoptimum fuel performance. The enginemanagement system provides flexiblefuel mapping, allowing the engine torespond quickly to varying applicationneeds. It tracks engine and machineconditions while keeping the engineoperating at peak efficiency.Oil Renewal System (optional). The oilrenewal system meters and injects usedengine oil from the crankcase to theengine’s fuel return line, extending oilchange intervals and increasing machineavailability and productivity.

Power Train – TransmissionCat power train delivers more power to the ground for greater productivity and loweroperating costs.Mechanical Power Train. The Catmechanical drive power train and powershift transmission provides unmatchedoperating efficiency and controlon steep grades, in poor underfootconditions, and on haul roads withhigh rolling resistance.Transmission. Pairing the Caterpillarseven-speed planetary power shifttransmission with the C32 diesel enginewith ACERT Technology deliversconstant power over a wide range ofoperating speeds. Long Life. A dedicated transmission oiltank and circuit provides cooler, cleaneroil for maximum performance andlonger component life. Transmission Chassis Control (TCC).TCC uses electronically transferredengine rpm data to execute shifts atpreset points for optimum performance,efficiency and clutch life.Lock-Up Torque Converter. Combinesmaximum rimpull and cushionedshifting of torque converter drive withthe efficiency and performance of directdrive. The lock-up torque converterengages at approximately 8 km/h (5 mph),delivering more power to the wheels. Lock-Up Clutch. Quickly releases andre-engages to reduce power train torqueloads for smoother shifting, long lifeand a more comfortable ride. ECPC (Electronic Clutch PressureControl) System. ECPC modulatesclutch engagement individually, allowingfor smoother speed and directionalshifts. ECPC provides controls for boththe torque converter lock-up clutch andthe transmission clutches that are tailoredto each particular upshift or downshift.This provides the operator a superiorride and reduced fatigue.Final Drives. Cat final drives work as asystem with the planetary power shifttransmission to deliver maximum powerto the ground. Built to withstand theforces of high torque and impact loads,double reduction final drives providehigh torque multiplication to furtherreduce drive train stress. Secondary Steering. Battery poweredsecondary steering system allows upto three 90 degree turns in case ofengine failure.Wheels and Rims. Cast rear wheels andCat center-mount rims are mounted usingstuds and nuts to minimize maintenanceand maximize durability.Steering System. Hydraulic steeringcontrol system is designed for exceptionalsmoothness and precise control.A separate circuit prevents crosscontamination for long life.5

StructuresRugged Cat structures are the backbone of the 777F off-highway truck’s durability.Suspension System. Designed todissipate haul-road and loading impactsfor longer frame life and a morecomfortable ride. Cylinders. Four independent selfcontained, oil pneumatic, variablerebound suspension cylinders aredesigned to absorb shocks in themost severe applications. Durable Design. Rugged cylinders usea large diameter bore and low pressurenitrogen/oil design for long life withminimal maintenance.– Front. Front cylinders with presetcaster and camber are mounted to theframe and serve as steering kingpinsfor a tight turning radius with excellentmaneuverability and low maintenance.– Rear. Rear cylinders allow axleoscillation and absorb bending andtwisting stresses caused by uneven andrough haul roads rather than transmittingthem to the frame.Box-Section Design. The 777Fframe uses a steel box-section design,incorporating two forgings and19 castings in high-stress areas withdeep penetrating and continuouswrap-around welds to resist damagefrom twisting loads without addingextra weight. Steel Structures. Mild steel usedthroughout the frame provides flexibility,durability and resistance to impactloads, even in cold climates, and allowsfor easy field repairs. Castings. Castings have large radiiwith internal reinforcing ribs to dissipatestress in areas of high stress concentration.Castings move welds to lower stressareas for greater frame life.6Technology Enhanced. Caterpillarstructures are tested using SystemStructural Analysis (SSA) to dynamicallysimulate operations in field environmentsand identify potential structuralimprovements in high stress areas.With analysis of machine structures andvariables, such as haul road and payload,structural improvements were made tothe frame to accommodate the new cab,platform, engine and radiator.Integral Four-Post ROPS Cab.Resiliently mounted to the main framewith all-new cab mounts that reducevibration and sound, the integral ROPSis designed as an extension of the truckframe. The ROPS/FOPS structureprovides “five-sided protection” forthe operator.Quality Control. A Coordinate MeasuringMachine (CMM) is used to inspecttruck frames for consistency in themanufacturing process. Easy rebuildability is thereby achieved by ensuringthe frames are within tolerance, removingthe need to alter down-stream parts.

Operator’s StationErgonomically designed for operator comfort, superior control and high productivity.Ergonomic Layout. The 777F operatorstation is ergonomically designed fortotal machine control in a comfortable,productive and safe environment.All controls, levers, switches and gaugesare positioned to maximize productivityand minimize operator fatigue.New ISO Designed Cab Mounts.Integral, sound-suppressed cab isresiliently mounted to the frame to isolatethe operator from sound and vibrationfor a quiet, secure and comfortable ride.Viewing Area. Designed for excellentall-around visibility and clear sight linesto the haul road. The large viewing area,with 100 percent more glass, enablesthe operator to maneuver with confidencefor greater productivity.Air Suspension Seat w/Three-PointOperator Restraint. Ergonomicallydesigned, fully adjustable air suspensionseat with adjustable armrests providesoptimal driving comfort. A wide,retractable 3-point seat/shoulder beltprovides a secure, comfortable restraint.Hoist Lever. Four-position, low effortelectronic hoist control system ispositioned next to the gear selectorin the right-hand console.Secondary Brake Pedal. Convenientlylocated on the floor for easy operatorcontrol.Steering Column. Comfortable steeringwheel with tilt and telescoping functionprovides a comfortable driving positionfor all operators.Transmission Console. Ergonomic gearshift lever with backlit gear indicatorsprovides easy operation. The parkingbrake function is integrated into thegear selector.Trainer Seat. The trainer seat is relocatedto the left of the operator, which allowstrainer to use same stairway.When not in use, the fold-down trainerseat creates a working surface with cupholder. The seat also folds up, providingmore room for the operator. Under seatstorage is convenient for stowing alunch box.Operator Controls. Easy to reach turnsignal, high beam, intermittent windshieldwiper and windshield washer controlsare located on the left side of the steeringcolumn, and are designed for optimumefficiency and comfort.Heating/Air Conditioning. Electronicallycontrolled, four-speed fan and 13 ventsdeliver temperature-controlled aircirculation for a comfortable workingenvironment in any climate. Electroniccontrols reduce maintenance. More robustair compressor offers a 25 percentincrease in capacity, greater durabilityand longer life.Radio Ready. Cab is prewired withpower converter, speakers, wiringharness, antenna and necessities foradd-on communication systems.Multiple Power Ports. Power ports areconveniently located in three locationsin the cab: one in the right-hand console,two behind the trainer seat, and one inthe dash.Truck Production Management System(TPMS) (optional). TPMS providesvaluable payload and cycle time data,which is viewed through Messenger orVIMS Advisor to improve productivity.7

Engine – Power Train IntegrationThis system electronically combines critical power train components