Spec SheetDELL EMC UNITYHYBRID STORAGE(DC POWER – NEBS* COMPLIANT)The ultimate in simplicity & unified flash valueThe Dell EMC Unity Hybrid-Flash product line sets new standards for storage with compelling simplicity, moderndesign, flexible deployments and affordable prices– to meet the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals in large orsmall companies.If you are looking for rich features and absolute simplicity in a small footprint, if you are cost-conscious and need the bestfrom the best, Dell EMC Unity Hybrid Flash is for you. Designed for flash with rich data services, hybrid storage deliversflash performance with the cost advantage of disk.ArchitectureBased on the powerful family of Intel E5-2600 processors, Dell EMC Unity Hybrid storage systems implement anintegrated architecture for block, file, and VMware VVols with concurrent support for native NAS, iSCSI, and FibreChannel protocols. Each system leverages dual storage processors, full 12 Gb SAS back end connectivity and DellEMC’s patented multicore architected operating environment to deliver unparalleled performance & efficiency. Additionalstorage capacity is added via Disk Array Enclosures (DAEs) and for additional performance, online & offline controllerupgrades are available.*DC products comply with NEBS Level 3 and ETSI requirements and are tested to the following standards: GR-63-CORE, GR-1089-CORE & ETSI EN 300 386, EN 300 1322, EN 300 753, EN 300 019Physical Specifications300400500600Min/Max Drives5/1505/2505/5005/1000Max Fast CacheUp to 800 GBsUp to 1.2 TBsUp to 3.2 TBsUp to 6.0TBsA 2U Disk Processor Enclosure (DPE) with twenty five 2.5” drives.Array EnclosureDrive Enclosure (DAE Disk Array Enclosure)All models support 2U twenty five drive trays for 2.5” drives, 3U fifteen drive trays for 3.5” drives, and 3U eighty drivetrays for 2.5” drivesStandby Power SystemDell EMC Unity systems are powered by 2 power supplies (PS) per DPE/DAE. Each power supply can providepower to the entire module if the peer PS has been removed or is faulted. DPE power during a power failure isprovided by a Battery Back Up (BBU) module. BBU is located within the SP enclosure and provides power to asingle module (power zone)RAID OptionsCPU per Array1/0, 5, 62 x Intel 6-core, 1.6GHzDELL EMC UNITY HYBRID (DC POWER) 2021 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries.2 x Intel 8-core, 2.4GHz2 x Intel 10-core, 2.6GHz2 x Intel 12-core, 2.5GHz

Spec Sheet300400500600Memory per Array48 GB96 GB128 GB256 GB4444Embedded SAS IO Portsper Array4 x 4 lane 12Gb/s SASports for BE (back end)Connection4 x 4 lane 12Gb/s SASports for BE Connection4 x 4 lane 12Gb/s SASports for BE Connection4 x 4 lane 12Gb/s SASports for BE ConnectionOptional SAS IO ports perArrayNANA8 x 4 lane or 4 x 8 lane12Gb/s SAS ports (for BEConnection)8 x 4 lane or 4 x 8 lane12Gb/s SAS ports (for BEConnection)Base 12 Gb/s SAS BEBuses per Array2 x 4 Lane2 x 4 Lane2 x 4 Lane2 x 4 LaneMax 12 Gb/s SAS BEBuses per Array2 x 4 Lane2 x 4 Lane6 x 4 Lane; or 2 x 4 laneand 2 x 8 lane6 x 4 Lane; or 2 x 4 laneand 2 x 8 lane24242424Max Initiators per Array1,0242,0482,0484,096Max FC Ports per Array20202020Embedded 10GbaseTPorts per Array44444 ports: 8/16 Gb FC**,10Gb IP/iSCSI, or 1GbRJ454 ports: 8/16 Gb FC**,10Gb IP/iSCSI, or 1GbRJ454 ports: 8/16 Gb FC**,10Gb IP/iSCSI, or 1GbRJ454 ports: 8/16 Gb FC**,10Gb IP/iSCSI, or 1GbRJ451 GbaseT/iSCSI MaxTotal Ports per Array2424242410 GbE/iSCSI Max TotalPorts per Array242424242.34 PBs3.9 PBs7.8 PBs9.7 PBsMax SAN Hosts5121,0241,0242,048Max Number of Pools2030401001,0001,5002,0006,000256 TB256 TB256 TB256 TB50075010001500256 TB256 TB256 TB256 TB1000150020006000Max IO Modules perArray*Max FE (front end) TotalPorts per Array (all types)Embedded CNA ports perArrayMax Raw Capacity***Max Number of LUNs perArrayMax LUN SizeMax file systems per ArrayMax File System SizeMax attached snapshotsper Array (Block)OS SupportSee EMC Simple Support Matrix on*Two IO Modules per Storage Processor (SP), mirrored.**16Gb available in both single mode and multimode.*** Maximum raw capacity will vary based on drive sizes available at time of purchase.2DELL EMC UNITY HYBRID (DC POWER) 2021 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries.

ConnectivitySpec SheetConnectivity options via IO modules for both the file for NFS/SMB connectivity and the block storage for FC and iSCSIhost connectivity (see above table for number of modules supported per SP).IO Module OptionsIO ModuleDescriptionFour-Port 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel Module (Block only)Four port FC module with four ports auto-negotiating to 4/8/16 Gbps; uses single mode ormultimode optical SFP and OM2/OM3/OM4 cabling to connect directly to host HBA or FCswitchFour-Port 1 GBASE-T Module (File & Block)Four-Port 10 GBASE-T Module (File & Block)Two-Port 10 Gb/s Optical Module (File & Block)Four-Port 10 Gb/s Optical Module (File & Block)Four-Port 12 Gb/s SAS V3.0 Module*Four port 1GbaseT for IP/iSCSI module with four 1 GBaseT RJ-45 copper connections toCat 5/6 cabling to Ethernet switchFour port 10GbaseT Ethernet IP/iSCSI module with four 10 GBaseT Ethernet ports withcopper connection to Ethernet switchTwo port 10GbE IP/iSCSI module with choice of SFP optical connection oractive/passive twinax copper connection to Ethernet switch; includes iSCSI offloadengineFour port 10GbE IP/iSCSI module with choice of SFP optical connection oractive/passive twinax copper connection to Ethernet switchFour port SAS module, used for back-end storage (DAE) connectivity to Block StorageProcessors. Each SAS port has 4 lanes/port @ 12Gbps, delivering 48Gbps nominalthroughput.*Only for 500 and 600 modelsMaximum Cable LengthsShortwave optical OM3: 100 meters (16 Gb) 150 meters (8 Gb), 380 meters (4 Gb), and 500 meters (2 Gb)Shortwave optical OM4: 125 meters (16 Gb) 190 meters (8 Gb), 400 meters (4 Gb), and 500 meters (2 Gb)Back-end (Drive) ConnectivityEach storage processor connects to one side of each of two redundant pairs of four-lane x 12 Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI(SAS) buses, providing continuous drive access to hosts in the event of a storage processor or bus fault. All modelsrequire four “system” drives and support a platform specific maximum number of disks (see Physical Specifications tableabove). 107 GB per system drive is consumed by the Dell EMC Unity operating environment software and data structures.Disk Array Enclosure (DAE)25 X 2.5” Drive DAEDrive Types SupportedFLASH and SASController Interface12 Gb SASSolid State Disk Drives*Nominal CapacityFormatted Capacity (GB)**200 GB SSD183.4400 GB SSD366.7800 GB SSD733.512 Gb SAS1.6 TB SSD1467.453.2TB SSD2919.9InterfaceNOMINAL POWER CONSUMPTION (WATTS)Operating Mode4. Mode2.*200GB – 400GB supported as FAST Cache; All SSDs supported with FAST VP**GB Base2 GiB (GB 1024x1024x1024)3DELL EMC UNITY HYBRID (DC POWER) 2021 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries.

Spec SheetRotating Disk Drives600 GB15K Drive600 GB10K Drive1.2 TB10K Drive1.8TB10K Drive536.7536.71100.51650.8Supported in 25drive DAE/DPE Rotational Speed15,000 rpm10,000 rpm10,000 rpm10,000 rpmNominal CapacityFormattedCapacity (GB)Interface12 Gb SASData Buffer128 MBACCESS TIMEAverage Read2.9 msec3.7 msec3.7 msec3.7 msecAverage Write3.1 msec4.2 msec4.2 msec4.2 msecRotation Latency2.0 msec3.0 msec3.0 msec3.0 msecNOMINAL POWER CONSUMPTION (WATTS)Operating Mode7. Mode5. and Software FacilitiesDell EMC Unity offers support for a wide variety of protocols and advanced features available via various software suites,plug-ins, drivers and packs.Protocols and Facilities Supported4Access-based Enumeration (ABE) for SMBprotocolAddress Resolution Protocol (ARP)Block Protocols: iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FCPSCSI-3)Container Storage Interface (CSI) DriverController based Data at Rest Encryption([email protected]), with self-managed keysDFS Distributed File System (Microsoft) asLeaf node or Standalone Root ServerDirect Host Attach for Fibre Channel andiSCSIDynamic Access Control (DAC) with claimssupportFail-Safe Networking (FSN)Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)Kerberos AuthenticationKey Management Interoperability Protocol(KMIP) compliant external key manager [email protected] (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)LDAP SSLLink Aggregation for File (IEEE 802.3ad)Lock Manager (NLM) v1, v2, v3, and v4Management & Data Ports IPv4 and/or IPv6NAS Servers Multi-protocol for UNIX and SMBclients (Microsoft, Apple, Samba)Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP)v1-v4, 2-way & 3-wayNetwork Information Service (NIS) ClientNetwork Status Monitor (NSM) v1 NetworkStatus Monitor (NSM) v1Network Time Protocol (NTP) clientNFS v3/v4 Secure SupportNT LAN Manager (NTLM)Portmapper v2REST API: Open API that uses HTTPrequests to provide managementRestriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)complianceRSVD v1 for Microsoft Hyper-VSimple Home Directory access for SMBprotocolSMI-S v1.6.0 compatible Dell EMC UnityBlock & File clientSimple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)Simple Network Management Protocol v2c &v3 (SNMP)Virtual LAN (IEEE 802.1q)VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) 2.0VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO)Plug-inDELL EMC UNITY HYBRID (DC POWER) 2021 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries.

Security& Compliance (applies to all Dell EMC Unity systems, except Dell EMC UnityVSA)Spec SheetDepartment of Defense Information Network Approved Products List (DODIN APL) – Dell EMC Unity O.E. v5.0 Listed, Dell EMC Unity O.E. v5.1 InProcessCommon CriteriaController based Data at Rest Encryption ([email protected]) with self-managed keysKMIP compliant external key manager for [email protected] 140-2 Level 1 validationIPv6 and dual stack (IPv4) modes of operationNative SHA2 certificateSecurity Technical Implementation Guide /Security Requirements Guide (STIG/SRG)TLS 1.2 support and TLS 1.0/1.1 disablementFile-Level Retention: Enterprise FLR-E and Compliance FLR-C with requirements for SEC rule 17a-4(f)SoftwareAll Inclusive Base SoftwareInterface ProtocolsManagement Software: Unisphere: Element Manager Unisphere Central: Consolidated dashboard and alerting CloudIQ: Cloud-based storage analytics Thin Provisioning Data Reduction: Zero Detect/Deduplication/Compression (All-Flash pools, Block & File) Host Groups Proactive Assist: Configure remote support, online chat, open a service request, etc. Quality of Service (Block and VVols) Dell EMC Storage Analytics Adapter for VMware vRealize File & Block Tiering / Archiving to Public/Private Cloud (Cloud Tiering Appliance) File-Level Retention (FLR-E & FLR-C)Unified Protocols: File Block VVolsLocal Protection: Controller Based Encryption (optional), with self-managed or external key management Local Point-In-Time Copies (Snapshots and Thin Clones) AppSync Basic Dell EMC Common Event Enabler; AntiVirus Agent, Event Publishing AgentRemote Protection: Native Asynchronous Block & File Replication, including bandwidth throttling Native Synchronous Block & File Replication, including bandwidth throttling MetroSync Manager (optional software to automate synchronous file replicationsessions) Snapshot Shipping Dell EMC RecoverPoint BasicMigration: Native Block & File migration from Dell EMC VNX SAN Copy Pull: Integrated Block migration from 3rd party arraysPerformance Optimization: FAST Cache FAST VPNFSv3, NFSv4, NFSv4.1; CIFS (SMB 1), SMB 2, SMB 3.0, SMB 3.02, and SMB 3.1.1; FTP andSFTP; FC, iSCSI includedOptional Software AppSync AdvancedData Protection Suite: Backup, Archive and Collaboration SoftwareDell EMC RecoverPoint AdvancedPowerPath Migration EnablerPowerPath MultipathingVPLEXNote: For more details on software licensing, please contact your sales representative5DELL EMC UNITY HYBRID (DC POWER) 2021 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries.

Virtualization SolutionsSpec SheetDell EMC Unity offers support for a wide variety of protocol and advanced features available via various software suitesand packs including but not limited to: OpenStack Cinder Driver: For provisioning and managing block volumes within an OpenStack environment OpenStack Manila Driver: For managing shared file systems within an OpenStack environment Dell EMC Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) for VMware vSphere : For provisioning, management, and cloning VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Integration: Managing failover and failback making disaster recovery rapidand reliable Virtualization API Integration: VMware: VAAI and VASA. Hyper-V: Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) and Offload Copyfor File Ansible Module for Unity6DELL EMC UNITY HYBRID (DC POWER) 2021 Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries.

Electrical SpecificationsSpec SheetAll power figures shown represent a worst case product configuration with max normal values operating in an ambienttemperature environment of 20 C to 25 C. The chassis power numbers provided may increase when operating in a higherambient temperature environment.Disk Processor Enclosure (DPE)300 DPE12 3.5”LFFdrivesand fourIOmodules300 DPE252.5”SFFdrivesand fourIOmodules400 DPE12 3.5”LFFdrivesand fourIOmodules400 DPE252.5”SFFdrivesand fourIOmodules500 DPE12 3.5”LFFdrivesand fourIOmodules500 DPE252.5”SFFdrivesand fourIOmodules600 DPE12 3.5”LFFdrivesand fourIOmodules600 DPE252.5”SFFdrivesand fourIOmodulesPOWERDC Line VoltageDC Line Current(operating maximum)Power Consumption(operating maximum)Heat Dissipation(operating maximum)-39 to -72 V DC (Nominal -48V or -60V power systems)18.0 A maxat -39 V DC;14.5 A maxat -48 V DC;9.8 A max at-72 V DC701 W maxat -39 V DC;695 W maxat -48 V DC;706 W maxat -72 V DC23.7 A maxat -39 V DC;18.8 A maxat -48 V DC;12.8 A maxat -72 V DC923 W maxat -39 V DC;905 W maxat -48 V DC;921 W maxat -72 V DC17.9 A maxat -39 V DC;14.4 A maxat -48 V DC;9.8 A max at-72 V DC700 W maxat -39 V DC;693 W maxat -48 V DC;704 W maxat -72 V DC23.7 max at 39 V DC;18.9 A maxat -48 V DC;12.8 A maxat -72 V DC925 W maxat -39 V DC;906 W maxat -48 V DC;922 W maxat -72 V DC19.3 max at 39 V DC;15.4 A maxat -48 V DC;10.5 A maxat -72 V DC751 W maxat -39 V DC;741 W maxat -48 V DC;753 W maxat -72 V DC24.9 max at 39 V DC