Academic Services GroupMaster Course List(Revised November 6, 2015)This is the course list for free, online, self-paced training offered to ASU UTO employees from Jan 1 – May 30, 2016.The courses are divided into four “Suites”. You can check out one course from one Suite at a time. Only one UTO employee can have a course open at anyone time. When you are taking a course from one suite, no one else can take a course from that suite until you are done.To request a class, go to the service catalog in ServiceNow and search for the online training request. Your supervisor will need to approve your request.The estimated number of hours it will take to complete the class is in the left column. The next column is the number of business days (M-F) the course will bechecked out to you.The UTO training group administers this system and will check it each morning. You may not get the exact dates you requested, depending on availability ofthe suite, and the timing of your request. Send any questions to [email protected] You will be contacted by email when your course is ready withinstructions for logging in.You can easily jump to any suite by using these links.ContentsEnd User Computing Suite . 1Technical Web and Document Design Suite. 3Technical General Suite . 6Technical Microsoft Suite . 12End User Computing SuiteEst.HoursCheckout for(days)3293225222433222Google Spreadsheets (Consolidated)Google Documents (Consolidated)Google Presentations t Office: WordWord 2003 (Consolidated)Word 2007 (77-601) (Consolidated)Word 2010 (77-881) (Consolidated)Word 2010 (77-881) Navigating and PrintingWord 2010 (77-881) Templates and FormattingWord 2010 (77-881) Customizing DocumentsWord 2013 (77-418) The BasicsWord 2013 (77-418) FormattingWord 2013 (77-418) Advanced 22222Course #Adobe Acrobat 9Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional (Consolidated)242IC3 Basic Computing Skills: Global Standard 3 & 4IC3: (GS3) Key Applications, Living Online, Computing Fundamentals (Consolidated)IC3 (GS4) Hardware, Ergonomics, OS Basics, File Management, Software Basics and TroubleshootingIC3 (GS4) Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Presentation, Graphics and Video SoftwareIC3 (GS4) Web Basics, Networks, Connections, Security, Browsers, Digital Responsibilities and Internet Research85124712481249Google Applications SeriesMicrosoft Office: PowerPointPowerPoint 2003 (Consolidated)PowerPoint 2007 (Consolidated)PowerPoint 2010 (77-883) (Consolidated)PowerPoint 2010 (77-883) Creating Presentations and Using TemplatesPowerPoint 2010 (77-883) Customizing PresentationsPowerPoint 2010 (77-883) Multimedia and Delivery FormatsPowerPoint 2013 (77-422) The BasicsPowerPoint 2013 (77-422) Creating On-Screen ElementsPowerPoint 2013 (77-422) Customizing Presentations1741268743744745113711381139

End User Computing SuiteEst.HoursCheckout 22222522222Access 2003 (Consolidated)Access 2007 (Consolidated)Access 2007 Navigating, Database Design, & Working with TablesAccess 2007 Field Properties, Relationships, Subdatasheets, & FiltersAccess 2007 Queries & ConcatenationAccess 2007 Importing and Exporting Data, Mail Merge, Forms, & ReportsAccess 2007 Data Entry, Automation, Security, & Sharing InformationAccess 2010 (Consolidated)Access 2010 (77-885) Navigating and CustomizationAccess 2010 (77-885) Database Management and Table DesignAccess 2010 (77-885) Building and Customizing FormsAccess 2010 (77-885) Building QueriesAccess 2010 (77-885) Building 222222222Microsoft Office: Access 2013Access 2013 (77-424) 1: Working with DatabasesAccess 2013 (77-424) 2: Creating, Modifying, and Managing TablesAccess 2013 (77-424) 3: Working with FormsAccess 2013 (77-424) 4: Working with QueriesAccess 2013 (77-424) 5: Sharing and Protecting Your icrosoft Office: OutlookOutlook 2003 (Consolidated)Outlook 2007 (77-604) (Consolidated)Outlook 2007 Navigating, Configuring Email Accounts, Creating and Securing Emails, & Email DefaultsOutlook 2007 Working Offline, Changing Views, Organization and Management, Rules, & AlertsOutlook 2007 Archiving, Contacts, Calendar, Meetings, Tasks, & JournalOutlook 2010 (77-884) (Consolidated)Outlook 2010 (77-884) Navigating and FormattingOutlook 2010 (77-884) Email Management and SettingsOutlook 2010 (77-884) Contact and Calendar ManagementOutlook 2013 (77-423) 1: Getting StartedOutlook 2013 (77-423) 2: Message and Contact ManagementOutlook 2013 (77-423) 3: Time and Task 94333115222222Microsoft SharePointSharePoint 2007 (Consolidated)SharePoint 2007 Sub Sites, Workspaces, Announcements, Calendar and ContactsSharePoint 2007 Issue Tracking, Tasks, Lists, Libraries, Excel and AccessSharePoint 2007 Wikis, Blogs, Forms and SurveysSharePoint 2010 End User Basics (Consolidated)SharePoint 2010 Navigating and Creating Site CollectionsSharePoint 2010 Lists, Libraries & Integration42138513861387411783784677333Course #Microsoft Office: ExcelExcel 2003 (Consolidated)Excel 2007 (Consolidated)Excel 2010 (Consolidated)Excel 2010 (77-882) Navigating and Managing WorksheetsExcel 2010 (77-882) FormattingExcel 2010 (77-882) Using Formulas and FunctionsExcel 2013 (77-420) VLOOKUP, Formulas & Conditional LogicExcel 2013 (77-420) Navigating and ManagingExcel 2013 (77-420) Formatting Data, Text & TablesExcel 2013 (77-420) Financial Formulas, What-If Scenarios, Charts & GraphsExcel 2013 (77-420) Advanced Operations, Conditional Formatting, Macros & Printing1240270740741742884885886887888Microsoft Office: AccessMicrosoft ProjectProject 2003 (Consolidated)Project 2007 (70-632) (Consolidated)Project 2010 (70-178) (Consolidated)1351480

End User Computing SuiteEst.HoursCheckout for(days)53Learning Office 2007 (Consolidated)4723Learning Windows 7 (Consolidated)Learning Windows XP (Consolidated)Course #Learning Office 200736Learning Windows 7 & XP23927Learning Windows Vista82225222Learning Windows Vista (Consolidated)Getting Started, Navigating and Organizing FilesIE7, Viewing and Printing Web Pages, & Windows Vista FeaturesMultimedia, Management & Networking3011091110111122Introduction to Windows 8Introduction to Windows 817157733Microsoft PublisherPublisher 2003 (Consolidated)Publisher 2007 (Consolidated)247095Intuit QuickBooks 2011QuickBooks 2011 (Consolidated)476Technical Web and Document Design SuiteEst.HoursCheckout 34532225223311CourseNumberAdobe DreamweaverDreamweaver CS4 (Consolidated)Dreamweaver CS4 Navigation, Planning, Web Design 101, Tables, Text, & ImagesDreamweaver CS4 Links, Productivity Tools, Templates, XHTML, Multimedia, & JavaScriptDreamweaver CS4 CSS, AP Elements, Forms, Site Publishing, & Site CollaborationDreamweaver CS5 (Consolidated)Dreamweaver CS5 HTML Formatting, Multimedia & XHTMLDreamweaver CS5 Using Templates, CSS & TablesDreamweaver CS5 Working with Forms, Interactivity & PublishingDreamweaver CS6 (Consolidated)Dreamweaver CS6 Navigation, Website Planning, Design, Formatting, Links and HTMLDreamweaver CS6 CSS Fundamentals, HTML Layouts, Tables and TemplatesDreamweaver CS6 Form Objects, Interactivity, Publishing, Managing Websites and 1220Adobe FireworksFireworks CS4 (Consolidated)Fireworks CS5 (Consolidated)Fireworks CS5 Formatting, Layers & SymbolsFireworks CS5 Templates, Images & Integration732647687692Adobe FlashFlash CS4 (Consolidated)Flash CS5 (Consolidated)Flash CS5 Working with Text, Images & EffectsFlash CS5 Working with Drawing Tools, Audio, Commands & Publishing OptionsFlash CS5 ActionScript, Components & External ElementsFlash CS6 (Consolidated)Flash CS6 Navigation, Interface, Text, Drawing and Creation ToolsFlash CS6 Symbols, Timeline, Animation, Masks and LayoutFlash CS6 Storyboards, Copyright, Importing, ActionScript, Publishing, Accessibility and Testing812677707717726321244124512462222Adobe IllustratorIllustrator CS4 (Consolidated)Illustrator CS5 (Consolidated)Illustrator CS5 Interface and Drawing ToolsIllustrator CS5 Typography, Painting & Output Options8326677377422

Technical Web and Document Design SuiteEst.HoursCheckout r2Adobe InDesignInDesign CS4 (Consolidated)InDesign CS5 (Consolidated)InDesign CS5 Navigation, Layout & ObjectsInDesign CS5 Working with Color, Type, Styles & GraphicsInDesign CS5 Working with Layers, Effects, Tables & FormulasInDesign CS6 (Consolidated)InDesign CS6 Interface, Navigation, Documents and ObjectsInDesign CS6 Color, Spot Color, Type, Layouts, Graphics, Styles and BooksInDesign CS6 Layers, Effects, Transparency, Tables, Data Merge, Interactive Documents and dobe PhotoShopPhotoShop CS4 (Consolidated)Photoshop CS4 Navigation, Application Frame, Images, Selection Tools, & LayersPhotoshop CS4 Images, Filters, Text, Styles, Photo Retouching, & ActionsPhotoshop CS4 Web and Vector Tools, Bridge, Camera Raw, File Formats, Color, & OutputPhotoShop CS5 (Consolidated)Photoshop CS5 Navigating, Selection Tools & Working with LayersPhotoshop CS5 Image Formatting, Painting Tools, & Working with TypePhotoShop CS6 (Consolidated)PhotoShop CS6 Interface, Image Types and Resolution, Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, Image Composition & Color ModesPhotoShop CS6 Typo, Layers, Nondestructive and Destructive Editing, Tools, Color Management and AdjustmentsPhotoShop CS6 Shapes, Paths, Selections, Layer Masks, Retouching Tools, Content-Aware Tools and Blur Filters84109010911092265778779595135713591360Adobe Premiere Pro9136211252232222Premiere Pro CS5 (Consolidated)439Premiere Pro CS5 Preproduction: Concept, Script, Storyboarding & SchedulePremiere Pro CS5 Production: Equipment, Camera, Lighting, Audio & CrewPremiere Pro CS5 Post-Production: Managing Files & Finalizing ProjectsPremiere Pro CS6 Understanding the Production ProcessPremiere Pro CS6 Getting StartedPremiere Pro CS6 Editing ProjectsPremiere Pro CS6 Enhancing and Completing Projects780781782972973974975CIW Web Foundations Associate14644419442544364231032221022232223222CIW Web Foundations Associate 1D0-510 (Consolidated)Networking Basics, Hardware Requirements, OSI Model, IP Addressing, & Web BrowsersNetwork Security, Viruses, Search Engines, Web Site Planning, & HTMLGraphics, Web Color, Lists, Tables, Forms, Linking, & FramesAdvanced Authoring Techniques, E-Commerce, Web Site Administration, Legal and Ethical Issues, & Web TechnologiesCIW Web Design SpecialistCIW Web Design Specialist 1D0-520 v5 Site Designer (Consolidated)Design Considerations, Images & Color for the CIW Web Design SpecialistPhotoshop CS3, Tables, Formatting Text, & LinksCSS, Frames, & Using Multimedia on Web PagesJavaScript, Java, XML, Server Technologies, Databases, Accessibility, & Dreamweaver EssentialsTemplates, Interactivity, Building Web Forms, CSS, and XHTML with DreamweaverDesign Tools, Interactivity, Web Forms, CSS and XHTML with ExpressionAnimation Basics, Web Sites, Publishing and Managing with Flash CS3CIW Internet Business AssociateCIW Internet Business Associate (1D0-51A)HTML 5.0 SeriesHTML5 Fundamentals (Consolidated)HTML-5 Introduction to, Text Markup, & FormsHTML-5 Audio/Video, Canvas, Communication APIs, Webworkers, Geolocation & 61067431437808809

Technical Web and Document Design SuiteEst.Hours46CourseNumberCheckout for(days)23Java Programming (CX-310-019) Oracle Certified Java ProfessionalJava Programming (CX-310-019) Oracle Certified Java Professional (Consolidated)JavaScript Specialist (1D0-635)JavaScript Specialist (1D0-635) (Consolidated)428356Video Production & Editing 101 Series353321232222Video Production 101 (Consolidated)Video Editing 101 (Consolidated)File Management, Creating Rough Cuts and Effects in VideosAudio Editing in Videos & Finalizing the ProjectScript Writing, Storyboarding, & EquipmentCamera Operation, Lighting, Audio & Crew460461804805806807

Technical General SuiteEst.HoursCourse #Checkout for(days)Advanced Exploitation Revealed32Advanced Exploitation Revealed (consolidated)256Certified Ethical Hacker (312-50) 200820101111122222122210Certified Ethical Hacker (312-50) 2008 (Consolidated)Cisco CCNA Wireless SeriesCisco CCNA WLAN FundamentalsCisco CCNA Installation of a Basic Wireless LANCisco CCNA Installation of Wireless ClientsCisco CCNA Basic WLAN SecurityCisco CCNA Basic WCS OperationCisco CCNA Basic WLAN Maintenance and TroubleshootingCisco CCNA (640-802)CCNA (640-802) (Consolidated)6610301031103210331034103557Cisco CCNA Security (640-553 IINS)Cisco CCNA (640-553 IINS) Security 222222222Cisco CCNA Security Series (640-554)Cisco CCNA (640-554) Security and Cisco Routers IINSCisco CCNA (640-554) AAA on Cisco Devices IINS, SecurityCisco CCNA (640-554) IOS ACLsCisco CCNA (640-554) Secure Network ManagementCisco CCNA (640-554) Common Layer 2 Attacks Hacking, Networking, Routing, SecurityCisco CCNA (640-554) Firewall Technologies CCNA Security, Firewall, IINS, Networking, Routing, SecurityCisco CCNA (640-554) IPSCisco CCNA (640-554) VPN Technologies Cryptography, IINS, Sec