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!InspectionReport Details!Date: 9/04/2015Customer: SAMPLE REPORTCustomer Contact Details: SAMPLE REPORTType of Inspection : Full Written Inspection Leak Detection ReportProperty Description : Dwelling is a single level polystyrene andweatherboard –clad three bed home sited on a slightly sloping residentialsectionWeather at time of inspection : Sunny , 18 degrees c , 79%rh.Inspector : John Le ProuAbsolute Building Inspections!Page

Property DetailEstimated age :unknownProperty Occupied:yesDistrict:PukekoheSewage Disposal:mainsWater Source:mainsWater On:yesElectrics On:yesGas On:naRoofing:Concrete TileCladding:Polystyrene and cedar weatherboardWindow Joinery:aluminiumFascias:Absolute Building Inspections!coloursteelPage

Gutter/ Downpipes PVCColoursteelwith PVC downpipesSub floor / FoundationsConcrete floor and foundations to garage ,timber subfloor on tanapiles to remainder ofhome ( subfloor is mberInterior Lining:GibboardInterior Trim and Doors:Timber trim , hollow core doors!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

!!Property SummaryHome is in good general condition for its age. There are no major visualdefects.Attached are photos of minor maintenance items (where applicable).Dwelling appears to have been built to a reasonable standard of finish , andto codes and standards applicable at time of construction.!Attached :Leak Risk ProfileLeak Detection ReportDetailed Inspection Report!!!!!!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

!Leak Risk AssessmentNumber of Storeys1Light Reflective Value of Exterior PaintLightYesMonolithic Cladding With no cavityAluminium joineryNoxxxxTimber joineryxHead flashingsxSill flashingsxVertical flashingxFlat roofxPitched roofxInternal guttersxExternal guttersxGutter overflows installedxFlush eavesxEaves overhang:Less than 600mm(approximately)600mm or greaterXXxParapet wallsxParapet walls with metal cap flashings or similarxAbsolute BuildingFixingsInspectionsthrough!Unknowncladding zx

Cavity systemxTreated timber framingxUntreated timber framingxExpansion jointsxPlastered onto groundxDeck over living areasxWaterproofing membrane: Butynol; torch on; otherxDeck tiled overxSolid handrailxMetal cap flashings or similar to handrailnaAdequate fall to top of handrailnaBalustradingnaBalustrading fixed through top of waterproofingmembranenaDeck level adequately below house floor levelxGround level adequately below house floor levelx!Risk Level ScaleLowAbsolute Building Inspections!ModerateHighPage 7Very

This scale relates to the number of high risk details incorporated into the construction of the house, and maynot be a reflection of the present structural condition of the house. This scale needs to be read in conjunctionwith the full report.Highlighted areas denote those aspects of construction which are of high risk. Please note if theseareas are “ticked”!Moisture Detection ReportMoisture readings taken utilizing non-intrusive TroTec T650 moisture and humidity meter.Readings taken over and under all windows and doors and includes ceiling /midfloor /bathroom /basement /wet areas readings as detailed below. Risk profile report is alsoattached showing risk profile of construction.!!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Moisture readings using Trotec T650Display (Digit)Building Material Moisture Range1-40Dry40-80Damp80 digitsWet!These readings are indicative only. Further intrusive destructive testing may be required to examinefurther if readings show damp or wet material(s).All readings taken over and under all windows and doors. Wet areas – toilet, laundry,kitchen and bathroom also tested.!THERE WERE NO ELEVATED MOISTURE READINGS TAKEN DURING LEAK DETECTIONSURVEY TO EXTERIOR WALLS OF HOME, APART FROM MINOR LEAK AT BACK OF TOILET –PROBABLY FROM LEAKING OVERFLOW PIPE. .REMAINDER OF DWELLING PRESENTED AS DRY AND WARM WITH NO PHYSICAL SIGNS OFLEAK INTRUSION THROUGH BUILDING ENVELOPE.Figure 1:MINOR LEAK BEHIND TOILET , RECOMMEND FURTHER INVESTIGATION AND REPLACEMENT OF TOILET IFNECESSAREY.Absolute Building Inspections!Page

!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Checklist - ExteriorItems/ComponentsPolystyreneOK Not OkRequiresFurtherInvestigationComments / FollowUpXSide of ranchslider at frontdeck needs re-sealing tomaintain weathertightness .image 1xCedar weatherboards to baywindow area requiresscribers fitted to sides ofwindows . Image 2Fibre –cements SoffitsOther wall coverGround coverWalkwayDrivewayPorchPorch stairsDeckDeck stairsStairsGutters and downspoutsExterior lightsGarageOther!!Absolute Building InspectionsPage

Exterior images overleaf Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Image 1Image 2Figure 2:subfloor is in goodcondition and is insulated and dry.Image 3Image 4Image 5Image 6Images - ExteriorAbsolute Building Inspections!Page

Checklist - RoofRequiresFurtherOK Not OkInvestigationItems/ComponentsComments / FollowUpRoofing is in goodconditionConcrete TileChimneyFlashingVentsRoofspace is in goodcondition and has beeninsulated.OtherImage 1Image 2!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Checklist - EntryItems/ComponentsRequiresFurtherOK Not OkInvestigationComments / FollowUpDoor stepDoor window and screenxRanchslider needs sealingat right side to sealcladdingDoorWeatherstrippingDoor frameHardware (locks, hinges)MailboxDoorbellOtherImage 1!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

!!!!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Checklist - HallwaysItems/ComponentsRequiresFurtherOK Not OkInvestigationComments / FollowUpWallsFloorTrimElectricalImage 1!!!!!Absolute Building Inspections!!Page

Checklist - KitchenItems/ComponentsRequiresFurtherOK Not OkInvestigationComments / FollowUpCeilingWallsFloorTrimWall cabinetsCounter and cabinets belowXSinkLoose kitchen tap needstightening to sinkElectricalStoveExhaust fanHeat outletWindow/lock/screen/weatherstripOtherImage 1Absolute Building Inspections!Page

!!!!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Checklist – Living Room/Dining /LoungeRequiresFurtherComments / FollowOK Not dow/lock/screen/weatherstipCeilingCable/phone jacksThermostatHeat outletBack doorElectricalotherImage 1Absolute Building Inspections!Image 2Page

!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Checklist – Family BathroomItems/ComponentsRequiresFurtherOK Not OkInvestigationComments / FollowUpWallsFloorTrimDoor/lockCabinetSinkTowel RailsElectrical (inc. fan)Window/lock/screen/weatherstripxBroken windowcatchBath tubBathtub caulkingShowerImage 1Absolute Building Inspections!Page

!!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Checklist – Master BedroomItems/ComponentsRequiresFurtherOK Not OkInvestigationComments / /weatherstripElectricalImage 1!!!Absolute Building Inspections!!Page

!!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Checklist – Bedroom 2Items/ComponentsRequiresFurtherOK Not OkInvestigationComments / /weatherstripElectricalImage 1!!Absolute Building Inspections!!Page

!!!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Checklist –Bedroom 3Items/ComponentsRequiresFurtherOK Not OkInvestigationComments / /weatherstripElectricalImage 1!!!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

!!!!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Checklist – Separate toiletRequiresFurtherOK Not OkInvestigationItems/ComponentsToiletWallsComments / FollowUpxxPossible leak from overflowpipexxLeak from toilet needsrepair , may be easier toreplace whole toilet.FloorTrimDoor/lockotherImage 1Image 2!!!Absolute Building Inspections!!Page

Checklist – LaundryItems/ComponentsRequiresFurtherOK Not OkInvestigationComments / FollowUpWallsFloorElectricalTubImage 1!!!!!Absolute Building Inspections!!Page

!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Checklist – GeneralRequiresFurtherOK Not OkInvestigationItems/ComponentsComments / FollowUpPlumbingVisually OKElectricalVisually OKGarageUsual scrapes and marks ongarage walls/ceilings!Image 1Image 2Image 3!Absolute Building Inspections!Page

Terms & ConditionsTerms and conditions applicable to inspectionreports prepared by Absolute Building InspectionsLimited (ABI)These terms and conditions apply to the inspection undertaken by ABI and the Inspection Report to whichthese terms and conditions apply. Inspections are undertaken by ABI in accordance with ResidentialProperty Inspection Standard NZS 4306:2005.Purpose of Inspection and ScopeThe inspection report prepared by ABI to which these terms and conditions apply (Inspection Report) isprepared for the client to whom the Inspection report is addressed (Client), and is based on an above groundvisual non-invasive inspection of the building or dwelling to which the Inspection Report relates (building).The Inspection Report has been prepared to provide general comments on the condition of the componentsof the building at the time of the inspection only. The Inspection Report and the inspection are subject toany express instructions received from the Client. The Inspection Report is not a specific structural survey,engineer’s report, weather tightness inspection or any form of guarantee or warranty as to the fitness of thebuilding. If the Client requires a structural survey, engineer’s report, weather tightness inspection or otherinspection from a third party specialist, ABI can assist with arranging such specialist third party inspectionupon request.As the purpose of this inspection was to assess the general condition of the building based on a limitedvisual inspection described below, the inspection may not identify all past, present or future defects.Descriptions in the Inspection Report of systems or appliances relate to the existence of such systems orappliances only and not the adequacy or life expectancy of such systems or appliances. Any area orcomponent of the building or any item or system not specifically identified in this report as having beeninspected was not included in the scope of the inspection.The Client accepts that ABI will not detect some faults because the fault only occurs intermittently; part ofthe building has not been used for a while and the fault usually occurs after regular use (or detection of thefault would only occur after regular use); the type of weather that would normally reveal the fault is notprevailing at, or around, the time of the inspection; the fault has been deliberately concealed; furnishing areobscuring the fault (see below); ABI has been given incorrect information by the Client, the vendor (if any),the real estate consultant, or another person; and/or the fault is/was not apparent on a visual inspection.Visual InspectionWhile all care and effort is taken to discover and record irregularities and defects in the building at the timeofAbsolutethe inspection,visualinspection only. DueBuilding InspectionInspections Reports are based on aPage34above-ground!

to the size, complexity and hidden nature of construction, irregularities and defects may not always byvisible at the time of the inspection. ABI accepts no responsibility or liability for an omission in theinspection or the Inspection Report related to defects or irregularities which are not reasonably visible at thetime of the inspection or which relate to components of the building which are below ground. The Clientaccepts that the visual inspection is limited to those areas of the building which are reasonably and safelyaccessible at the time of the inspection. ABI has not opened up, uncovered or dismantled any part of thebuilding part of the inspection or undertaken any internal inspection of the building. The inspection did notinclude any areas or components which were concealed or closed in behind finished surfaces (such asplumbing, drainage, heating, framing, ventilation, insulation or wiring) or which required the moving ofanything which impeded access or limited visibility (such as floor covering, furniture, appliances, personalproperty, vehicles, vegetation, debris or soil). ABI did not move occupier-owned items for the purpose ofundertaking the inspection. ABI is not responsible for inspecting, and the inspection will not cover, any partof the building or property to which access is not reasonably and safely available to carry out a visualinspection. This may include roofs, subfloor areas and ceiling cavities. High, constricted or dangerous areascannot be inspected if in conflict with Occupational Safety and Health Regulations.Product names, materials and systems are generalized to help in reading and understanding the inspectionReport. All materials and systems are assumed to be standard typical construction or materials wh